BRICS may spell the end of U.S. Military superiority

WW~Notes:  This is the first time I’ve heard of BRICS.  If you’re out of the loop too, this will get you up to speed.  Per Wikipedia;

BRICS is the acronym for an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.  The grouping was originally known as “BRIC” before the inclusion of South Africa in 2010. The BRICS members are all developing or newly industrialised countries, but they are distinguished by their large, fast-growing economies and significant influence on regional and global affairs; all five are G-20 members. As of 2013, the five BRICS countries represent almost 3 billion people, with a combined nominal GDP of US$16.039 trillion, and an estimated US$4 trillion in combined foreign reserves.  Presently, South Africa holds the chair of the BRICS group, having hosted the group’s fifth summit in 2013. The BRICS have received both praise and criticism from numerous quarters.


The rise of the BRICS offers valuable policy lessons for other emerging countries. Source: Kommersant

The rise of the BRICS offers valuable policy lessons for other emerging countries. Source: Kommersant

WW~Notes:***A few of the links in this article will include the actual material from another website.  The reason being that older sites are closing or shut down and the vital information they held is lost, unless it’s copied and pasted somewhere else.

Continuing with Jim’s article –

Recommended reading for those who want a real understanding of what is going on in Ukraine. I have known about BRICS for quite some time, and even reported on it before, but this particular report is a real eye opener.

I don’t have time to summarize all this into one report, but in short, what is happening in Ukraine is actually an outcropping of the elite effort to maintain the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency. These reports are good ones, if you want to understand it all, read up.

Here we have it expanding to 80 nations. Right now, as a base of world population, BRICS has 65 percent.

Link to Jpost removed because the malware warning is real. Jpost claims BRICS now has a combined GDP of 16.309 trillion, but the world bank says the real financial power level due to various factors is right around 68 percent of the world economy, and 90 percent of the world’s population. Factor that into a world economy of $90 trillion dollars annually to get the real number BRICS represents, which would be right around 60 trillion.

In short, if you want the real truth about Ukraine, it is in BRICS. I am sure the bankers believe that if they take down Russia, the whole thing will fail. Forget Japan on the world stage for anything other than Toyotas and Walkmans, the real power brokers are Amerisrael, China and Russia. Those are the nations that matter. So it would be natural then for Russia to be attacked and destabilized by the bankers if U.S. dollar hegemony is to be maintained, I sort of slipped on the topic of BRICS, it is obviously what is behind everything going on right now

With a real unemployment rate near 50 percent in America, and 45 million people now on food stamps, and with practically ALL of America’s manufacturing (sans the war machine) exported to China, it is now obvious that America can’t stay on top and fund it all without the cash flow provided by the petrodollar. Take that away, and America’s war machine will be kaput. So as far as the bankers can see, it’s use it or lose it.  BRICS may well spell their doom if they fail to. It is the bankers’ fear that BRICS that will cause World War 3.

Here are some more great links on this topic:

I know many of my readers do not like Ben Fulford, but he did a good job on this one once you read past the fluff –

Ben links to a report by the World Bank that took me 20 minutes of going over to figure out that his claims were for real, it’s a complex report that lays it all out without directly telling you the hard truth – the dollar has approximately 16 percent of the world economy backing it, and BRICS has approximately 65 percent of the world economy backing it. It really leaves one to wonder how on earth the FED has held on for so long, I guess the fear the American war machine has put on the world has done a lot to keep the dollar in place. Scroll down in that report to get to the graphs, stare, and think. You will see why I check up on Ben from time to time.

WW~Notes:  Fulford’s article below in full –


Lots of chatter about arrests, take-down of Zionist/Nazi cabal

There is lots of chatter in e-mails, blogs, and direct news sources indicating that some sort of take-down of the Zionist/Nazi cabal is under way. At the same time, there are many signs in the so-called mainstream news that the United States corporate government is isolated. “(US Defense Secretary Chuck) Hagel, (US Secretary of State John) Kerry and (former US Secretary of State Condoleezza) Rice have become international pariahs,” is how an MI5 source described the situation.

BlackwaterAcademiXeOne clear indication is that German and other non-US newspapers are reporting that Blackwater/Academi/Greystone mercenaries have been murdering people in the Ukraine.

The French, meanwhile, are still building warships for the Russians, despite the big Ukraine Nazi propaganda campaign. This proves the Europeans have completely rejected the latest Nazi scheme to start world war III.

The mathematics of the world power balance are now indisputably in favor of the BRICS alliance. The BRICS alliance now controls 90% of the world’s population and 68% of its GDP, according to the latest World Bank and other data.

With the Europeans now entering the BRICS camp, the United States Zionist authorities have no choice but to surrender.

The main reason for a delay in long anticipated announcements of what is to come next is the lack of a consensus about what will replace the old control grid.

There are intensive ongoing discussions about this going on now and this is what is being said by the various parties.

First of all, the old G7 group made a big move to try to replace the US dollar with the SDR, consisting of a basket of the US dollar, the British Pound, the Euro and the Japanese yen. The move came in the form of an announcement from the IMF that it would loan 10.976 billion SDRs (US$17 billion) to Ukraine.

This announcement was preceded by plenty of feel good talk on various alternative news blogs predicting a “revaluation.” It turns out this was simply a move to suddenly increase the SDR quota by 800% and make the SDR the new world currency by starting with the Ukraine. The move was a failure. The countries that back the SDR account for only 10% of the world’s population and 32% of its GDP (the flip side of this are the BRICS numbers mentioned above).

The data for this comes from a World Bank study of the GDP of different countries based on Purchasing Power Parity (how much you can buy with what you earn), which is widely accepted by economists as a more accurate way to measure the real size of an economy.

Furthermore, the IMF remains a cabal institution with voting power skewed to Zionist controlled states. The United States, for example, controls 16.7% of IMF voting power (enough to give it a veto) compared to 3.6% for China even though the latest World Bank figures show the Chinese economy is now bigger than that of the US.

The IMF also has a dismal track record of forcing countries to impoverish their populations and hand over their resources to international corporations. To put it bluntly, the IMF announcement that they would lend $17 billion to the Ukraine really meant, “We will make a few Ukrainian oligarchs filthy rich in exchange for the right to loot the Ukraine.”

Needless to say the latest cabal gambit has failed. Those IMF SDRs are never going to see the light of day. The Eastern districts of the Ukraine have now voted for independence from the Nazi/Academi regime in Kiev and it is only a matter of time before they become a part of Russia.

So what are the Nazi/Zionists now saying about their historical defeat in the Ukraine? They are threatening to use their “oil weapon” against Russia.

This “oil weapon” it turns out, is the threat to depress world oil prices by selling oil from the US strategic oil reserve. This is a desperate loser’s bluff. The oil reserve only contains enough oil to meet 8 days of world demand. Wasn’t the cabal supposed to control the petro-dollar because it controlled the world oil supply? Apparently no longer because, what this threat really means is that no oil producing countries have agreed to go along with the George Soros/Obama plan to bankrupt Russia by forcing down the price of oil. So the Nazis are down to their tiny oil piggy bank.

The cabal has been defeated and it is now time to start the new financial system. The BRICS are in no hurry to build their alternative because time is on their side. They view the US regime as a dying lion and know that instead of trying to fight it, it is better to wait for nature to take its course. As it does, the BRICS are quietly building up new institutions to fill in the void that will be created by the demise of the cabal financial structures.

A Chinese government source says that something big is going on in China and Korea concerning the financial system but that it was still not clear what. He did say though that the Koreans were still actively lobbying to help some US factions to cash historical bonds. The official has been recalled to Beijing next week so hopefully more details will be available on this subject later this month.

In the meantime, if the United States is to bounce back from its cabal induced defeat, the military and the agencies need to act quickly to overthrow the Nazi regime that completed its power grab there with the 911 false flag attack.

On this end, we are getting several e-mails every day from agency and pentagon sources saying the “arrests have started.” However, there have been so many false alarms and unmet promises that until we actually see it happen, these mails will be interpreted as wishful thinking. Like any bubble, you can be certain the cabal control bubble will burst but you cannot predict exactly when that will happen. The bottom line is that things will only get worse in the US until the military and agencies get the cohunes to nationalize the Federal Reserve Board.

In the meantime, the White Dragon Society has put its plan for a peaceful transition to a better world on the table. It calls for a jubilee (a one off cancelling of all debts private and public), a redistribution of assets (again a one off deal involving only assets taken through central bank fraud not assets earned by entrepreneurs), and a revamp of world institutions followed by a massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. It also proposes creating a new meritocratic staffed international future planning agency to be one of the institutions that will help make this happen.



Here is why the U.S. is running Blackwater in Ukraine (site name badly chosen due to lack of cultural knowledge though,)

Here is a really nice BRICS link page on The Voice of Russia

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    – …all ‘that’ remains is to conquer
    – the TALMUD(both versions), TORAH and The PROTOCOLS of the LEARNED ELDERS of ZION.

  2. Benjamin Fulford is but a JEW agent… I have gone around the circle with him enough to have removed all trust in anything he spews! I have known BRICS and SCO for quite a long time now… both these alliances are the counter to the JEW BANKERs CRIMINALs/NATO. To say this is a NAZI-combination-JEW FINANCIAL CABAL is the OBVIOUS SLANT they will continue to use because the name NAZI has been so stigmatized the sheeple responds to it without a thought or a gram of study. The National Socialists of Germany never called themselves NAZIs… this name was concocted by the JEW OWNED AND CONTROLLED PRESS of Germany to vilify and ridicule the National Socialists! NSADP party. Hitler fought the JEW/FREEMASON MAFIA and the JEW led BOLSHEVIKs. This is like failing to see that 9/11 was a JEW BANKERs false flag op, and to see that the HOLOHOAX is exactly that a HOAX! The Orange Group in Ukraine is but a JEW BANKER prop of extremists fed money making sure they wear bandenas to incite NAZI fear in people… They have been playing that card for so long it is ridiculous they still get away with it! SO, this article is major disinformation as it perpetrates a complete fallacy of the true events of WW II. To say the BANKERs are afraid of BRICS causing WW III is IDIOTIC! simply another slant! Firstly, BRICS is not yet strong enough to enter a ground war. The only way the Russians can win a WORLD WAR right now is via NUKEs, meaning simply avoid war by showing the big hammer. Secondly, the BANKERs WANT war… they are more afraid of the US people than anything else right now. (not for long the drones an wave weaponry is near ready… once it is, we are all toast… no guns will do). To obfuscate the scenario is the JEW SUPREMACIST game… that JEW MAFIA has now no less than 15 different names, oligarchs, elite, corporatists… how about SHITE SCOURGE OF THE EARTH! It all means JEW/FREEMASON MAFIA nothing else… they corner and infiltrate all key organs of society and bleed you while they use you to fight their wars and wedge every possible group against some other group, while all along they strip every nation of its sovereignty and rights bringing all illegal laws under one roof the JWO(JEW WORLD ORDER). The Western world is now thoroughly JEW infested, AMERICA, Britain, Germany, France NO.1 infestations. This is the worst kind of enemy, as it is domestic, parasitic, within your own ranks… until you study enough to realize that this is the true picture, you will wind yourself with the standard hoaxy so-called democratic hope… just give a family of 5 a democratic structure(children get to vote from the get-go(3 years old))… you get my drift! If you want to guarantee the ignorant leads the foolish democracy is your meal! What a joke… democracy is guaranteed division for ever… all the remains is to conquer! …why don’t you go sit on the rooftop of the ISRAELI SUPREME COURT BUILDING in JERUSALEM… rest your back on the 3D FREEMASON pyramid, while you read the TALMUD, the TORAH, and Albert Pike’s FREEMASON trash writings…

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