Malaysian Flight 370: Many reasons for the hijack were given, and TWO make sense to me with one honorable mention


What I believe to be the most probable reason revolves around Chinese data security in the run up to world war 3. China has developed their own very powerful and completely secure microprocessor totally lacking ANY NSA back door, and paired it off with their own completely secure operating system that does not have any back doors, at least none the NSA knows about. This has allowed China to secure their data, and the entire country is switching over to it, and has been in the process of doing so for at least five years.

A newer version of this un-hackable processor was put in the Longsoon Yeelong laptop, which I had a chance to play with in 2012 in Mexico City. It’s not remarkable, but it is at least definitely up to modern standards at approximately the same level as a dual core Intel Atom (a high end netbook processor) running 1ghz or better. China scored a major hit with it, and there is no doubt the NSA wanted it’s secrets. You got to know about the Freescale employees on flight 370, but there were 80 other Chinese tech workers that mysteriously slipped all media attention and it is my guess that these workers were involved in chinese data security, which the NSA would want to breach before launcing world war 3 against them.

Add to this the fact that after flight 370 and as a direct result of it, China lost all trust in the American government, EVERY LAST BIT OF IT, and will be launching their own enormous satellite network to prevent a flight 370 from ever happening again. If it was THAT important, it was about more than just a microchip patent and for that reason I believe flight 370 was really about Chinese data security.

The drone control center seizure

This theory involves a successful Taliban heist of an American drone command and control center which was subsequently sent to Malaysia and sold to China, and was loaded onto flight 370 in six crates at the back of the passenger area, which was reduced to accomodate them. During the pull out from Afghanistan, when the transport carrying a drone command and control center was on it’s way down the mountain, it was successfully ambushed by the Taliban. Two American special forces people were killed by the Taleban, and the taleban seized the contents of the transport and succesfully got away with it. It ended up being a complete command and control center for drone warfare, including multiple terminals, computers, EVERYTHING including the classified software, decryption, the whole 9 yards, and the Taliban sold it to the Chinese. This supposedly got loaded onto flight 370 for delivery to China. The story continues that it was Israeli intelligence that figured all of this out, and they worked with American forces to electronically hijack flight 370 and get it to Diego Garcia. But this could be rumor, and how valuable is a drone control center anyway? Would that be worth this level of hijack?

Honorable mention – the “tiny microchip”

This story was hatched on Rense. And I don’t really buy it but it is a big one so it has to be addressed. SUPPOSEDLY, (and this would be really significant if it was true) the Freescale employees had developed a “tiny microchip” that was to be put in micro drones that could crawl in like insects, and ISRAEL wanted that chip. So they hijacked the chinese engineers to extract all the secrets about that chip, so they could launch their own army of micro drones.

The story has problems. First of all, the patent that was held by freescale employees may not have been held by the Freescale employees who were actually on the plane. And more importantly, the patent was in fact a manufacturing patent that made chips smaller so more could fit on a single piece of silicon, and the more you can get out of a piece of silicon, the more profit you make. This shoots a big hole in the “tiny microchip” story, because as a coincidence it seems like it was just made up to accomodate the story about the patent holders. Other things that blow the micro drone story are simple facts such as the chip part is easy, what is difficult is getting the mechanical parts to be small enough to make a micro drone viable, AND more significantly, getting enough potential energy onto the drone in the form of fuel or a battery to make that drone capable of going more than a mile or so before pooping out. Though the “tiny microchip drone” story is likeable because it really fingers Israel, I hate to say I doubt it, because I’d really like to be able to say that one is true. After all, we all know who the enemy is if we posess at least a dozen neurons.


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