ISIS is 50 Miles from Baghdad – Next Stop, Jerusalem

Have we traded the devil for the witch, or, possibly an EQUALIZER?  WW~

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Fighter of Jews, Defender of the Iraqi People, World’s Biggest Badass.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Fighter of Jews, Defender of the Iraqi People, World’s Biggest Badass.

“It doesn’t matter who we are. What matters is our plan.” -Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS

ISIS is now just fifty miles from Baghdad, ready to take down ZOG and establish an Islamofascist dictatorship in the capital of Iraq.

While liberating surrounding towns and cities from the ZOG forces, the masked revolutionaries have used megaphones to call on the people to join them as they march to “liberate Baghdad and Jerusalem.”

In the last days, ISIS has pulled off what can only be described as the most successful revolutionary military action in modern history.  With 700 men, they took over Mosul, a city of nearly two million people, ran off 30,000 fully equipped, US-trained ZOG troops, grabbed half a billion dollars from the banks and all of the US paid-for weapons from the military installations.

They are leaving a trail of executed ZOG commissars, mercilessly dealing out justice in the most brutal fashion.

It has been claimed that many of the men are Saddam loyalists, though I don’t think anyone really knows.  What we do know is that ISIS is approving the installation of massive posters of Saddam.  What this means is that the entire ten years that ZOG spent trying to conquer and subdue these people is going down the drain in a matter of days.

Reportedly, 1700 (and counting) ZOG agents have been dealt swift and merciless justice by the ISIS forces of retribution.

Reportedly, 1700 (and counting) ZOG agents have been dealt swift and merciless justice by the ISIS forces of retribution.

By next week, the entirety of Sunni Iraq will be ruled by the most brutally violent and tactically brilliant revolutionary organization on the planet, which is presently swearing to take back Jerusalem.

Don’t you dare tell me this is not awesome.

The entire “international community” is presently flipping the hell out, with Obama having changed his position on a ground invasion this morning, saying all options were on the table.

But could even a US ground invasion stop the momentum of these men?

There is No Downside to This

Some have criticized my celebration of the victories of ISIS, but at present, I am incapable of seeing any possible downside to this.

I will note that it is possible that I am wrong – I don’t want to give the impression that I am absolutely certain.  The whole situation is happening so fast, and it is all so new, that to draw final conclusions about the eventual outcome would be irresponsible.

But the immediate outcomes are all good, and it is difficult to imagine any negative outcomes in the future (except one, which I’ll get to).

The entire Western world has been made to look completely retarded by these men.  Everything they told us about democracy and victory over the forces of terrorism and all of the rest of it has just been finally proved to be the most idiotic load of gibberish ever spewed out of a television.  We now see for a fact – the whole world does – that all of the lives lost, all of the trillions spent, were entirely wasted by a bunch of twisted Jews occupying our government.

This is also incredibly bad for Israel, which is good for us.  Top analysts are admitting that if Baghdad falls, this will inspire uprisings all across the Islamic world, as the Arab people seek to return to their natural, biologically-evolved mode of living, which is brutal Islamic dictatorship.  A pan-Arab Islamic state is something that the Jews have sought to ensure did not happen ever since the fall of the Ottoman Empire.  If such a state exists, Israel cannot.

“The fire rises, brothers.” -Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

I am not saying this is going to happen.  Who knows, the Iraqi ZOG troops might repel them from Baghdad later today.

But what they have done thus far is incredible.  Unprecedented.  And if any group of Muslims is capable of unifying the Arab world and taking down the Jew state, it is ISIS and their masked leader, Sheik Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Please note that even a major Islamic empire could never threaten Europe ever again, given the development of technology over the last century.  This is not the Middle Ages, and even if an Islamic empire was capable of acquiring modern weaponry, they don’t have the necessary IQ, on average, to be capable of managing an invasion of Europe.

The sad part is that this is not good for Assad, Hezbollah or Iran, who I tend to like.  But Sunni and Shia have always fought each other, and that is unavoidable.  I have no dog in that fight, my fight is with the Jews, so I am going to back whichever power has the greatest chance of throwing a wrench in the mechanism of the Zionist apparatus, and presently, ISIS is doing a lot more to fight the Jews than any of these people have done (at least since Hezbollah repelled the invasion of Lebanon).

The only major negative of this is that it is going to fuel calls for more “asylum seekers” in Europe.  But that is unavoidable.  Whatever was going to happen in the Middle East was going to fuel calls for further invasion of Europe by the poor and dirty rejects of the Islamic world, and they are coming so heavily already, it is hard to imagine they could get them in any faster.

Though that might not even be the case.  Apparently, ISIS has increased electricity output in Mosul after having taken the city from the ZOG forces, and seems very intent on making sure the people are taken care of.  The tribal leaders love them.

It may be that more people want to live in the Middle East after the revolution is complete.  As we know, this type of brutal regime is what they are drawn to, by their blood.  They cannot ever truly feel whole in Europe, just as we could never feel whole living under a brutal Sharia regime in the desert run by masked men with machine guns.

It is good to be realistic, but it is highly damaging to be pessimistic.  Good things happen, and right now, it very much looks like the rise of ISIS is a very good thing.

It’s Friday.  Why not raise a glass to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the brutally violent and tactically brilliant revolutionary who may just have a chance of wiping Israel off the map?


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  1. Isis… six… 666… grinning politicians. In reality, symbolism does all it’s real work on our psyches. When you look at the symbology, you have the dollar sign which is a large S with two capital I’s through it… that’s ISIS.

    While watching the female RT reporter, i couldn’t hep but notice that every time she said the word ISIS or SIX, she looked like she was smiling… a big bright fake smile… in reality, showing us her teeth. Just like all the politicians are showing us their teeth. In the wild, if you see an animal’s teeth, you have just become lunch.

    It all comes from the politicians and their attorneys… they create all the conflict in order to keep themselves in business supplying the solution that keeps them in the chips. The more scattered we are all over the map… the better their position. We had best focus on the big picture… where it stems from.

    See it in action in this video:

    • ISIS is also from the Egyptian religious mythology.

      She was the goddess of fertility, the sister and wife of Osiris and mother of Horus, and usually represented as a woman with a cow’s horns with the solar disk between them: later worshiped in the Greek and Roman empires.

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