MUSIC BREAK: The Cult – Wild Hearted Son

Another wild side from The Cult’s early days in the mid 1980’s but with a difference.  Read on…..

Ian Astbury – lead singer, “When I lived in Canada, I was am immigrant from England which made me not readily accepted by the Canadian kids at school,’ he said. “So many of my friends were Native Indian kids.” When he was 11, Astbury’s Native American friends brought him onto a reservation for a visit. Afterward Astbury wanted to learn more about his friend’s lifestyle and religion. “I traveled to a six-nation reservation and there I was exposed to a native people in their won environment. I later became fascinated with Native American Indian religious and political systems. I saw a whole lot more truth and wisdom there than in what I was being taught by my white schoolteachers” Even after returning to England, Astbury continued his studies on native people. Years later he would draw inspiration from his studies to write one of the most recent Cult albums, “Ceremony”.

Ian still contributes to Native American culture in many ways.  Right now he’s helping to film a documentary called Conquest, based on a book by Andrea Smith, who was in charge of indigenous studies at MichiganState University. It’s about the experience of Native American women over the past 500 years and it talks about sexism, racism, genocide and what women in these environments have experienced and what they’re experiencing right now.


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