Blog Update!

blogging-1For everyone’s convenience, I’ve added Category and Tag clouds at the very bottom of the POST sidebar.

Also added the tlk webchat program at the top of the POST sidebar.  I created my own chatroom for readers and visitors of this blog; plus it provides a bit more privacy than chatting in the lobby.

I hope you’ll drop in just to say hi, hello, etc.

This will also be a quick format to update the readers on breaking news and other events.

However, if the hasbara trolls muddy the waters with their filthy profanity and vile insults, then I’ll take it down.  Actually, it will be interesting to see how long it lasts.  And if no one wants to chat, then I’ll delete it altogether.

I’ve tried to provide opportunities to interact with my readers and visitors, and after seven years it’s disconcerting that still only a few actually take the time to comment, and I rarely receive email or feedback.  Am I responsible for creating this situation?  Could I have scared readers and visitors away?

Well, anyway, I can’t dwell on my shortcomings and character flaws as it will only depress me.  But I would really like to see a camaraderie develop between devoted fans of Pragmatic Witness and myself.  Times are about to get really rough and I think we need to to begin a dialogue in an effort to get to know each other and engage in networking before the shite hits the fan.

Should the internet shut down, or become further censored we may lose the quick communication freedom that we enjoy today.  This is not the time to be shy and introverted and believe me I know all about feeling that way.  We have to push ourselves out there with people of like minds and start talking.

Have a great and safe Monday.


One thought on “Blog Update!

  1. I doubt you’ve scared anyone. I’ve been at this for over thirty five years now. You’re blaming high level slaves and ignoring their masters whom they bow down to. These masters want you to only see their slaves, and it is the slaves job to distract you, even taking blame for everything going on around us. The American people, u.s. citizens by contract are world slaves. They are ignorant of real history, and incapable of comprehending the historical legal terms involved which established this corporate government upon this continent. I’m speaking on the concessions of King John to the Vatican, moving through the British Empires History into settlement here, documented agreements through 1663-1763-1783-1791-1812-1872-1933 and onwards. The Holy Trinity of those documents have always been the King of England, now Queen, The Crown Bank of London managed by the Rothschilds, who answer to their Caesar In Rome. The Venetians bloodline controlling it all. So when I peek in here and I see a mind that is made up that the highest slaves are controlling the world when in truth they’re managing it. Hell, I quit calling it a conspiracy a few years ago, I started calling it a comprehension issue of out in the open world events. They do business in legal terms, they leave a legal paper trail. Most of those documents are upwards around 16th-17th grade English readability. So anyway, I don’t like to get into fights over this business because its simply not worth it. Huge waste of energy. There have been Jew bashers rehashing bashing the Jews for quite some time, decades. Thats way to easy and simple and giving the few of betraying the rest of them credit they don’t deserve, because they’re Papal boot lickers.

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