Note from Whitewraithe~

RB15_Justanote_Just_a_note_foil_greetingcardThere has been a lot happening in my personal life with the main goal being job hunting.

I am up against tremendous odds due to my age and gaps in my resume since moving from Memphis 10 years ago.

In addition, every summer I have to complete two job hunt applications for a total of 24 attempts to secure work for the Department of Human Services in order to keep the little amount of food stamps necessary for my mother and I.  I will be so happy to rid myself of government interference in the very near future.

Anyway, after I complete this last paper that will be 72 attempts in three years to find work in addition to the resumes I send out and job applications I complete throughout the year.

Age discrimination is rampant and unemployment is much higher than what this corrupt government reports. 

Hope to be back soon with new material.  In the meantime visit my partner for current news and other information.


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