Personal update from Whitewraithe

Well, dear readers and visitors, I have once again come down with another damned sinus infection, which leaves me drained and just feeling miserable. 

This is the worst allergy/sinus season I’ve ever experienced and I need this problem like I need a hole in my head.

I’m under the gun to find a job because my elderly mother with whom I Iive is stretched to the limit financially.  She paid out a whopping $3000.00 to have my teeth partially repaired and I’ve still got more dental work that needs to be done.  Then her car broke down which was another $700 repair bill.  And that doesn’t include that her mortgage payment went up over $200 that past month.  She brings in less than $1500 a month to support us both.  

I would gratefully appreciate any small donations no matter the amount. If you can contribute funds please email me at

We just need to get by this month and I hope to be well enough next week to begin a massive job hunt even if it leads to another city or state. 

I hope I’m able to post some articles later this week.

As always, thanks for the continued support and readership.