What is their plan for us?

obamagunby J.Bruce Campbell

Some people have all the luck.  People in Connecticut, for example.  The state cops say they’re coming for the guns.  The matronly new chief says no, but the odious Lt. Paul Vance, the front man for the Sandy Hook lie factory, says it’s true and moreover, it’s un-American to oppose them in any way.   Not only that:  he said that he’s the master.  What the hell did that mean?

Let’s say Chief Grandma thinks she’s not lying.  If eighty percent of the people refuse to obey “the law,” what’s a gun cop to do?    They know you’ve got an “illegal” rifle or magazine, they know where you live.  Are they going to let it slide?

The Maryland fathead government has gotten in the act, declaring its cops are coming after 110,000 owners of previously legal rifles and magazines.

That’s probably not going to happen here in Idaho.  Our state senators just voted unanimously to outlaw all new federal gun laws and to arrest and prosecute any cop – local, state or federal – who violates this order.   The reader might recall a speech I gave here about a year ago, entitled “Gun Control in Teton County,” since run as “Gun Control Is Treason.”  In the audience were the sheriff and a deputy and some FBIs from Jackson.  The sheriff addressed the audience, saying it left him speechless, citing my prescription for an unwarranted home invasion, which was four or five rounds of buckshot zinging down the hallway as they’re breaking in.  The speech was well covered, even in the faraway Boise (capital city) papers.

Idaho’s bill is okay but not as radical as bills in Florida and Arizona that will nullify all federal gun laws.

A result of the speech was for our next-door neighbor to be firebombed three months later.  She had been tailed around the area for several weeks previous to the attack by a white SUV with blacked-out windows.  A few hours after the attack she was again stalked by this vehicle but this time was able to get behind and make the plate.  A call to a relative in the federal government produced the information that the SUV was registered to the FBI office in Jackson, Wyoming, just a few miles away.  The sheriff told her not to worry about the firebombing too much – it was meant for the Campbells and they got the wrong house.  Then the sheriff started stalking her!

Whether this speech had something to do with Idaho’s senators outlawing new federal gun laws is not known,  What Idaho is doing, blocking new federal laws, is not as significant as those pending bills in Florida and Arizona, which would nullify all federal gun laws.

Connecticut, of all states, the original home of Colt, Winchester and the Thompson submachine gun, among others, is preparing home invasions to collect the ex post facto illegal guns.  Connecticut declared them illegal as of January 1.  To me, the only illegal gun is a stolen gun.  But to declare guns and magazines illegal is state treachery – treason against us all.  There is only one way to deal with it, and that is total resistance.

We saw how it works in Boston last year – a gaggle of militarized thugs storm your home, pull you out at gunpoint with your hands up, and then enter to search for guns.  And those clowns didn’t have lists of registered gun owners, the way they have in Connecticut and Maryland.  Residents of those two states have been ordered to destroy the guns and mags, turn them over to the cops, sell them out of state – or be attacked.  But those people will be attacked, invaded and searched anyway – just to make sure.  There’s no getting on their good side, once you’re seen as a potential threat.

The only way to deal with this police treachery is ambush and crossfire.  One person firing at them from inside as soon as they break in (they must break in), with a second person firing at them from behind (outside) simultaneously.  This is guaranteed to take all the fun out of home invasions.  A half-dozen of these incidents will end all home invasions nationwide.  Yamamoto’s famous prophecy will become a cold shower of reality for the gun police, the most treacherous slugs in America.  They will crawl back into their dens of iniquity and try to think of something else.

The guys who do this heroic resisting must then head for the nearest fusion center, or wherever the illicit order originated, and wipe it out.  This is likely how the revolution will start in America.

California has a militarized force of slugs that goes around stealing guns.  It’s called the Armed Prohibited Persons System.  They attack people who bought guns legally only later to be put on the list of prohibited persons.  We will see the numbers of prohibited persons get bigger and bigger in that cursed state.  The slugs need job security and their bosses want to keep them happy.  The slugs are the ones who must be prohibited from carrying guns and there’s only one way to do that (see above).

The idea here is to wear us out and demoralize us so we’ll give in to their dictatorship.  We have to look at it as our greatest opportunity to be good Americans for maybe the first time in two hundred years, or so.  Maybe for the first time ever.  I can’t really point to a time when Americans were good.  Good means resisting American tyrants.  Once the English rebels became Americans, they threw it all away.  The Confederates resisted American tyranny but technically they were no longer Americans when they did it.  Maybe the best Americans were the American Indians, because they resisted to beat hell.  Those guys put us all to shame.  Consider how Hollywood converted these victims of aggression and ethnic cleansing into terrorists who deserved everything they got.

Sound familiar?  The Native Americans were the original targets of that deadly combination of Yankees and Jews that has scourged the earth and stolen everything of value.

Speaking of tyrants, our Jews are rolling the dice and putting all their chips on taking over other countries, based on their having taken over America.  That is, everything in America except the people with guns.  The Jewish tyrants and their lackeys aren’t doing too well at present, especially in Ukraine.  Hard to believe they could be so goddamned stupid to think they could bluff Vladimir Putin to allow them to steal Ukraine and put NATO missiles on the Russian border.  But, then again – they’re Jews.  And Jews are notorious for no self-control or common sense, not to mention morals.  They’re like piranhas – they don’t quit biting till it’s all gone.

The Jews want a third world war.  Why?  They are the destroyers – it’s all they know how to do – and they like it.  They have destroyed everything they’ve touched.  There is no exception to this rule.  They took over Russia in 1917:  total destruction of society and of millions of Russians, followed by Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Byelorussians, Azerbaijanis, Georgians, Tajiks, Moldavians, Kirghiz, Lithuanians, Turkmens, Armenians, Latvians, Estonians and Abkhazians.  Then came the East Europeans.  Then Jewish Communism was foisted on North Korea, North Vietnam and China, Laos and Cambodia – by the Americans.  In between these political nightmares, America put Palestine under Jewish Terror.

In some sort of karma or cosmic justice, America itself is now descending into Jewish Terror, the sort America put all those peoples under for almost a hundred years.  This is how Jews say “thank you” for American help.

The Jews’ current errand-boy in the White House just announced via an executive order that if you voice or write your displeasure over his FUBAR in Ukraine, he can seize your assets.  Wipe you out.  It’s already happened to this writer – not the seizure but the wipe-out.  I’ve been blacklisted across the country in my work as a drilling consultant, now at seven months unemployed.  Not only me, but anyone associated with me.  Yesterday, a colleague called to say he’d just been told to forget working in the oilfield.  The reason was that he’d had me as a reference on his resume.  Luckily for him, he’d already found work in a different industry.  That’s where I need to go.

So, anyone thinking of building up the American Defense Party – now’s the time.  That’s no joke – it really is the time to support the only plan in America to reverse our slide into dictatorship.  There are many who describe what’s happening, many who analyze what’s behind it, who’s doing it and why.  But no one else has a plan for defeating the Zionists who have destroyed America.  It’s a fairly simple plan.  It didn’t take a genius to figure it out.

It took the last hundred years to transmogrify America from an industrial and agricultural powerhouse with a strong middle class into a warmongering derelict living on the blood and guts of its millions of victims in countries most Americans couldn’t find on a map, with a hundred million of those American people now out of work.  Out of work but subject to total surveillance by insatiable control freaks in the “intelligence community.”

(As Turner says to Higgins in THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR, “’Community!’  Jesus, you guys are kind to yourselves.  ‘Community.’”)

The Jews put a homosexual prostitute from Chicago into the White House and now this delicate person is issuing threats on behalf of his Jewish masters to a straight-talking, un-smiling ex-colonel of the KGB.  Obama’s masters want total war with Russia.  It will have to be total (nuclear) because the US infantry and air force couldn’t defeat a handful of fighters from the 18th Century in Afghanistan.  It will have to be total because the same Jews promised us a flower-strewn cakewalk in Iraq.  Undaunted by reality, their neo-con liars are exhorting us to total war against everyone in the world who defies their demands for surrender.

The coming Jewish war will have to go nuclear because that’s where the Jews have put us with their illicit power over the US government.  It was their plan from the dawn of their nuclear age, articulated by their demented strategist, Herman Kahn, in his 1960 book, On Thermonuclear War.  Kahn was the model for “Dr. Strangelove” because his “strategy” was that nuclear war is winnable.

The highest expression of Jewish creativity was the nuclear bomb.  It is the essence of the Jewish mentality.  Einstein urged FDR to build a nuclear weapon.  Szilard, Bohr, Meitner, Frisch, Zinn and other Jews did the theoretical research.  J. Robert Oppenheimer was in charge of the Manhattan Project to build the atom bombs.  Edward Teller gave us the hydrogen bomb in ’52.  Then the Jewish spies gave it all to Stalin so there could be Mutual Assured Destruction.

In 1958, Samuel Cohen produced the perfect Jewish weapon, the neutron bomb, that kills all the people but spares the real estate.

Two years later, Herman Kahn said, “Let’s use these wonderful weapons.  It won’t be the end of the world.  Life will go on.”  Here is some of his thinking, from Wikipedia:

Due to his willingness to articulate the most brutal possibilities, Kahn came to be disliked by some, although he was known as amiable in private. Unlike most strategists, he was entirely willing to posit the form a post-nuclear world might assume. Fallout, for example, would simply be another one of life’s many unpleasantnesses (sic) and inconveniences, while the “much-ballyhooed” rise in birth defects would not doom mankind to extinction because a majority of survivors would remain unaffected by them. Contaminated food could be designated for consumption by the elderly, who would presumably die before the delayed onset of cancers caused by radioactivity. A degree of even modest preparation – namely, the fallout shelters, evacuation scenarios and civil defense drills now seen as emblematic of the “paranoid 1950s” – would give the population both the incentive and the encouragement to rebuild. He even recommended the government offer homeowners insurance against nuclear-bomb damage. Kahn felt that having a strong civil-defense program in place would serve as an additional deterrent, because it would hamper the other side’s potential to inflict destruction and thus lessen the attraction of the nuclear option. A willingness to tolerate such possibilities, Kahn argued, might be worth sparing Europe the massive nuclear exchange more likely to occur under the pre-MAD doctrine.

This is why people take TheProtocols of Zion seriously as accurate revelations or depictions of the Jewish program.  Events have shown that when Jews have power, when they are in charge, the result is always catastrophe.  In Leviticus and Deuteronomy, in the Talmud, in the “Instruction of the Sanhedrin to the Jews of Spain,” in The Protocols, we see the same thing:  how Jews describe in their own literature their coming to power and what they do when in power.  But in 1918, in Russia, we saw it in real time, how the Jews reveled in their lust for blood, with Gentile blood running ankle-deep in the Lubianka and other kosher slaughterhouses. How they deliberately starved millions in Ukraine in the ‘30s.  The realities of the Jewish Soviet Union made The Protocols seem quite tame.

And then we came to 1960 and the insane writings of Herman Kahn (again from Wikipedia):

Whether hundreds of millions died or “merely” a few major cities were destroyed, Kahn argued, life would go on – as it had, for instance, after the Black Death in Europe during the 14th century, or in Japan after the limited nuclear attack in 1945 – contrary to the conventional, prevailing doomsday scenarios. Various outcomes might be far more horrible than anything hitherto witnessed or imagined, but some of them nonetheless could be far worse than others. No matter how calamitous the devastation, Kahn argued that the survivors ultimately would not “envy the dead” and to believe otherwise would mean that deterrence was unnecessary in the first place. If Americans were unwilling to accept the consequences, no matter how horrifying, of a nuclear exchange, then they certainly had no business proclaiming their willingness to attack. Without an unfettered, unambivalent willingness to “push the button”, the entire array of preparations and military deployments was merely an elaborate bluff.

Ironic, the comparison of the Black Death with radiation poisoning.  Jews were blamed for the Black Death back in the late 1340s that wiped out half of Europe.

So here is where we find ourselves today, in 2014…  A whole bunch of Herman Kahns in America are propelling us toward nuclear war with a de-Jewed Russia.  The Jewish architects of nuclear war are the same death merchants who gave us Iraq:  Perle, Wolfowitz, Kristol, Feith, Abrams, Kagan, Ledeen, Senor, Nuland, Rubin, Muravchik, Lieberman and many more.  As always, they use non-Jews such as Brzezinski, Obama and McCain to obscure the completely Jewish nature of American aggression against Russia, Iran, Syria, etc.  AIPAC keeps the “elected” ones in line.

What could the Jews possibly hope to gain from destroying the world with their nuclear war?  Well, that would make them the winners.  Please remember:  destruction is all they know how to do.  They live to destroy.  Art, music, literature, banking, medicine, peace and life itself.  Don’t forget Stuxnet and Fukushima.  I realize the human mind recoils from such a concept, but that’s all that their literature indicates.  They plan to destroy all resistance to their rule.  What then?  Doesn’t matter – they’d be the undisputed bosses of what’s left.

Except, they wouldn’t.  The Jews have dreamed a dream that cannot be.  The Jewish dream depends on disarming the American people.  Jews are the architects of disarming us, the ones giving orders to the slugs to attack us.  Feinstein, Boxer, Schumer, Bloomberg.  Before that it was Celler, Metzenbaum, Lautenberg, Kohl, Specter.  Always Jews trying to control, dominate, disarm.  As usual, they’ve torn the ass out of it.  They’ve overdone it again, because they have no self-control.  Like piranhas, they don’t know when to quit.

They’ve pretty much destroyed life as we knew it but they are not going to be the effendis they dream of being.  Ever.  They have been effendis over peoples they’ve disarmed.  They have ruled America from behind the scenes because they realize that normal people just naturally want to kill Jews.  Who can look at or listen to Rahm Emanuel or Charles Schumer or Dianne Feinstein and not want to cut their throats?

En route to total nuclear war against Russia, the Jews want genocidal wars against Syria and Iran, among other Moslem countries, and of course Ukraine.  To provoke such small wars, the Jews have created, armed and encouraged some of the most sadistic murderers we’ve seen in our lives, especially in Syria.  They can be compared with the Cheka Jews of the Lubianka.  Israel and Washington admit to arming and supporting them!  The Kiev snipers who killed both cops and demonstrators were working for the American commissar, Nuland.  This vicious, merciless Jewess, the one who overthrew Yanukovych, also wants to rule America in the same unelected fashion.  But she knows it’s not possible as long as we remain armed and dangerous.

Will the Jews get their desired total war?  If the US Congress has its way – yes.  The US Congress prostitutes work for AIPAC, as we saw three years ago when they jumped up and down like trained seals for Netanyahu (twenty-nine standing O’s).  But that’s where Jewish political power begins and ends, producing for their whores a single-digit approval rating.  Federal Reserve counterfeit cash funneled through AIPAC can definitely control a 535-member club on the Potomac River, and those paid whores can definitely pass laws that would disarm Americans, but that’s where it ends.  Americans, we can now see in Connecticut and Maryland, aren’t interested in being disarmed by Jews or their running dogs, such as Lt. Paul Vance.

The point of this essay is weapons and who controls them.  Jews are the ones who must not control them, from sidearms to nukes.  That should be pretty obvious.  Anyone, Jew or Jew-serving Gentile, who participates in the program of forced personal disarmament gets the death penalty.  We must always ask ourselves, what is their plan for us that requires us to be disarmed?

Just as important, anyone who plans or participates in aggressive, unprovoked war also gets the death penalty.  For our own defense and that of other normal peoples everywhere, that’s the way it has to be.

Source: http://therebel.org/en/jb-campbell/754124-what-is-their-plan-for-us

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