The Truth about the AIPAC Policy Conference

Right now, while the world is teetering on a new World War and the economies of the planet go to hell, the majority of the Jewish butt kissing US Congress critters and so called Senators, are attending the annual AIPAC “Policy Conference” in Washington DC where they will obediently step up to the microphone and pledge their undying loyalty to Jews and the psychopathic criminal state of Israel… It is such an abomination and shows America again who their so called “elected” government representatives actually support.. Hint: It is not the American people who actually voted for them!

I came across this video last week, and again and again the Jews behind Youtube have been doing their damnest at making sure it is removed from Youtube… The reason is simple: It shows EXACTLY what AIPAC is all about, and these criminals absolutely do not want that truth to be known to their American slaves…. I do have that video right here for everyone to watch, and  where necessary to copy just in case they try again to delete it…. I have additional thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Again, this video tells the truth about AIPAC and what this so called “conference” is all about…

Please take this video and pass it around… As I said, the criminals want it yanked from Youtube because they do not want people to see the truth….

I am troubled that every year these criminals go and pledge their souls to their Jewish masters… If they are so hell bent on supporting the criminally insane state of  Israel, then they should be told to immediately give up their US citizenship, surrender their passports, and get on the first flight one way to that hell hole on the Mediterranean…. America (and Canada of course) needs leadership that supports their nation first and foremost…

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