Brief Update



I want to thank my friend and ally Northerntruthseeker for updating this blog on my absence.  I’ve been so sick with bronchitis then a consecutive sinus infection that I could hardly lift up my head.  I spent three days in bed.

Of course, while I’ve been out so much has been happening in the world – it’s never going to end until we surround the criminals of humanity and place them in a place where they can do no more harm.  But I guess that is only a pipe dream.  There is too much greed in the world that will probably never happen.  Between governments and standing armies these insane psychopaths will always have the upper hand.  But as in the past, there has to be, must be a way to stop them if we even want a recognizable world to live and raise our children.

Their criminal regime cannot stand forever, it will fall eventually.  History guarantees us that fact.

I’ll be doing my best to catch up with some of the most important news here at my blog.

Also, please sign up for an web mail account.  Even the free accounts are encrypted, then please join my group and community found under PRAGMATIC WITNESSES. 

All Americans that desire to stop this insanity must stand together – now.  All our welcome regardless of race or creed.