THEORY: Was U.S. responsible for disappearance of Malaysia flight 370?

Jim Stone seems to think so for some very plausible reasons.


A-Malaysian-passenger-plane-3225398.pngCabin fire nonsense

This story has 2 missing points – the plane had to have landed intact, because the engines uplink to satellite upon landing to report maintenance status to Boeing and THEY DID, which proves this plane landed safely, AND….

ANYWHERE this plane landed, the cell phones could have connected, there are no major runways far enough away from cell towers to prevent this from happening.

So the NSA knows where they are, WHY THE SILENCE?

The “most plausible report out there” is either misguided or a lie, and Boeing themselves gave the CHECK MATE.

Ukraine and MH370 – the larger issues

I have no doubt that America intentionally stole Chinese engineers and technology via the theft of flight 370 as a precursor to World War 3. And I think the U.S. was in Ukraine to secure that territory as a precursor as well, and Russia did not play as nice as the cabal thought they would. But the theft of flight 370 indicates to me that they are going to proceed as planned despite Russia’s reaction, with whatever they have.

Events leading up to World War 3 are playing out. Flight MH370 was a major piece of the puzzle in this, but more importantly what is going on in Ukraine may be the trigger.

I see the American invasion of Ukraine as a finishing and very blatant step towards getting a strong pro-western presense there for the purpose of staging a war with Russia. Prior to the CIA running it’s psy ops, Ukraine was solidly pro Russian, with over 70 percent of the population of Ukraine supporting re-annexation to Russia and the numbers remain overwhelmingly in favor of Russia. This was strongly reflected in the 95 plus percent vote in Crimea in favor of re-annexing with Russia. These people were around in the Soviet era, which means that Russia could not possibly have been as bad to them in recent times as we have been led to believe (though the now long gone Bolsheviks murdered up to 70 million people there).

It is my belief that this swing of Ukranian opinion back in favor of Russia has been caused by three main factors, which are 911 and the wide spread knowledge among thinking people that the Bush/Israel clan in fact did it, the NSA ripping it’s way into everything private everywhere in the world (the people of Ukraine are no doubt upset and concerned about this) and the now well known meme of false flag terror really being done by the CIA and Mossad. America now is obviously to the world the great evil empire that stops at nothing to get it’s way, in a way far worse than the world EVER had to deal with from the former Communist bloc. This no doubt turned eyes in a favorable direction towards Russia, and it has reflected strongly in the polls.

American aggression in Ukraine has not done much for American image either. The people of Ukraine are none too happy with the stooge government that was ushered in as a result. Re-joining Russia would go a long way towards fixing that problem.

It is well known now that the CIA and Blackwater had snipers and other “soldiers of fortune” in Russia killing people on both sides of the issue, to make them fight each other and allow an American sponsored government to rise in the wake and take Ukraine over. And neither Russia nor the Ukranian people are happy about that. Russia definitely belongs there, defending it’s door step from obvious aggression and only the American sponsored government wants them out. It would bode well for Ukraine to have the Russian military throw the stooges out.

As a surprise to me, (and I really did find it surprising,) America responded to Russia doing what was obviously right with threats of escalation and war. Arrogance has no bounds I guess. Thus far the arrogance has resulted in only sanctions. Perhaps because Russian media got fairly bold and began talking about how Russia could turn America into radioactive ash.

How much will American sanctions affect Russia?

Perhaps not as much as Russian and Chinese sanctions would affect America. Russia and China do not need the American dollar to stay afloat. They have their own currencies and a good enough alliance to keep life pretty much normal without America even existing. But if Russia and China and the rest of the BRICS nations dump the dollar, America’s “dollar,” the private banker dollar, could well end up crashing. And a crashed bankers have a favorite way of fixing problems – huge wars.

And this is where flight MH370 enters the picture

Long ago, China knew America was into hacking everything, and one outcome of this was the Longsoon Yeelong laptop, which ran a Chinese operating system on a Chinese processor. China knew so well that the NSA had back doors into everthing long before Snowden that they copied an American processor and tried to produce it sans back doors. And it all worked and ran quite well and securely. I had a chance to buy a new one in 2012 but at the time did not know what it was so I passed it up. Too bad. But because I actually saw one I now know China has secure and fairly modern computing that the NSA would love to blow a few back doors into. In this area China probably beats Russia.

The hijacked plane had more than just 20 freescale employees, it had many other Chinese experts aboard and now that everything is washed out, the kidnapped engineers worked data security and little else. Since the U.S. does practically nothing militarily without first getting absolute information superiority, they nailed that plane which was unusually full of key people for the sole purpose of getting the NSA back into a position of completely raping Chinese data and regaining total information superiority. This would be badly “needed” before kicking off world war 3 with China being a key “threat” (a little inverted there), and the window of opportunity is short. They have got to quickly extract information from the engineers and launch their war before China can plug any holes that get opened. THAT is why the disappearance of flight 370 is so important, and why Diego Garcia is NEVER EVER MENTIONED in the MSM.

I believe there is a war on the horizon. Russia has thus far shown an even temper (too much so) and China is saying nothing. How long will that last? Well, a search for a “missing” plane is a great opportunity to stage all your military assets for battle is it not? A great reason to send various nation’s militaries to what could soon be a conflict zone, is it not? Consider that.

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7 thoughts on “THEORY: Was U.S. responsible for disappearance of Malaysia flight 370?

  1. Whitewraithe – For all that it’s worth… I have been with you for a good while now… Wanda needs not doubt that when truth is spoken in such manner, those of us who are capable of perceiving it, have no choice but to be in and stay in… truth in mind rules the mind, not the other way ’round. …and indeed it is a great waste that we are made to apply time to such a crass of a scenario we found ourselves in, time we could devote to research and the acquiring of knowledge, if not just to the simple joy of existing. I firmly believe that this time around the JWO has signed their own demise… 9/11 was the mistake that will sink them. …only that it may not be as peaceful as we might hope. The answer is in our hands. Taking all the steps to apply all sovereign tools we still hold, removing ourselves from the grip of their scam financial system by crossing over to interest free money/barter, and continuing to educate the sheople are our best peaceful moves! – I lost my family over this, and sought an intelligent and awake woman and found her. Even though I know my family will come back to me, in time, once they realize I was(am) right in my perception, I will accept them as redeemed, but I will not relinquish my intelligent awake woman for them, they will have to accept her as holding the place she captured in me. I cannot possibly express the praise I feel for your work. I too have a web site, which matches what you expose. I sincerely hope, one day, to make your personal acquaintance! Hard times are ahead, I can only cringe at the idea! I have no GOD nor idols to lean on, only the plain reality of the sad truth, but an implacable thirst for a favorable outcome. Thank you for being you! (English is not my native language, I hope your interpretation matches my intent.)

    • Wow, Niq, I am honored and very happy that you have found someone to share these nearly unbearable times with.

      Me, I am alone except for my best friend in Canada, NTS. We Skype and we’re trying to get our internet show off the ground. There is no one to talk to in the real world regarding this matrix or illusion of lies we’ve been forced to live in. My family thinks I’ve truly lost it. This ordeal has separated me from my one sibling and many friends. Actually, I have no friends on the outside. It really is true that when you walk in the light of truth you walk alone. It’s like living the cloistered life of a nun.

      All that know these truths have a long arduous march that may last for years or the remainder of our lives depending on how long we’re allowed to live by our J-masters. I believe that’s why they are ramping up their once slow-kill process to a more deadly quicker kill modus operandi. Have you heard about the veterans being killed in American rural areas? I haven’t yet reported that.

      And please share your website I would be honored to include it in my blogroll or highlight it in a more specific area.

      I am thrilled to know people like yourself are really out there following my work and the works of so many others like myself, yet, very few of us communicate on a personal level. I hope you will stay with me and if you think the site needs improvement please let me know. I rarely here from long time readers so you’ve really made my day. Thank you so much.

      BTW- I think your English is very well spoken, indeed.

      All the best, my friend.


  2. For me and for what it’s worth… i got no stomach for the side show anymore. There is fuck all i can do about it… and for all i know, it is nothing but fuck all. No offense intended… we can only benefit from withdrawing out attention to everywhere they want us to look, we are missing the biggest story of all… our own.

    • Wanda is that YOU?

      I’m going to approve the comment and forgive the profane language because you’ve been a huge supporter for many years.

      I know exactly how you feel, but we cannot give up and ignore what’s happening. That would be to our peril.

      I have a lot of personal crises happening in my life too, but reporting what these evil psychopaths perpetrate around the world seems to be my only way to stay sane. My family is quite dysfunctional which makes me insane.

      If you wanna talk write me or I’ll call you.

      Don’t give up – stay with us.

      • Yeah… it’s me. I am not giving up, i can’t,.. i am evolving… it is my hope we are all evolving. We can’t trust the message.

        All governments are the same religion… and the bible clearly states the entire world will be deceived, AND to DO NOT COMMIT IDOLATRY. Well, what is hero worship? What is seeking leadership? What is patriotism if it isn’t calling Government and Religion your Daddy and expecting they will save you, protect you? Patri = father… call no one father, also another biblical admonishment. So, yeah. The great Satan you are warned against is believing false idols. Believing the side show… it holds nothing for me… it comes to me through the instruments of control and illusion.

        We don’t understand our words and how they are used to take us away from ourselves. Here’s a lady who has a great message and a solution… well worth the listen… go in at fifty minutes if you don’t have the time or inclination for the whole podcast… i found it fascinating and doable… much hope here… much less hope in following the next “news” story:

      • I understand what you’re going through, Wanda. Those in this fight are all evolving.

        I listened to the latter half of the show and knew very well what Tami was speaking about. Actually, I’ve reported much of the same information here at Pragmatic Witness. What’s happened is that we’ve been robbed of our literacy due to the interference of lawyers and the law in general because America is under Maritime/Admiralty law instead of Common Law. That’s why human beings are commodities instead of sovereign persons, and why we are literally born into bondage from birth to the grave.

        IMHO, this was the most heinous act of injustice that this government perpetrated against an unsuspecting populace all the while spewing lies that we were free.

        But before we can take back our sovereignty this illegal, corrupt government must be reigned in even if that means burning the entire institution to the ground and starting over.

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