A New Golden Dawn for Greece – Free From the Brutal Jewish Occupation

greekfascistsChrysi Avyi (Golden Dawn) Greek fascists protect themselves from invading enemy Jews and turn-coat traitors, by smashing their faces with fists, in Thessaloniki 2002.

“Behind the slogans, ‘Greece belongs to the Greeks’ and ‘Foreigners out of the country’ used by Golden Dawn in an attempt to attract unemployed and hopeless Greeks lies a neo-Nazi organization”, wrote the Greek newspaper Ethnos. It despises democracy, admires Hitler and dreams of establishing a Fourth Reich in Europe.

Obviously, an organization despised by the enemy Jew. An anonymous reporter for GRReporter (most probably a Jew and/or a Marxist) continues his/her hit-piece titled: The Greek “children” of Hitler, trying to slander Golden Dawn, but in reality, it actually glorifies them, for those that can read between the lines:

Its followers call the butcher Rudolf Hess a “hero” and define Christianity as “20 centuries of obscurantism.”

The general secretary of Golden Dawn, Nikos Michaloliakos has been one of the leading figures of the extreme right since the 1970s. He stated that “National Socialism” is a “worldview,”…

Greek Golden Dawn National Socialists, working towards the removal of the parasitic vulture Jew.

Nikos Michaloliakos described Adolf Hitler as a “great visionary of New Europe” and a “Great Leader”. He referred to the former head of the SS destroying units, Rudolf Hess, who was at a mature age at the time, as a wise old man, defining him as the last “great representative” of National Socialism. “We exist,” said Michaloliakos in an outburst of Nazi “pride.” “The fascination of the Swastika, the greatness of the Red-Black flag are alive today. 42 years later, we continue the Fight for ultimate victory of our Race.” The text ends with a greeting written in German: “HEIL HITLER”.

…conspiracy scenarios about Zionism and Jews lying behind the globalization and the economic crisis and the recovery of Nazi emblems express the ideological position of Golden Dawn.

The holy Roman victory salute always brings bad news to the pathetic coward Jew.

…The introduction states that things have not changed much since “the fateful spring of 1945 when the forces of global Zionism defeated Nazi Germany and the ideals it represented.”

“Blood and race, which are the biological support of the People” for Golden Dawn are the “thread”, “the Homeland is the loom and the Nation is the weaver of civilization.” This is described in the ideological writings of the neo-Nazi organization published in the magazine. Fascist and racist sermons “redefined” some of the 14 principles of Aryan Ethics: “Be vulpine to enemies and strangers, because their purpose is to destroy you. Secure, protect and love your Homeland, as required by the natural living space. Live in harmony with Nature and People and do not yield to evil, because the survival of the race is your eternal struggle.”

Armed and ready to defend their people from the onslaught of the eternal menace of Zion.

In order to ensure the survival of the “race,” Golden Dawn is set against immigrants, “Bolsheviks,” liberals and the Parliamentary system. “Democracy is also one of the biggest frauds of the system. We, the Nationalists do not aim at any “improvement” in the structures of the existing system, rotten and unstable anyway. Instead, we fight for its collapse, which is the main prerequisite for the Salvation and Revival of our Nation,” wrote the members of the organization in the magazine.

Holding the banner high and proud, the Jewish raping of Greece comes to and end, as hook-nosed beasts dangle from ropes.

Source: http://crushzion.k0nsl.org/a-new-golden-dawn-for-greece-free-of-jewish-occupation/