Whither Goest The Jewish People?

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The question to ask is this: Do Jewish people have any control over what their leadership does in their name? Until recently most Americans actually believed they lived in a democracy where their opinion and their vote counted. I have not seen a poll on the subject but I doubt that a majority of people capable of thought do believe their votes are properly counted on election day. They certainly do not believe that their opinion counts as much as that of campaign donors.

David Rothkopf wrote Superclass in which he describes how the world is run by 30 families and their 6,000 Minions. Rothkopf in addition to being Jewish is a former Kissinger associate. A good example of global governance is the Bilderberg Society which meets in Copenhagen at the end of this month. It is an annual meeting of the Power Elite. The Bilderberg Society is run by…

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