Status Of Whitewraithe

Greetings everyone….. Yes, it has been a while since my lady friend, Whitewraithe, has posted an article or a comment here…. She kindly asked me to give everyone a heads up on her status…

Well, she has had some serious health issues the last while, especially when it comes to her problems with periodic sinus infections… Living in the humidity of Tennessee definitely does not help the situation, and  yes, she came down bad last weekend with one heck of a sinus infection that definitely has knocked her for a loop…. I got a hold of her yesterday and she sounded absolutely terrible!

She did send me one email today stating that she is on the road to recovery, and will be back posting articles here shortly…. As well, she wants to try to get our internet talk show going again.  We have had such horrible luck so far with the recordings and we did not want to post a show that had horrible static/dropouts/reverberations/etc…. We are both very stubborn individuals who do not quit and we are bound and determined to get our show “Turbulent Times” off and running….We are targeting for this weekend as long as no other issues arise.

I want to thank everyone for their patience and their support of Wraithe’s fine work.  And as usual that I always say…

More to come


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