Message from Whitewraithe

It’s been a very hectic week, folks.

My grandsons will be staying with us the entire weekend, so I know my time is going to be limited.

I want to post several articles from Jim Stone’s site but he’s got hacker troubles – again.  I contacted him to let him know what I’d encountered on the website.  You might want to head on over there to read some very interesting stuff or wait until I get the material posted here;

At best, it looks like I won’t be posting a whole lot until Sunday.  And I’m still working on at least two essays myself.

As always, I appreciate the readers’ and visitors’ patience, while I work around a busy family schedule and now add job-hunting to the mix.

For a weekly update on all the news please be sure to check NTS’ regular Sunday rant.  Here is the link to last Sunday:

rant-jpeg-bNTS also has successfully posted Jim Stone’s recent update on the Malaysian flight 370 disappearance.  You can read that here:

I’m on a tight schedule today so I need to wind up this short message.  If I had a choice I’d rather be here providing information to the readers and visitors; doing what I do best.

A reminder; please create a free account at UNSEEN.IS and join my community – PRAGMATIC WITNESSES and if you’d like to chat also join the group.  Several people have joined but we have not had the first chat.  I hope that will change in the near future.

Have a safe and healthy weekend.