Quiet Victory – FBI Dumps Jewish Hate Groups

15_Dees_Foxman-300x231• FBI unceremoniously jettisons SPLC and ADL as “resources” on hate crimes.

By Ronald L. Ray —

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) quietly dumped the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Anti-Defamation League (ADL), two highly prominent purveyors of hatred toward traditional Christian values and white Americans, as “resources” regarding “hate crimes,” according to the FBI’s official website. The move came in response to a stinging February 10, 2014 complaint sent to United States Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director James Comey from 14 pro-family groups, spearheaded by the Family Research Council (FRC).

The organizations requested the removal of the SPLC from the government website, as well as an end to FBI-touted partnerships with the leftwing political lobby and other bigoted groups, like the ADL, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the National Organization for Women.

FRC pointed out the intolerable inconsistency of the FBI’s promotion of the SPLC as a reliable public resource for information on “hate crimes,” when the latter is itself notorious for targeting certain classes of primarily conservative citizens with its venomous outrage and false statistics.

They also noted the federal government’s own conclusion that the “hate map” posted on the SPLC’s website, which lists FRC and similar organizations as “hate groups” because of anti-homosexuality positions, was a contributory factor in a domestic terror attack on FRC offices by a homosexual activist.

This stunning but quiet victory for free speech and moral uprightness first became known on March 26. The Washington Examiner quoted the ADL’s outgoing national director, Abraham Foxman:

“We are shocked, surprised and disappointed that this would be done without any consultation with groups such as ours who have been working closely with the [FBI] on issues of hate crime. We look forward to having further conversations with them on this issue.”

Indeed, it is one of the very few times that the ADL and SPLC have received a comeuppance from the federal government.

The FBI Office of Public Affairs’ Christopher M. Allen furnished a prepared statement: “Upon review, the Civil Rights program only provides links to resources within the federal government. While we appreciate the tremendous support we receive from a variety of organizations, we have elected not to identify those groups on the civil rights page.”

Reported only here, the victory was not a knockout. An FBI spokesman with whom this reporter spoke, referred to the FRC for the background of the government’s decision, thus confirming the causal connection. When pressed about whether “partnerships” will continue with the ADL, SPLC and the other racist and sexist organizations mentioned on two distinct FBI “hate crimes” web pages, he stated: “It should be assumed that there is no change there.”

Not surprisingly, the SPLC and ADL did not respond to AFP’s requests for comment.

Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.

Source: http://americanfreepress.net/?p=16654

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  1. Hello W.W.
    I have not seen any thing from you lately. I hope you are well.

    I wanted to share these videos with you. You may want to use them to further our cause.

    So much of what is good and true has been demonized by the use of ‘acceptable’ rhetoric i.e. tolerance, diversity, and freedom of expression and many other destructive ‘feels good’ phrase’s designed to hide the intent and purpose of the evil outcome involved with the implementation of ‘their’ Multicultural Godless N.W.O.

    Wanting to preserve our White Nations is RACIST! There is an cure for wanting that, It is called WHITE GENOCIDE! LOOK at these ‘in your face’ addmissions of just what EDOM agenda is!

    EDOMITE JEWESS “Barbara Lerner Spectre” in Sweden, Admits their promotion of Multiculturalism in EUROPE will cause Antisemitism

    Jesse Jackson – ‘The Death of The Swedish People Should Not Be Seen As Something Negative’ Jesse Jackson …”MULTICULTURALISM IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER”…

    Ann Schaffer, admitting the Jewish role in destroying America’s Heirloom demographic.

    Prime Minister of England, exhorting Muslims to gain power in England, Cameron utters the words “Too many White Christian faces” when referring to the power structure, and de facto population of England.

    Sadly the vast majority of the peoples opinions are not based on fact, rather they are based in Agenda Driven Rhetoric, wrapped in emotion. Based on ‘feelings,’ or ‘acceptable opinions’ (dogma) that, while ‘some what’ rooted in fact, having been wrapped in emotion, it is only to hide an agenda, that is DESIGNED for their own destruction.

    In my opinion, this is why we have forced multiculturalism only in the ‘white nations’.! It is an AGENDA DRIVEN subversion, based on ‘acceptable opinions’ that, upon examination of the facts, we can see that multiculturalism is a disastrous failure, BY DESIGN. There was a reason God divided the nations! NO race should rule over another race. It is NOT natural! IT only leads to strife and turmoil, that is not natural or beneficial to either people!

    Deut. 32:8, ” When the Most High divided to the nations their inheritance, when He separated the sons of Adam, He set the bounds of the people according to the number of the Children of Israel”.( “bounds of the people” are all but Jacobs seed)

  2. Thanks for posting this! I forgot about that web site.

    NOW with that FBI “TOOL” going into those “JEWISH” centers, we can expect a lot of blow back from the enemy!

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