Sandy Hook HOAX! – Sherrie Questioning All Shows Proof That The Criminals Modified The “Crime Scene” At The Phony School!

The Sandy Hook hoax and operation is now being blown wide open on an almost daily basis… The criminals are now running scared and have resorted to pleading with the US Government to have all evidence now suppressed for the “sake of the families” involved in this fraud… This is a travesty of justice, and should show everyone now that this was indeed a fraud, and an operation where NOBODY died….

Sherrie, who writes the excellent blog: Sherrie Questioning All, at, has done some valuable research in showing that Sandy Hook was indeed an operation.  Her last few videos concentrated on the fraud of the Sandy Hook “Elementary School” itself, and as I stated before was nothing more than a “prop” for this cirminal operation….. Her findings that I posted in a previous article showed clear evidence that this school could NOT have had any students, period, due to the dilapidated and moldy condition of the building itself….

Now Sherrie has done a follow up video that shows clear evidence that the “school” crime scene WAS MODIFIED and changed from its original condition right after the “shooting” !   I have that video right here for everyone to view for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  What this means, readers, is that there can be no doubt any more that this was indeed not a shooting at all, but a staged event…. The simple reason is that it is a serious FELONY to change and/or alter a crime scene….. Sherrie shows here evidence that they did exactly that!

The evidence here clearly shows that these criminals tried to modify the crime scene to “fit” the official reports about the shooting in Soto’s classroom, and by doing so, committed a horrendous crime and exposed the fact that the entire shooting itself is a fraud….

This is damning evidence that everyone should pass around for everyone else to see… And this again shows that those who have stuck to the “official story” and have ruthlessly attacked those, including myself, who have done their own independent research and have come to the conclusion that this was indeed a hoax, are truly disinformation agents as well as liars and deceivers…..

Sandy Hook is now fully exposed as the fraud it truly was…. People everywhere have to accept that conclusion and start going after the con artists and liars behind this operation.  

And about the liars and deceivers behind this fraud who are trying to dodge true justice by requesting all evidence that would show their criminality be suppressed.. You can run, but you can no longer hide!

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