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WW~Notes: Here is more information on the confirmation that Malaysia Flight 370 is in Diego Garcia.

In case you are new to all of this, an IBM employee on flight 370 succeeded in getting a message with photo posted to the web. He did not know where he was or who his captors were, only that his plane got hijacked and that he was now in the hands of military personnel. He managed to get a photo out to the web with exif intact. That photo was posted here for about five hours and then got hacked along with the rest of the site.

I am continuing work on this report –

Terry wrote:

Wani Sasimi with IBM Malaysia 011-603-2301-8888 has just confirmed that Phillip Wood works for IBM Malaysia a “Technical Sales Leader” 7:27 pm (USCT), 8:27am Malaysia time (MYT).

Interesting note IBM New York will refuses to issue any statement regarding his employment.

My comment: IBM america will be as corrupt as the paid government shills and will push the lie as hard as they can. That’s why they got rid of the personnell department and now call it “human resources” because “resources” are to be used up and thrown away. They obvioulsy threw Philip Wood under the bus if that is their answer, I will NEVER buy another IBM product.

I guess from the mails coming in I have to ONCE AGAIN SAY that I know exif can be hacked with the right application or a really good programmer and say it CLEARLY more than three different ways below, and I clearly state why I do not believe this happened with Philip Wood and did so from the beginning. If his image was not legit, why did my site get hacked to destroy it?

The original Exif looked something like THIS, AND NOT A SINGLE SHILL (government disinfo agent) KNOWS THIS AS OF THE MORNING OF APRIL 3. It had this format and since nothing sent to me or posted in a debunk had anything like it as of April 3 (it obviously will after that because they are following my lead) the shills DO NOT know what I am talking about and are only spewing B.S. The GPS section looked sort of like this:

23948506938274953940438 ==== 7 18 etc
2049458305965830234944 ==== 72 25 etc and if that’s not the Iphone format, Philip was probably beta testing for IBM. THAT would be the reason to destroy the photo, NO ONE would have that other than IBM if those numbers were the result of beta testing IBM software and it would serve as positive ID. That would be a great reason for the shills to lie about everything said below in this report and destroy the original, if those first lines of the exif were some sort of company secret there is no way any hack would have put them in and THAT would have provided positive Id and a reason to destroy the photo. If you have not read the entire report I suggest you do. I was not some sort of idiot when I posted it.

SHILLAGE SLAMMED AGAIN: Terry wrote: Lt. Col Caggns at DOD media relations in Arlington confirms cell service available on Diego Garcia. That officially confirms the shillage as shillage, Thanks!




Site hacked within hours of posting the original picture

On 2014-03-30 10:10, wrote: The background photo of the body has disappeared, as of 9:09 AM est. Your site appears normal again. WOW that was bad . Mike B. Mr. Stone, I managed to lift the latest post on the IBM engineer from your site to clearly see it but, WOW, this cannot be the way you want you site. Someone is majorly messing with it. A photo of a man’s bloody body is scrolled through your entire site!

Mike B.

My response: It is my guess that this is when the original photo got destroyed. But I did not check it again because the site appeared normal. But at this time, when that hack occurred, whoever did it would have had unfettered access to every file on the site and destroyed the forensic value of Philip’s photo. At the same time, the original at 4plebs was destroyed by replacing it with what got posted to my site. The original photo was 4K larger than what is up now. So a hacker loaded the photo into an editor, destroyed the value of the exif, re-saved (which changed the file size) and re-posted the ruined photo to the site.

That worked good for a back stab against both Philip and those trying to get the word out, and I did not catch it for days because I knew what I had to begin with was the real deal and the hacked file looked the same visually. Today I have to go through the entire site to see what else got wrecked, and that’s a huge job, I might just opt to restore from backups.

Judge Dredd wrote:

Hi James,

? Just a heads up…

I saved your site home page a few days ago (the one where the Philip Wood photo appeared first) and now when I try and access that folder my Windows Explorer crashes EVERY time. I have been aware of this as of last night and today as I wanted see what had happened to the photo. Now I can’t seem to access any file in that specific folder. All I can do is view the files in the list but not open them.

Just wanted to let you know…

EXCELLENT MAILS NOT EMBEDDED IN THE ARTICLE, DO NOT MISS, EXCELLENT! and don’t miss the question updates below this article.

WW~Notes: I’ve copied and pasted the emails below in case they get removed from Jim’s site:

Excellent mails

dazatar sent you a message.

So Philip Wood is an IBM executive.

IBM pioneers Voice Recognition technology:

Pioneering Speech Recognition

IBM are long time developers of Steganography:

Using steganography to avoid observation “..In the computer age, steganography has become quite advanced and allows for information to be hidden in all types of data files,

such as images..”

There are numerous US Patents, of which IBM is affiliated with, that use cell phone Voice Recognition Technology:

“..A much higher level of performance can be achieved if the speech recognition system is customized (e.g., by training) to recognize a particular user’s voice … and IBM’s ViaVoice software (described, e.g., in U.S. Pat. Nos. 6,629,071, 6,493,667, 6,292,779 and 6,260,013) are systems of this sort..”


Steganographic techniques to embed various data types, like – authentication information – and other hidden data directly within the ‘whitenoise’ of raw images taken by cell phone camera’s:

Speech Recognition, and Related Systems

US 20120014568 A1

“..determined at an apparatus (e.g., a cell phone), and accompanies speech data sent from that apparatus. (Steganographic encoding of the speech data can be employed to convey this information.) A receiving device can use this accompanying information to better understand the content of the speech. A great variety of other features and arrangements—some dealing with imagery rather than audio—are also detailed…”

Methods involving maps, imagery, video and steganography US 8023691 B2

“..We use voice commands in some related implementations. Voice commands are used to identify a location, which is embedded in a captured image..”

“..The method includes receiving an image captured first from a cell phone..”

System for embedding authentication information into an image and an image alteration detecting system US 6005936 A

I said to @Glitch that:

— I reckon it’s at least rationally possible that IBM executive Philip Wood was up to date with the advancements in IBM developed Voice Recognition technology, and that enabled him to take his cell phone using that VR tech and appropriate Steganographic applications [he could have very well of been ‘beta-testing’ on his phone for IBM] which embedded HIS authentication information within the raw image data taken by his cell phone that was uploaded to the net of which YOU [@Glitch] have the original and could, using the proper steganographic detection software, detect whether an IBM executive like Mr Wood is capable of utilizing his own companies tech to save his life..

If you did use Steganographic Detection Software and DID find something it would BLOW exif, iptc and xmb metadata completely out of the picture and possibly prove genuine authentication belongs to P.Wood —

Trin wrote:

Hi James,

I typically keep my subject lines when communicating fairly vague FYI for the obvious reasons.

I wanted to thank-you for making the effort to research other possibilities, especially the data facts relating to technology and since I happen to work in technology I understand what you are communicating. I also appreciate the notes regarding Phillip Wood and the facts surrounding the photo.

From the very beginning of the news reports, I never believed most of what was being reported. I find it to be suspicious timing for a 777 to go missing. The focus on Russia, N. Korea issues (although I worry less about N. Korea, but still the timing is suspect in terms of soaking up news time). N. Korea has been doing that stuff for years and now all of sudden when we have a missing 777, the news turns it into the boogie man in the closet.

Things to consider:

I have friends that have done diving down to 800 feet as their daily job, we haven’t heard a single word about putting humans in the water. Don’t we have Navy Seals? Clearly you would have to go deep and you have the drift, but come on already. We need to wait for this machine to be dragged across the ocean?

The middle east is laughing their asses off right now at the US. There was a reason the Bush’s stayed close to the Saudi’s, they got the memo!

While I would like to think that the US Govt. would not hijack a plane, I do think that with the amount of time that has gone by, you are right, the plane has most likely landed originally in Diego Garcia and has already moved onto another location. It makes the most sense. The logic supports the theory.

The claims that a 777 by these so-called experts (which is just outrageous) about how “easy” it is fly as 777 as low as 5000 feet over THE INDIAN OCEAN ARE RIDICULOUS!!! It doesn’t mean it can’t be done, but it would take a hell of a pilot and a lot of luck to do it for that length of time that it kept flying. Going on national TV to say that is as embarrassing as sending John Kerry to Russia. Yes, I agree, the plane was at a higher altitude otherwise “the mission” would have been at a much greater risk with the turbulence, burning fuel – you named all the right points on that issue.

The constant focus on looking in the ocean is also an embarrassment, they should have included “land” in the search, but purposely there has been no reporting on that topic. They just keep dragging their feet with search equipment to drag around the ocean starting tomorrow?? Really? And the “pings” all indicate that is the place, but it’s all BS.

The issue that bothers me the most is that not a single news channel will even consider asking different questions besides focusing on the debris that they found – I knew it wouldn’t pan out, but again EMBARRASSING. I do think that someone is trying to teach the world a lesson – aka, we can make planes disappear…So much for Homeland Security stories!

So Obama’s lack of statements on the matter are especially suspicious because for all the yapping he’s done on the topics of “safety”, it doesn’t add up to the plane missing and his top priority becomes the state of emergency for the mudslide.

Keep in mind, I’m from Washington and it is heartbreaking, but at least they are finding people! Yes, it is a big tragedy, but I thought it was odd timing with his announcement and the small size of the area of the mudslide. It isn’t like we don’t have a lot of military bases here that were not on the scene almost immediately.

I’m not convinced that all of those passengers are still alive. And I’m not convinced of the latest report that passengers who fly frequently on that flight path wouldn’t notice a turn the opposite direction. That has got be right up there with completely pathetic reporting. My thought is that they were able to silence the passengers in some manner and perhaps cherry-picked (in advance) those that could be in the cockpit with them. I don’t know about the pilots willingly being involved, seems odd, but possible. It would be one thing if the plane just crashed on its way to China, but the deliberate acts of changing the flight plan is where the main focus should be.

Anyway, loved what you wrote and I’m glad I found your link! I like how they are now talking about the plane missing being seen as a “criminal act”. Nice choice of carefully chosen words…


March 28 2014

Malaysia says there is Sealed evidence with flight 370 that cannot be made public, AND HERE IS WHY that evidence is “sealed” and “cannot be made public”.

I’ve included the article in case it’s removed from the net:

Malaysia says there’s sealed evidence on MH370 that cannot be made public

Steven Wang, a family member of a passenger onboard Malaysia Airlines MH370, is surrounded by the media outside Lido Hotel in Beijing March 26, 2014. A Malaysian air force general has told relatives of Chinese passengers on board the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that there was sealed evidence that cannot be made public. -- PHOTO: REUTERS

Steven Wang, a family member of a passenger onboard Malaysia Airlines MH370, is surrounded by the media outside Lido Hotel in Beijing March 26, 2014. A Malaysian air force general has told relatives of Chinese passengers on board the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that there was sealed evidence that cannot be made public. — PHOTO: REUTERS

BEIJING – A Malaysian team have told relatives of Chinese passengers on board the missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 that there was sealed evidence that cannot be made public, as they came under fire from the angry relatives at a briefing on Wednesday.

The sealed evidence included air traffic control radio transcript, radar data and airport security recordings.

The briefing at the Metropark Lido Hotel in Beijing focused on UK satellite analysis which led Malaysia to conclude that flight MH370 ended in south Indian Ocean, off Perth.

The Chinese relatives were told that a five-member high-level team from Malaysia plans to brief them once every five days. The team include MAS pilot Lim Jit Koon and senior civil aviation official Ahmad Nizar Zolfakar.

During the question-and-answer session, a relative said: “Thanks for demonstrating your ability to read every word out of the powerpoint slides.”

Another asked: “If the info is from UK satellite firm Inmarsat, does it mean the Malaysia team cannot answer our questions on the MH370 analysis?”

Faced with the barrage of questions from the angry relatives, the MAS team replied: “We can answer but we might not be correct as we’re not the investigators”:

They said Malaysia had requested for the British experts to join them for the briefing in Beijing but the latter declined.

They assured the relatives that the search and rescue operations for the plane have been stepped up but the hunt has been challenging as the search area is huge.

The Malaysian government and MAS have been criticised for their handling of the disappearance of MH370 on March 8. They have been accused of being slow in disseminating information and not revealing everything about the incident.

Prime Minister Najib Razak said on Monday night that based on latest UK data analysis, the plane had gone down in a remote part of the southern Indian Ocean.

“We demand you retract announcement that MH370 ended in south Indian Ocean and continue search-and-rescue operations,” one relative said at the briefing.

Some family representatives targeted Malaysian envoy Iskandar Sarudin, asking him: “You expect us to accept a report you cannot defend?”

“No comment,” said Mr Iskandar.

He again declined to comment when asked “how do you expect us to feel friendly towards Malaysia?”

Upset by the response from the Malaysia team, a relative said: “You have once again left us speechless!”

Wednesday’s briefing was the first time the media were allowed to attend.

The relatives also accused MAS of not providing enough assistance to them.

“Two-thirds of MH370 passengers are Chinese but only 50 caregivers?” asked a relative.

An airline official explained that they have had problem finding volunteers to help out.

When asked why the MAS office at the hotel was closed on Tuesday, the MAS officials said they were advised by the Chinese government not to be there given the tense mood among the relatives.



The photo of the actual flight 370 clone as it sits, RIGHT NOW, at the Tel Aviv airport has been moved below the San Joaquin report which I feel is more important to have on top.

Actual photo of Flight 370 clone at Tel Aviv airport:

flight370clonetelavivThis was found on This Hebrew forum. It was promptly removed and cannot be found there anymore;(but that does not work with the web, heh.) When translated, other people ridicule the poster for taking a picture in a forbidden area.

The Malaysia airlines logo has been removed from the tail, but the general paint scheme remains.

Let’s hope we don’t see this one make a cameo appearance somewhere with “Allahu Akbar” painted on the tail. I have confirmed that it arrived at Tel Aviv with a blank white tail, which was repainted before it left America.

Plane history: It was first leased by Malaysia airlines. Then purchased by GA Telesis. Then, FIVE FULL YEARS before the absolute MINIMUM life span, was scheduled to be scrapped for parts (makes no sense at all, it could have flown for at least 10 more years), and then for some mysterious reason it showed up in France, only to end up in Tel Aviv. This is where it all gets odd – WHY would it be slated for scrapping in America while still far too new, only to end up in Israel just sitting there? Most probably this plane was indeed purchased for the reason most people suspect and the repainted tail was an inconvenience. WHY pull it from the forum it posted on if this picture was meaningless?


John wrote:

“The Malaysian B777 twin appearing in Tel Aviv is an interesting development. Maybe it wasn’t in storage as officially stated. For what its worth, if we think Israeli agents (masquerading as Iranian terrorists) boarded and commandeered MH370 then these guys would have needed some flight time on B777’s. Far easier and safer to fly the plane yourself to the planned destination than to request the original pilot fly there under ‘supervision’. Anything can go wrong in that scenario, including transponders being ‘accidentally’ switched back on.

My guess is the hijackers were experienced large commercial/military pilots to begin with but may have lacked experience and actual flight time on this particular model and variant. The twin has been at Tel Aviv since October 2013 so that time frame of a several months before the actual hijacking makes sense. The pilots will have had plenty of time to gain hours on the type over those months and any mods could have been designed and built over that time as well. What if its the availability of the twin that came up on the market last year that then drove the decision to pick MH370 as the plane to hijack, rather than the other way round?”

My comment:

Absent an electronic hijack via remote you probably nailed it John. They could have waited for the escort plane to approach and then took over. And now they can crash the older plane instead of the real flight 370, and keep the new one. The real flight 370, if I remember right, was a 2013 model. Nice trade for a 1998 model.

And the Antartctica crash is so far beyond laughable it’s a message: WE TOOK IT AND SCREW YOU.

George wrote:

“Jim, the perplexing thing is why did the Dutch stop the 777 from reaching its target. Surely before the flight took of from Miami those in Holland, who are in bed with the NWO would have assumed positions of importance so that flight 777 would have got to its destination.”

Kindest Regards,


My response:

I would not be so sure. All nations have legitimate defense in one form or another and it is my guess that the entire flight 370 chain of events was launched by a single group containing no more than 5,000 people in the know. They would, with that small of a number, hope for the best somewhere and lost the bet. The key was to have an enforceable alibi, so they would get away with it without going to jail if stopped. There is further comment by Valdis regarding this below the main story HERE

Jardin sent:

“Some of the recipients on my large email list received the video link that I just sent, but to numerous others, it bounced! This video maker, DAHBOO7 believes that there is a connection between flight MH370 and the closing of all Israeli embassies.

I never got any bounces at all from my email list before this!!

“For the First Time in History, Israel Suspiciously Closes All”

My comment: Here is the link. I see it as a form of confirmation that this happened. This video will get a lot of hits now. Youtube blank screened me with this one with a total B.S. censor screen (every other video works) so it’s probably really good, the comments below sure look like it is. Thanks!

Ha Ha Ha! This is good!

Attorney tells it like it is: “I never saw a murder captured on video before”

This is worth a look: False flag attack by Nato country And this IS WHY

Identical flight 370 in Tel Aviv?



UPDATE: The following is absolutely documented in irrefutable terms. I do my homework. Attempts to re-write sources and change records or censor photos won’t work, I do my homework and you cannot get away with that with me, I’ll just re-post originals that are obviously and verifiably NOT FAKE.

I looked into this and it actually took some thinking to confirm this was NOT a hoax, and it is not a hoax. I confirmed that it was not a hoax by putting the plane’s exact designation into Google with a dated search that forced all results to be prior to March of 2014. It is indeed a Malaysia flight 370 clone, with Malaysia airlines paint identical to flight 370, and it is indeed parked at Tel Aviv, and has been there since 21-10-2013.

To get the history of this plane and prove this story is not a hoax, drop the search term N105GT GA Telesis Boeing 777-2H6(ER) – cn 28416 / ln 155 into Google. Do a dated search to only return results from before March, and hit images. This will yield the four photos below:

UPDATE: These appear to be censored again, and I will fix that permanently.

The plane is owned by GA telesis and has been sitting there, in Tel Aviv, in storage, as stated. Now, to the non-conspiracy crowd, GA Telesis is an aircraft leasing firm. SO, I guess you could say that explains why this plane is in storage. But I’d like to pop a question then, WHY IN TEL AVIV WHEN THE HOST COMPANY IS HEADQUARTERED IN FLORIDA, THE SAME STATE THE PLANE THE DUTCH INTERCEPTED FLEW OUT OF? . . . . . Good question.

The blog which originally posted this plane was in Tel Aviv has been censored from Google. If I manage to find it again (I had to leave the cyber cafe in the middle of this because they closed for lunch and it was extremely difficult to re-find this data) I will post the original blog that had this as an update. It ended up being bang on.

UPDATE: HERE IS THE BLOG you have to scroll down a ways.

UPDATE: Malaysia airlines previously leased this plane, that would explain the paint job. But WHY TEL AVIV? WHY HAVE SUCH A VALUABLE ASSET SIT IN STORAGE FOR SO LONG?

R. wrote


Check out the other links on Bollyn web site. Plane was slated for disassembly in Fla , then appears in France and somehow ends up in Israel.

Parked out of US but suddenly gets a US “N” registration . As you know all countries have their own designator , Mexico starts with “X” , etc .

Great job by you guys !! Hopefully lives will be spared . Be safe and Thanks for being a warrior for truth !!


My response

I did not read Bollyn’s site in detail, I just knew he was onto something and then did my own looking into things. If additional info is there, GREAT!

I usually will get a tip, then ignore the source and do my own work. That is why what I have is almost completely absent any bullshit. I can make mistakes and I am sure a few have not been caught, and that is why I say “almost”.

The key thing is to be reasonably good at what you do, while being completely honest even if it does not fit what you want to report.

thanks for writing,


March 26, 2014 –

Flight 370, a bed time story

It’s hard to believe it went this way, and we can claim at least a partial victory.


Flight 370 took off on a Friday and vanished into nowhere in the early hours of the morning on March 8, 2014. From the beginning, there was damage control, with people claiming it got shot down. But the Malaysian military quickly blew that by saying they tracked it on military radars long after it “vanished” from civilian radars and a subsequent “pilot switched off the transponder because it was hijacked by Iranians” lie was quickly hatched.

One problem – the Iranians had the same legs. So that lie failed.

It could not be admitted by the war mongering crowd that the only way a plane can vanish from radar is via phase cancellation of signals, which could only happen via an Awacs type escort plane, so a lie was hatched about a transponder which when shut off automatically cloaks the plane from being tracked by anyone. God they prayed people were stupid with that one. But outcome based education is a new thing, and old people could not be fooled. And there was a BIG problem – a radar jamming platform has to emit a very weak phase cancelling signal and can only phase cancel against a limited number of radars, so they prayed the Malaysian military would be asleep and not notice that the plane turned around. They were not asleep.

The plane took a straight path towards Diego Garcia with numerous Chinese military electronics experts from five different companies (this has been expunged but it was not only Freescale employees on that plane). Diego Garcia is a top secret military base that has everything needed to get people talking. That is why Diego Garcia never appeared on ANY maps from CNN or anyone else. And the plane crashed in the ocean, because “nothing was there for it to land on.”

But there was a problem for that story, because the engines logged into Boeing 7 hours after the plane vanished from radar, and told Boeing all about how well the flight went. The engines do that because they care about their health, and celebrate with a satellite phone call after every safe landing. And there were other problems for the theoretical lack of a place called Diego Garcia, because there were 1,600 civilian people there, working top secret jobs, and they have cell phones. That provided a civilian cell tower for all the civilian cell phones on flight 370 to connect with and let everyone know they were alive. And one even picked up, proving it was not just a dead ring.

Many people were not stupid. And smart people know there are many liars out there. And smart people know the liars are in very high positions of power, and will say absolutely anything they can to get a war going. Smart people know that liars have plans, and that liars use EVERYTHING they can to their advantage, ESPECIALLY when they steal something as big as a jumbo jet.

So all the smart people looked into the future and said, THERE IS A NUCLEAR SUMMIT COMING IN TWO WEEKS, AND ALL THE IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WILL BE THERE. That would make a good target for this plane, all to be blamed on Iran by the evil liars because “Iran is nuclear and evil and wants to destroy all the world leaders and, and, and,” they don’t have a Rothchild owned central bank . . . . . . . . .

Then all the diplomatic people from Rothchild sponsored Israel conveniently went on strike two days before the nuclear summit so they would not be there, just like on 911 and Fukushima. And all the smart people knew SOMETHING BIG WAS COMING.

Then flight 370, all dolled up as a cargo plane, flew out of Florida undetected by the U.S. air force, and undetected by European radars, only to be apprehended by some really smart flying dutchmen and turned away before crashing the nuclear conference it was headed directy toward without any transponder or identification of any sort. Thankfully, radar really does work and the Dutch air force has not fallen into total corruption. Now the liars have a problem, and will go back to work in all their political positions quickly, because world war 3 has once again been delayed.

The world can live happily for now because the good guys won, but not forever after because the evil people are still in power and free to threaten the world again.

Valdis wrote:

Hi Jim,

Just curious about the Dutch intercepting that Boeing 777. I just wanted to know if that plane was being piloted or if they were remotely flying it. The reason I ask is if it was remote, how could the Dutch pilots make the plane change course if it was on a destruction mission ( one way). Wouldn’t whoever was controlling it just ignore the Dutch pilots and continue on. The only option the Dutch would have had was to shoot it down, but I’m sure they would not do that over populated areas (unless they were over water). The PTB wouldn’t have cared if it was shot down over populated areas because they don’t care about collateral damage. Just curious.

My response: The story did not go to that detail. However, radio contact is made during any such encounters, and whoever was in control of flight 370 would have had that taken care of with any remote setup. With it heading towards the conference, the Dutch would have shot it down very quickly if they could not make contact and THAT would be something no remote controller would want to have happen, because the Dutch would subsequently do the investigation and could easily discover there were no pilots unless the crash scenario was ideal.

If it got crashed on purpose, the crash would have been ideal. A shoot down is unpredictable, the plane could end up falling tail first and have the nose be intact, only to reveal no pilots. So the radio situation would have been taken care of. They would have at least via satellite had communications on that plane and the fighter pilots would not have been the wiser about how communication happened.

And they absolutely would shoot it down, even over a populated area if the target was the conference. Even populated areas have a low density of people and chances are only a few people on the ground would get hurt even if pieces of it fell in a city, a majority of the surface area is roads, parks, yards and not houses. A controlled suicide crash would have a much higher chance of producing a worse outcome.

Thanks for writing,