What do Chuck Hagel, Jeff Rense and Gordon Duff all have in common?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes poses some interesting questions that every person opposed to Jewish oppression and occupation in America should address.

I lost my faith in Gordon Duff last year when he admitted that 40% of what he wrote was false at Veterans Today.  Duff and Rense, both Jews, obviously do not have America’s best interest at heart and Bjerknes posits some of those reasons in the below article and in the attached links.

Beware the KGB wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Communism-Talmudic-JudaismChuck Hagel has an interesting background. His CV includes his professional involvement with a cellular phone service, investment banking and electronic voting machines. He was also one of the strongest voices behind Global Zero, a movement to disarm America’s nuclear arsenal.

Hagel was the lone US Senator to refuse to sign a letter to the Russian President warning that US aid might be cut if Yeltsin did not do something to curb “antisemitism” in Russia, though Hagel concurrently wrote to Clinton that, “Anti-Semitism or any form of religious persecution should never be tolerated.” It is obvious that Hagel’s loyalties were to Russia and the jews, not the USA. Hagel, like KGB Putin, and pursuant to longstanding Soviet and KGB official policy, was a political gay basher.

It is interesting to note that Gordon Duff, who has stated that his father was a communist, was a vocal supporter of Hagel’s nomination as US Secretary of Defense. Duff has also in the past strongly advocated for John Kerry Kohn and Barack Obama.

Hagel has overseen a strong push for the destruction of American military strength and the ruin of our nuclear arms deterrent capabilities. Chuck Hagel is KGB. I have been warning my readers about Hagel ever since he was first nominated for US Secretary of Defense, this at a time when the entire libertarian, White Nationalist, anti-zionist KGB coalition were telling us that Hagel would save us from the jews. See, among many other of my articles exposing Hagel:

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Source: http://jewishracism.blogspot.com/2014/03/chuck-hagel-is-kgb.html

7 thoughts on “What do Chuck Hagel, Jeff Rense and Gordon Duff all have in common?

  1. The author has forgone that Israel is still in the hands of its 274 Kibbutz
    Communal-network, controlling the Military/Junta, Media & Politics.
    Most of them underwent pseudo-privatization,
    which follow exactly the model of “weakness and Evolution” described
    by Anatoliy Golitsyn in his book “New Lies For Old”:
    which was later extended by Christopher Story’s “The EU Collective”:

    • Bjerknes though is not an authentic jew.

      He claims Jewishness on the side of his grandfather.

      I’ve been listening to and reading Christopher’s material since 2006 and so far I’ve not caught him in one lie. And too, he’s not making any money on his writings or his online books which can be read free on the internet.

      Also Blogger closed down his site Jewishracism.com.

      He’s considered a self-hating Jew because he obviously tells the truth.

    • I’ve heard for years that Rense was Jewish, but like most naive people, I believed he might be on our side as many of his articles proposes.

      And too, I doubt that Rense’s surname is his real last name. It’s very possible he is a crypto-jew.

      So far, Christopher Bjerknes has been right on with his information and for now, I trust what he says, until I can prove otherwise.

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