Absolute Proof the Seattle School Shooting is a Hoax

Regarding the Seattle-area college shooting, continuously, the hoaxers are getting sloppier and sloppier. It is hoax-o-mania out of control.

The drill agents were well in-place with useless police tape stretched about. Although this tape serves one purpose, which is to prevent access by pesky Internet researchers:

It is all fully organized. There is no room for chance events or chaos, or the existence of spies who might seek to reveal the nature of the scam.

“Did you sign in? Everyone has to sign in. What are your names?” There’s a sudden, shocking event, and everyone has time to get so well prepared? The doctor has time to hang her stethoscope around her neck, the various DHS agents have the time to don gloves and disposable gowns.

The police arrive, storming in, after the police tape is well in place. There is a woman with a white coat milling about in the building. For the movie-like set the gurney is already in place. There is a stretcher placed strategically on the side-walk; moulage kits are likely seen in-place.  There is full gear already strategically placed. This cannot be an emergency but is instead merely a drill.

Note the orange kit left on the curb, which is surely a Ben Nye moulage kit. Note also the bottle of water propped up on a case. The nature of the tripod is unknown, but is surely yet another prop.
Like all Zionist-orchestrated drills there is the villain as well as the person of the hour, the hero. There are also the wounded and the deceased, though all fake.

The phony hero in this case is named Jon Meiss. Despite his life being in danger he did the untenable; he attacked the gunman, tackling him while spraying him with pepper spray. Didn’t he get some of that spray in his own face? He is not only a hero but is also “heroic:”seattleshootinghoax9

The evidence is provided, above, as a screen capture. It amounts to hard evidence of the fraud. The image has been cut out and is presented below. Meiss is a fraudster, like all the others, a mere crisis actor. He confronted and tackled no one. Nor is it plausible that he or anyone else would do so against an armed gunman who could easily kill such a fake hero.
The Zionists simply cannot get it right. They always leave a trail that leads right back to them. In this regard through their own actions they prove the degree of their fraud.
Here is the ‘hero’ Mr. Meiss.


He is, so it is stated, being “taken from the shooting scene by medics…” Does anyone see anyone taking him? They have trained him to put on a “tough-guy” look. Note, too, the moulage (fake bandage with phony blood) on the knee. See also the strategic placement of the sheriff’s agent and another officer to block any unauthorized individuals.seattleshootinghoax2

Clearly, he is not wounded – and it is certain that he is not wounded to such a degree to require emergency or hospital-based care. He needs no transport to any medical care facility. A bit more fake blood, though, might have made it more believable. Or, would it?
Yet, what is seen, here? He is, in fact, being ‘transported’ as a fake wounded.
Regardless, has anyone ever seen legitimate EMTs wearing such flimsy throw-away gowns? These men, with their boots and navy blue clothes, look like FBI agents.
He’s wearing a wire. Even so, could anyone put on a more smug look than he? In the great lie one sign is the jaw jut and the twisting of the muscles under the lower lip. He a DHS Zionist mole, no doubt about it and is likely one of the coordinators.  Nevertheless, the existence of that wire is additional hard proof that the shooting was staged.
There were plenty of other fraudsters and fabricators, fake wounded and more:
Zoomed in what is seen? Is it really a wounded person? In fact, it is merely another fabricator, a crisis actor faking her wounds. What a terminal, inane hoax it is.
The Zionist-controlled media, though, unlike the independent investigators, was given full access. Actually, its agents were there even before the drill went live, cameras set up on tripods. These collaborators are even given a hand sign by the fake EMT, giving the one finger-up:
Here, there is a mass of DHS agents standing around, doing nothing. It’s because this is a drill, not a real event. The gurneys, here, are on idle.
Police tape is put willy-nilly virtually everywhere. Yet, it is not for any real purpose. The students are allowed to violate it as they please.
It wasn’t a crime scene after all. There is no need for caution, no requirement for HAZMAT or forensics. It’s all fake, especially the ‘blood’:

Seattle police investigate the scene after a shooting at Seattle Pacific University on Thursday.

It’s the same purple-colored moulage seen in all the other fakes. The shooting in Seattle is a hoax, and the fake shooter is a crisis actor, yet another Zionist mole.


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This is proof positive that the U.S. criminal, corrupt government will stop at nothing to confiscate every American’s weapons mainly used for self-defense. They really do want our GUNS!  WW~