The Art of Resistance (Part 1 & Part 2)

WW~Notes: This 2-part essay from Andrew over at TheRebel

The Art of Resistance (Part 1)

awakeningThis is my eighth year as a full-time Internet activist. The longer I’m fighting this “War on Evil”, the more I’m getting concerned with the effectiveness of resistance. No matter what our cause, liberty, false-flag terrorism, free Palestine, debt-free currency, New World Order, Illuminati, chemtrails, vaccination, cancer cures, drug prohibition, or historic revisionism, we must first and foremost make a conscious decision about what’s more important to us, being right or resisting effectively.

In most countries, the ‘ruling elite’ is more than happy for us to say, write and publish whatever we want, as long as nobody that matters listens to us. In fact, it’s a tell-tale sign of their power and confidence to let us – figuratively speaking – stand on a box in Hyde Park and scream our head off, while everybody around shakes his head and thinks to himself, ‘What a fool!’.

We must learn from great dissident leaders such as Malcolm X. The biggest mistake we can make as activists, he warned us, is trying to rally people behind a specific agenda before they are fully awake. Doing so only makes it easier for moles to paralyse us with infighting and lead us astray pursuing nonsensical goals. A good example is the Free Palestine movement which has been infiltrated by closet Zionists and is now wasting its time with useless grandstanding such as lobbying church investment groups. If the ‘pro-Palestinian’ activists really wanted to make a difference for the Palestinians, they would lobby politicians in Washington DC, where the decisions are made whether or not to support the ‘Jewish state’ with billions of dollars, state-of-the-art weaponry and consistent vetoes in the United Nations Security Council.

Instead of openly pursuing a specific agenda, we need to put our sole focus on waking up as many people as possible. We are the avant-garde. Our job it is to convince the early adopters and recruit fellow evangelists. Our sole focus must be on presenting provable facts and leave it to people to come to their own conclusions and solutions. When writing, we must make it easy for people to do their own research, by properly referencing or at least pointing them in the right direction.

terroristquizEven when focusing on provable facts, we need to be very clear who we are communicating with. Are we talking to family, friends, colleagues or casual acquaintances? To what extent are they already awake? Most people are so brainwashed by society, that if you do or say anything that contradicts the virtual reality created by the ‘Matrix’, they automatically think you are ‘weird’ or worse. So if you don’t want to lose your job, be crossed off your friends’ Christmas card list or have your children be ostracised by their friends and classmates, you better be careful what topic of conversation you choose, when trying to wake up someone who is still fast asleep.

One of the few topics of conversation that can still be used in awakening conversations, without becoming a social leper, is health. Everybody is concerned about health, especially when it comes to their children. But be gentle. Don’t jump right into conversations on chemtrails, H.A.A.R.P., Monsanto, and Illuminati depopulation agendas, or you will get yourself into trouble. Talking about GMO is okay, as long as you stick to provable facts, and steer away from their interpretation. Don’t point them to highly political health websites such as Natural News or you will scare them. Ease them in with more health focused sites such as Natural Society. Once they realise the scale of the conspiracy, they’ll probably start doing their own research, and you can – if they ask for help – point them in the right direction.

Always remember, the sole goal – at this early stage of our struggle – is to wake up a critical mass of people to make the hundredth monkey effect kick in. It is not to tell them what to think or do.

The Art of Resistance (Part 2)


8 ½ years is a long time when you work full time as an activist against the Jew World Order. I’ve learned many valuable lessons in those years, most of them the hard way, as I tend to do. In this article I would like to share some of those lessons with my readers, in the hope they can learn from my mistakes.

Lesson 1: Resisting the Jew World Order can be very isolating

One of the first things I have learned is how scared people can get when it comes to Jews. Even if they agree with you in principal, they won’t stand by you. The moment they find out about your ‘anti-Semitic’ activism, they will no longer dare to be seen friendly with you. They are too afraid of being suspected of harbouring similar thoughts.

It does not matter how long they have known you and how friendly they have been with you in the past. You and your immediate family become instant social lepers, whether it’s with friends, colleagues, neighbours, fellow church members, teachers, class-mates, or extended family. Chances are that even your own spouse, children and parents will disown you.

There is only one way for anti-Jew World Order activists to protect themselves from such repercussions, and that’s by adhering to strict anonymity. Use a pseudonym, don’t reveal any personal details, don’t publish any pictures, and don’t take part in any interviews, especially not on Skype or similar.

Lesson 2: There is a trade-off between safety and effectiveness

You cannot completely avoid revealing your identity though when it comes to your fellow activists. You must weigh up your need to protect your identity against their need to be able to trust you.

This is not only a matter of fairness towards your fellow activists, but also of effectiveness. They are far more likely to endorse and promote you if they have spoken to you face to face.

A good compromise is to confide yourself to a small group of widely trusted fellow activists. I’ve chosen that approach with a handful of very well-known and respected figures in the truth business such as John de Nugent, John Kaminski and Fredrick Töben. Each of those gentlemen will be able to vouch for me.

Lesson 3: Be prepared for financial hardship

Resisting the Jew World Order invariably leads to huge financial sacrifices. The moment the Jews identify you as a serious opponent, they will do anything to neutralise you, and the first thing they will try is to ruin you financially.

They do that for a variety of reasons. It serves as a deterrent for others not to follow your example. It makes your fight less effective because it deprives you of much needed financial resources.  And it increases the likelihood of your family and friends abandoning you, putting psychological pressure on you.

Even if you are able to prevent this kind of problems through anonymity, financial problems have to be expected. Becoming a dissident activist invariably changes your personality. Those changes can lead to job loss and other changes of circumstances that will impact on your financial situation. Money stays away from people who don’t care about money. This might sound crazy, but it’s true.

Lesson 4: The activist’s biggest enemy is himself

Waking up and facing the ugly truth is only the beginning. It is a huge psychological challenge; a lot of people don’t have what it takes. You can’t just walk around and tell people things they don’t want to hear. They get all paralysed and depressed or they shut you out, so what’s the point? All you achieve is to isolate yourself and get in all sorts of trouble.

Psychologists say that psychologically healthy people are totally delusional, not just about themselves but also about the world they are in. Only severely depressed people can see the truth. In that sense being depressed is a good starting point. But we cannot mount an effective resistance by keeping ourselves and others depressed.

‘Normal’ people don’t like people who are full of negativity and keep frowning all the time. They like smiles, positivity, visions, and inspiration. That means we must focus our ‘evangelism’ on creating a vision of the kind of world we are seeking to create, not on how bad things currently are.

Lesson 5: Visions become reality

We live in a virtual reality. What is now is the creation of what we and others have imagined in the past. What will be in the future is the result of what we and others are imagining right now. In other words, our own future and that of mankind is – to a large extent – of our own making.

This is equally true for our personal, financial and political success. The struggle against the Jew World Order is a battle of the visions.  We anti-Jew World Order activists are fighting against the vision of some 20 million Talmudist Jews and their Masonic minions, seeking to enslave or kill the rest of mankind. We need to be clear about our competing vision of a “world without Jews” and enroll a critical mass of the 99% earmarked for enslavement or the big cull.

The Art of Resistance

The big challenge in this battle of the wills against the Jew World Order is to “sell” our vision without negativity. Whatever we think, do or say must be inspiring and empowering. It must bring fun and joy into our life, put a smile on our face. That’s how our vision wins the hearts and minds of other people. That’s how resistance becomes art.