Isn’t Bitcoin supposed to be the official currency of the NWO?

IMG_1388I’ve noticed a lot of alternative media websites accepting Bitcoin and I have to wonder why.

These sites are supposed to be exposing the evil machinations of the corrupt U.S. government and their evil Israeli allies, but they’re right in the middle of complying with the New World Order currency.

This just blows my mind!

At the moment, I’m attempting to make a list of the alternative sites accepting Bitcoin.  Once I’ve compiled a decent list it will be posted.

Off topic, next week I begin the dental surgery to repair my upper teeth.  I’ve been continually sick for nearly two months with sinus infections probably due to the dental problems and I’m barely holding on physically.

Another bit of information for the readers, I’m going to be doing a serious inventory of the people I follow of which I’ve already made several changes and deleted many of their websites.  I just feel like I don’t know who to trust anymore, which is rather disconcerting.  I will be checking who those I follow are affiliated with and if one name comes up that I disagree with meaning I know them to be shills and liars, then that source is out.

Of course, my readers can follow who they wish and that is their prerogative, but I’m damn sure going to be more searchful of the real truth.

Stay strong and peace to all,


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