BEFORE IT’S NEWS censors comment regarding truth about Alex Jones and the Jews

binlogoEarlier today, I made one of my rare comments on Before It’s News.

I outed Alex Jones as the shill and warmonger he is because he’s working for and with the Jews.  Folks Jones is a millionaire several times over.  He’s married to a Jewess and his children are Jews.  Who do you think he’s going to protect?

Well, I get sick and tired of hearing what the so-called GLOBALISTS are doing and I outed them for what they are, the true enemy, the Jewish bankers who finance wars and are responsible for murdering trillions of human beings worldwide.

BIN censored the comment so they are no better than Jones, his minions and anyone else protecting these psychopathic criminals.

I will never post another article from BIN on this blog.  They are traitors just like Jones and anyone else who refuses to name the true enemy of humanity.

It’s the Jews Stupid!


7 thoughts on “BEFORE IT’S NEWS censors comment regarding truth about Alex Jones and the Jews

  1. I frequent BIN, making many comments and never has one been banned (to my surprise). However, I am not sure if I ever said anything about AJ.

    Interestingly, The Rebel site (which says it is open to anyone’s view, as long as it is anti-Jewish control) told me that they would not link to my site because of the header of the blog “would offend the white readers”.

    I immediately tried to explain my “schtick”, but he would not budge.

    I then deleted my account and now stay away.

    • If you didn’t know, Andrew the owner of The Rebel is a Jew.

      He sponsors several Jewish authors and other authors of questionable reputation in my opinion.

      I’m always very aware and careful about what I read on his site.

      I did a double-take yesterday when I noticed that Jim Stone was no longer listed as a contributing author.

      Maybe it was a computer glitch, I don’t know.

  2. I have posting rights at before its news and none of my posts have been published! However we cannot clump the Jews in to 1 category there are Khazars that converted and have hi-jacked the faith , the Talmud comes from Babylon paganism total corruption of humans it is not the faith of the Hebrews keep in mind that sir Francis Bacon the prodigy of John Dees was responsible for translating the King James Bible, and was a 33rd degree mason and master of majick. the bible has been tampered with several times not just the council of Nicea . Furthermore our words are potent and we need to choose them wisely. Same with our thoughts. There is no doubt the money hangers have returned but as a responsible informed public we cannot allow the witch hunts of old.


    • I am more than aware of all that you’ve said, however, I referred to the true enemies as the “Jewish Bankers” which they are.

      The remainder of the Jewish Khazar population by their silence of their brethren’s perpetrated evil in this world are guilty by complicity.

      I don’t advocate ‘witch hunts’ of any kind – just truth and justice.

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