A brief note from Whitewraithe

Just-a-NoteOver the past week I’ve been recovering from a nasty case of bronchitis and allergy related symptoms.

I’ve also postponed my planned dental surgery because the dental practice I originally thought would do the procedure was too much like assembly line dentistry.  The dentist was not particularly personable and spoke more to his assistant than to me while I’m sitting right in front of him.  I’ve been in and out of dental offices since the age of nine when I got braces so I’m not very fond of their type of medical care although it is necessary to stay healthy.  And with the money that is being spent for this major procedure I prefer to have a dentist that cares about the patient.

The next several posts are right from my friend and ally Northerntruthseeker’s site.  He’s put up some fantastic articles that I want to re-publish right here at Pragmatic Witness for my readers.  And I know they will be of particular interest in the ongoing fight we all face with this treacherous enemy that basically runs our world from every angle.

One last note, our first internet show had several glitches which is the reason a follow-up post did not appear with an MP3 file link.  We are doing the show over again tomorrow evening in hopes that all goes well. 

So, stay tuned and alert,


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