Northwest Front – “It’s The Jews Stupid!”

VideoHarold A. Covington reads Edgar J. Steele’s essay IT’S THE JEWS STUPID, then gives a commentary afterwards.

The video is at Hardon’s Blog:

This is a must listen if you’ve never read Steele’s essay which can be found on this blog.


Related video: The Martyrdom of Edgar J. Steele

Northwest Front is attempting to provide a white homeland in the Pacific Northwest, which may be the only place left for white Americans to live in the very near future.  Check out their site.

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    FACTS truly are facts. We must know the truth about Who What and WHY. That is the reason that I have created my BLOG. Let us connect ALL of the DOTS. Until we do that we will never understand any of the evil that is The New World Order.
    Listen to the the FACTS presented here!

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