First UN meeting on ‘killer robots’ opens

362586_Killer-robotsWW~Notes: This is definitely life imitating art.  The robot pictured is from the TERMINATOR films produced by James Cameron in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  Anyone who watched these films has to wonder why any government would even think of creating such a thing.  In the films the terminator never, ever stops until the mission is completed, or, the machine is destroyed.  It operates with impunity making it the most effective sci-fi assassin ever created.  

The first United Nations meeting devoted to the issue of the so-called killer robots has opened in Geneva.

The gathering, which opened on Tuesday, has been called to debate the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons and aims to define the limits and responsibilities of so-called lethal autonomous weapons systems.

Michael Moeller, head of the UN Conference on Disarmament, said, “All too often international law only responds to atrocities and suffering once it has happened.”

“You have the opportunity to take pre-emptive action and ensure that the ultimate decision to end life remains firmly under human control,” he told the meeting in Geneva.

That was echoed by the International Committee of the Red Cross, guardian of the Geneva Conventions on warfare.

“There is a sense of deep discomfort with the idea of allowing machines to make life-and-death decisions on the battlefield with little or no human involvement,” said Kathleen Lawand, head of its arms unit.

Moeller said that the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons had been used before to prohibit the use of blinding laser weapons in the 1990s before they were ever deployed on the battlefield, and this “serves as an example to be followed again.”



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