More bad news on Jews handling America’s money

WW~Notes:  I don’t pretend to even understand economic charts but those that do please explain to the rest of us how bad this really is.  My thanks. 

I’ve also written to J.B. Campbell about this Yukon Jack fellow since this article comes from Veterans Today whom I don’t trust as far as I can see them.  I’m hoping Bruce will enlighten us as to whether this guy is legit.


Jew Money Panic! Bailout! Bailout! Bailout!


Are you ready for the biggest Jew money panic of all time?  It is here, it has arrived, the panic is on!   The stock market record highs are an illusion causing a false sense of security during the middle of collapse of the American republic.  The Jewish money masters have created another bubble with their magic money machine.  In reality it’s a money bomb, and it’s about to go off.  It’s going to crash and the illusion of prosperity will yield to the reality of misery and default.

The Federal Reserve Jew scam that has screwed America out of all its manufacturing jobs, 100 million Americans are now permanently without work, welfare enrollment is at an all time high even as the stock market is making records.  Welcome to the Jewish world of simulated reality, the simulacrum of Jew screw job, America has been robbed blind by Jews and it’s time to come to our senses and see reality through the fees.

The FED has inflated everything into the stratosphere, debt and high gasoline prices have stripped ever last dollar from the thinning worker wallets.  There is a real possibility of a catastrophic deflation and depression that could lead to World War.  The nation is destroyed spiritually, morally, and now financially.  It’s time to hunt down the Jew dogs and fill their Talmudic laced brains with lead!

Margin Stock Buying Worse Than 1929

Margin debt is an all time high, hundreds of times worse than 1929, the Federal Reserve easy credit policies and record low interest rates have fueled the greatest stock speculation of all time.  Margin debt is now tens of billions higher than the 2007-9 crash, hundreds of billions higher than the 2001 crash.  Compared to 1929, the amount of money borrowed to buy stocks is infinitely higher.  The crash will be infinitely worse and it will take out the last remnants of the American Republic.

Margin debt is hundreds of times higher than 1929, and thus when the drop comes it will become a total route, as speculators are forced into sell to meet margin calls, including selling other assets like precious metals.  Here are the charts that should alarm you:

Charts of Margin Debt of the NYSE updated to FEB 28, 2014
Margin Debt is What is Driving this Market

In the next chart, margin debt is highly correlated to the SP500 stock average.  As you can see the all time high of stocks in 2013 is being fueled by credit, not the economy.  The inflated stock market, fueled by record low interest rates as investors chased yield, they moved money from money markets into the stock market because CD’s are less than a quarter of one percent.  As the market went up and up, a bubble formed, investors borrowed and borrowed ever more to catch the upwave.

The stock market is in a bubble cause by a cheap credit, when the bubble started to liquidate in 2007-9 the margin debt fell with the stock average in perfect unison.  The point is the two are in parallel, this market is being driven by debt and speculators can only borrow so much before the plug gets pulled on the jutebox and the bar turns out the lights.

margin-debt-013 The last stock crash that made headlines was Oct 19th, 1987.  A 22% drop today with the market at 15,800 computes to 3500 points on the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  When you see a drop of 500 to 1000 points don’t worry, a bigger drop is coming.
Cheap credit and greed can make a bubble. When the economy falters and housing market stalls, lowering interest rates didn’t make the economy go, it only made the stock market go up.  The rally is fake like the Jew holy books.  Billions are made in another 1929 like bubble, this has nothing to do with the reality of real people and jobs and growth. 
This is all fake, god damn Jew fakery of another bubble in which only speculators benefit on Wall Street, one of the homes of the Jew parasite.  Nothing is real anymore because we live in a Jew Talmudic simulacrum.

The stock market was reaching an exponential limit in late 2013 and early 2014, a few mathmaticians were aware of the limit pattern forming.
The bubble bursts when traders start selling as uptrend lines are violated, here is a 5 year chart off the NASDAQ showing the violation of the uptrend line:
NASDAQ 5 year chart text
Market Crash For Dummies

How this bubble will burst is a cinch to figure out. There is a point where buying is exhausted, a normal downtrend violates uptrend lines that traders have programmed into their stock buy-sell computer models. Automatic selling triggers even more selling until margin calls overwhelm the indices and the market goes into a free fall.

The record margin debt and negative net worth of speculators guarantees this event. The declining market causes a mass exodus from the stock market, credit markets will initially gain as money flows into the safe haven of US Treasury Bonds. This is happening already, US Bonds are having a huge rally (bond rates are now collapsing).

A market collapse will make consumers nervous and they’ll quit spending. The news will report sudden declining sales and that will reinforce the downtrend.  Negative sentiment will sweep the land.   Then it will be on, it will be Jew hunting time, as angry Peoples of the United States seek revenge on the Mr. Jew for their wrecked nation.

The Jew will then get every thing he deserves, the karmic just desserts of the hammer coming down on Jewish matrix of control will be the new trend, and coincide with the revolution and the awakening of the masses to the manipulations of the Jew.  Don’t get pissed, just get out the Browning, Kalashnikov or whatever you have in the barn and polish it up, oil the receiver, because it’s soon going be hunting season for these rat bastards in government who sold us into Jew slavery.

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