Status Of Whitewraithe…. Still MIA

Yes, I am again sad to report that my good friend, Whitewraithe, is temporarily indisposed.. She just had her long needed dental surgery this last week and has been laid up recovering….. She has also had another horrific bout of sinus infections which she is very prone to, which happens to her a lot living in the humid environs of Tennessee….

I do have some good news that she is on the road to recovery and will be posting articles here soon…. She has also said that I should enter more material here myself… I will probably do that in the near future….

Crossing my fingers that she gets well soon.   She is dearly missed…

More to come


3 thoughts on “Status Of Whitewraithe…. Still MIA

  1. This is confusing… I am sure I read some articles which led me to believe WW was a WOMAN at first, then a MAN, now you call HER, ‘SHE’ thus I am to assume this is the confirmation, she is a ‘SHE’… could you simply sign your articles at the top, so as to avoid the confusion! Thank you!

    I see the signature at the top now… ??! wish I could have edited the post.

    • Niq, if you will notice on the sidebar of the blog it notes two authors of this blog.

      I, Whitewraithe, am the blog’s owner and yes I am a female.

      My co-author is Northerntruthseeker of who is a male.

      When I’m unable to blog or I’m out for a period of time longer than a few days NTS usually posts an update to let my readers know that I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. LOL.

      Don’t feel confused though, you’re in good company as most people think I’m a man.

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