Northerntruthseeker’s RANT March 2, 2014

WW~Notes: One of NTS’ best of the best rants.

rant-jpeg-bYes, it is Sunday again, and therefore time again for my weekly rant…. So much has been happening around the world this last week that I may not be able to get everything into this article, but I will try my best….

First, I want to let everyone know that Whitewraithe and myself are indeed going to go ahead with a project that we have discussed over the last while, and that is to try to get a new audio show off the ground…. We decided to call the new show “Turbulent Times” because yes, we are indeed in very turbulent times.  The name stuck and we decided to run with it…

We did several trials over the last week to get the audio right…Wraithe was wanting to do the recording from her end, primarily because she felt she had more time than I did in getting the shows completed and posted…..Well, we had some technical difficulties right off the bat.. Her audio was cutting out badly and it would not at times even record her own voice….The first show was almost 90 minutes long, and it turned out to be 90 minutes of glitches, and therefore lost time….I have offered to do the audio recording from my end for the time being and to send her the MP3 recording instead, to which she has agreed……. We will try again shortly and will hopefully have that first completed show up at her and my sites very soon…

Once we get going with this new show, we hope to bring on special guests to discuss matters that we and our guests know to be vital in this fight for our survival….. We are leaving an invitation open to any of our friends, colleagues, and real “truth seekers” to come and join us on our show…..

OK, now on to other matters… Of course Sandy Hook and the rapid exposure now of the real truth about that operation thanks primarily to the work of Wolfgang Halbig…. There has now been a massive release of new videos and articles that show clear evidence of the fraud.   Over the last while I have been trying to keep up with articles coming my way.  I have not posted everything due to the need for verification and any follow up material to verify their validity first….. Once further information comes my way that verifies the authenticity of such information, I will do my utmost to post that material here…..

Sherrie from Sherrie Questioning All took a bit of a hiatus last year from doing her own Sandy Hook fraud exposure, but now she is back, and last week brought forward some very damning evidence that shows that the Sandy Hook “elementary school” actually did not even exist as an operational school….. What she had found was very interesting… The so called Sandy Hook “school” was a dilapidated, rundown, mold infested building that could not possibly harbor students due to its unsafe condition.  The mold and algae alone around key entrances and outside playground area was a severe health concern for any children, and would have warranted the closure of that “school” until those bio-hazards were cleared up….. What we find therefore is a building that in no way could have been a functional school but instead has led me to believe that we are dealing with a “prop” used for the criminal operation itself….. It is no wonder that the town of Newtown was so quick to have the building itself demolished…. That way any investigations that would have proven the fraud of the school, and therefore the exposure of the entire fraud itself, could not be properly conducted….

We also witnessed this last week the city of Newtown attempt to pass town legislation that would have made any investigation via the Connecticut Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) a “criminal act”…. This was startling and shows again that these criminals definitely do have something to hide…. The fact is, readers, and this is common sense, that if you are truly wanting the truth about this “shooting” then you would welcome all investigations and be open to any questions about this event.  To suppress any information and to label any investigation now a “criminal offense” shows that they do have something to hide.  That attempt to criminalize investigation should open everyone’s eyes that something is terribly wrong here, and even the eyes of those disinformation clowns that continue to attack researchers and claim that the event was real!

And about Wolfgang Halbig who has helped to blow Sandy Hook to hell…. The man has endured unwarranted visitations from “officials” demanding that he cease his own investigation into the Sandy Hook fraud, which again should tell anyone with common sense about the official narrative to this fraud itself.  He is still alive and kicking, and still wants to make a trip to Sandy Hook to get to the bottom of this operation.   It is no wonder that the town of Newtown is desperately wanting to block all investigation, and I do believe that is due to Wolfgang Halbig’s efforts in getting the truth….. There is still the fear of course that the US Government or the criminals that were behind the Sandy Hook fraud will attempt to have Wolfgang “eliminated” either through outright murder or of course giving the man a “heart attack”…… I am still crossing my fingers that Wolfgang stays alive, and is able to succeed in his pursuit of the truth behind this fraud……

OK, onto another very important matter, and that is Ukraine…. First flat out I will call this exactly what it was.. A Coup d’etat launched by the criminal Jews in control of the European Union and the United States itself.   The legitimate and elected government of Ukraine has been vilified in the Jewish run press (no surprise here) and everyone has been getting false information that the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Yanukovych, was this tyrant and dictator (again no surprise here coming from the sick and twisted Jew run press) whom the Ukrainians were glad to remove from power.  But the truth is very different, and we are dealing with Rothschild paid for and US CIA/Israeli Mossad trained “revolutionaries” that want nothing more than to have Ukraine made a satellite state of the European Union and permanently enslaved to Rothschild criminal usury central banking.   This overthrow of the government and subsequent turmoil has always been the modus operandi of these criminal organizations.

Russia is still the lynch pin in all this, and I do believe that this turmoil in Ukraine is aimed right at the Russian Federation itself.   The US and the European Union have always eyed Ukraine being on the border of Russia as a forward base for operations aimed at Russia itself.   Putin has no illusion about the evil machinations of these criminals and has every right to take action against the Coup d’etat in Ukraine itself.   For him to put the Russian military on full alert and to give assistance to the rightfully elected and therefore real government of Ukraine is the right thing to do….. Of course we again have the Jew run media screaming blue murder that the Russians are causing all the tension, when the Jew run governments of the EU and the US themselves are the real culprits!  Hypocrisy at its best….

There is also now the ominous specter of war between the US and Russia that has reared its ugly head over this Ukraine debacle…. Many people have asked me this last week if we could be seeing a new World War thanks to this Ukraine situation, and I told them honestly that I would not put it past the sickos in the Obama/Soetoro/Davis evil administration to actually contemplate such a scenario.   The reason is simple, and readers can do their own research to verify this as fact…. The United States of America is flat broke and right now is definitely on the slide to total economic collapse… No more nations are buying American toxic debt and are running from the US dollar in droves….. The US Government has basically destroyed itself due to its own selfish greed and continuing subservience to the Jewish controlled Usury monetary system controlled by the criminal Federal Reserve System.   The fraudulent debt accumulated under that failed system has now crushed the life out of the US itself,  where the citizens of the United States are in poverty and destitution.  The US itself is no longer the manufacturing industrial colossus that it once was, and instead is a shadow of its past glory.

The criminal government of the United States of America knows that the proverbial “writing on the wall” is at hand, but rather than actually do the right things to fix their financial mess and actually save the American nation from oblivion, they are actually contemplating a new war, and in fact any war, on the planet right now that in their twisted logic can save the US from financial ruin for just a while longer…..Throughout history, all depressions and “panics” that have happened in the USA have been fixed via war…. Wars generate industry, and at the same time generate untold wealth for the Jewish criminals behind that war industry.  Therefore war against Russia to save the US financially is not out of the question…. But the problem is that with so much of the US industrial might now off-shored, the US itself cannot fight and win a protracted war against Russia, and most probably China…. Therefore the rapid escalation of such war to nuclear war could happen very quickly and therefore the possibility of billions of people dying as a result….But hey, as long as the Jewish bankers get wealthy in the process, the maniacal criminals actually care little about that horrible possibility!

Besides Ukraine, we are seeing the situation in Syria deteriorate with the US/NATO and Israel all openly arming the murderous psychopathic “rebels” in their fight against the good guys, the Syrian government forces.   The Syrian government forces are still winning this fight, and just this last week we again saw the criminals in the US Government call for a “no fly zone” to be imposed over Syria… Luckily the Russians see through this deception and have blocked any attempt for such an evil plan to be pushed forward through the United Nations.  The fact is that a “no fly zone” is an obvious prelude to open war against Syria itself, which the US and Israel want due to the fact that their mercenaries in Syria are right now getting their asses whipped, and rightfully so…..

The deadly situation in Fukushima Japan is still going strong, with the melted down reactors pouring out their poison with no end in sight…. There has been new evidence that I did read in the alternative media showing that the radioactive plume is indeed hitting the Pacific coast of North America… One report showed evidence of Cesium 134/137 in ocean waters off of Vancouver in British Columbia that is directly related to the plume… And of course we find more and more reports of radioactive fish being caught in the Pacific Ocean as well….. What is alarming is the continuing Jew run media blackout of these reports and others that show definitive proof that the plume is here… It looks to these criminals that it is better to keep the gullible American slaves in the dark about this dangerous situation and instead to keep their focus on new wars for Israel instead…..

One piece of good news that has occurred this last week is having the Jew run media puppets over at CNN and FOX news admit that something was terribly wrong with the Boston Marathon “bombing” of last April.  Many of their “reporters” have now begun to openly question that entire event and to finally realize that it too, just like the Sandy Hook operation, was a “staged” event.   The fact is just like Sandy Hook, nobody died, and the entire “bombing” was a drill that went “live”….. Only now the fools in those laughable media outlets are finally having to tell the truth about that fraud……It seems that the Jew run media is realizing that to save what is left of their dwindling “audience”, the truth must be told from time to time… And this exposure of the fraud of the Boston Marathon bombing should tell those fools who still think that Sandy Hook was real something about their stance…. If the truth about Boston being a fraud and operation comes out in the open, then what about other operation at Sandy Hook? …I hold up little hope that many of the fools who think these events are “real” can be salvaged however.  Many are in this for personal greed and glory, and care little about the truth….

One last thing before I go on to my last minute tidbits that I should touch upon is the rapid rise of the American police state and the horrible actions by many officers of the law that have still a sworn duty to uphold both justice and faith in the public of their duty… I have been appalled like everyone else by the increasingly deadly use of force by peace officers against innocent people in situations where such use of force has been unwarranted and is in fact very criminal…..I do understand that America is on a steep slope of decline, and crime is indeed on a massive upswing… But these officers of the law do need to understand their duty to first uphold the law and to stay within the boundaries of such law….To shoot first and then ask questions later has instead become the rule of the land in America, which will only accelerate the decline of American society.   I am also appalled by the increasing use of “police brutality” against those who observe criminal acts by these officers against civilians and have done nothing more than exercise their rights in recording such criminal acts via cell phone cameras or other recording devices.   It is still the duty of civilians to make sure that peace officers abide by the law themselves and they have every right in a society to keep any criminal actions by such officers in check….Lawlessness on both sides, civilian and peace officers, must be curtailed at all costs….

Now on to my last minute tidbits…… Sochi Winter Olympics went off without a hitch, thankfully.  But now I and others have been wondering if that was the distraction by the criminal Jews while they focused on their sinister plans in Ukraine?  From what we are seeing now, that makes more sense than ever…. While the world focuses in on Ukraine, the criminal state of Israel goes about its business in causing death and destruction to the Palestinian people.  And people wonder why I state that the only choices left for the Palestinians is to fight back or face extermination?…….China is still buying up as much Gold bullion that it can, which leads to the speculation that once the US economy collapses, and the US dollar implodes, the Chinese will be ready with their Gold backed currency to fill the void……And of course we see the continuing saber rattling between China and Japan over those small rocks in the waters between the two countries that could harbor massive mineral and oil reserves.  The fact is that if the US cannot get a war going elsewhere, they could always start this one with the US fighting on the side of Japan.   But are the American people ready for a war against 1.4 billion Chinese?  I think not…….Yes, this weekend and early this week, the criminal group known as AIPAC has its annual “meeting” in Washington DC. Watch as the US Congress critters go to that sham to suck up to their Jewish masters, and pledge their undying allegiance to the psychopathic criminal state of Israel……..The Jew run Hollywood “Academy Awards” farce is also this week, and as usual we will see all the Jewish actors gather together to celebrate their brainwashing of the Gentile masses.  I am not sure if any “Holocaust” related “movie” is up for a fraudulent award at that fiasco this year………..Sadly, my team, Arsenal, has been on a slide these last few weeks, especially losing yesterday to Stoke City 1-0.   Ten games left and they will be lucky to hang onto a top 4 position and assure their placement in the Champions League…..Cold weather continues here in central Canada with no relief in sight. Gosh darn that “Global Warming”!  I do wonder if anyone still believes in that bull crap any more?   But wait, as the US Government will indeed try to bring in “Carbon Taxation” this year on the gullible American people…..And finally, what everyone has always been waiting for, my report on a true American icon, the Kardashians.  It seems that Kim was just awarded a “Razzie” for being the WORSE “supporting actress” for her role in the recent farce movie with Tyler Perry called “Temptation”.   A perfect award for this skank and trollope.  But Americans do love her so much!

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