White Americans predicted to become a “minority” by August 2014


WELCOME TO NOW! Change has come to America and with it, challenges and opportunities. The unprecedented demographic and social shifts that are reshaping the country have far-reaching implications for the future vitality and endurance of American values, the national culture, consumerism, and civic participation.

EthniFacts has embarked on a comprehensive, statistically-grounded examination of the core components of multicultural consumerism and civic and social engagement in the United States and is building a predictive model of future scenarios.

This examination is rooted in EthniFacts’ proprietary Pancultural Genome Projectsm – which seeks to break down and identify the cultural DNA of multiple races and ethnicities and to understand their holistic interaction to establish the foundation of the new America Reimagined.



Statistically driven paradigms and fresh insights for an emerging America. What you need to understand about the new multicultural consumer today—and tomorrow.


The new America is almost here and the Tipping Point is arriving in 2014 on August 22 at 7:56 pm EDT. The EthniFacts Interethnic Proximity Indexsm (IPI) Countdown Clock is a wake up call for a multicultural majority nation. Learn about the new timetable for cultural, social and economic transformation.


Proximity breeds familiarity. Where you live and who you live with affects your attitudes and behaviors. Why are Fortune 500 companies talking about Ambiculturalsm Shift, Cultural Parity and other America Reimagined market research paradigms? Let Ethnifacts show you the roadmap to interethnic innovation and growth.


WW~Notes: Well, there you have it – WHITE/CAUCASIAN AMERICANS are out and the darker multi-ethnic races are in.  White European Americans have truly lost their country.  I did not expect to be faced with such a horrific reality in my lifetime, and it will only become worse as time passes.  I suspect that white Americans might be looking at the bleak future that white South Africans faced after their apartheid state fell.  I hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but we better get prepared to face some extremely difficult, trying times that will not only test our wills but our souls.  The odds of victory may appear insurmountable, however, the white races have persevered throughout the ages well before written history.  Lets show these usurpers, haters, and jealous, vindictive enemies that we are not so easy to eradicate.

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