BREAKING NEWS: Another possible FALSE FLAG event scheduled for July 4th 2014

breakingnewsWW~Notes:  The criminal U.S. govenment just cannot stop terrorizing the American people with perpetual utter confusion, can they?  I just read about this event over at; perused the links provided and it appears that something is in the air and about to happen again.  It might be a false scare tactic, but after 9/11 and the continual false flag events that keep occurring I don’t leave much to chance – so heads up people and pay attention. 

A warning that cannot be ignored.
Hi Mr. Stone,

Concerned about a shipment of Syria’s WMD’s apparently on a ship scheduled to arrive about 3-4 July in Port Arthur, TX.

Number One: why ship stuff like that over an ocean when it can be disposed of otherwise?


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ALERT! Obama Is Bringing Syrian ‘Chemical Weapons’ to Texas!

Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 25-Jun-2014 15:16:08

U.S. Vessel to Play Key Role in Neutralizing Syrian Chemical Weapons

The painstaking process of destroying Syria’s giant chemical weapons stash is set to begin next week. U.S. vessel MV Cape Ray is scheduled to leave the Spanish port of Rota for Gioia Tauro, Italy, Wednesday where it will play a key role in the delicate mission. First, it will meet Danish vessel Ark Futura, which is carrying Syria’s entire stockpile of chemical weapons and precursor chemicals.

Approximately 560 tons of the deadly chemicals will be transferred to MV Cape Ray on July 2 and 3. The U.S. ship will then head into international waters in the Mediterranean where the deadly chemicals, including mustard and sarin nerve agent precursors, will be pumped through two hydrolysis systems, mixed with hot water and rendered harmless. Syria handed over its final acknowledged stockpile of weapons, totaling 1,300 tons, this month. The remaining 740 tons will be transported to disposal sites in the U.K., Finland and Port Arthur, Texas.


This event seems to coincide with a Craig’s List ad for crisis actors for drill in Houston, TX during 3-6 July.

FALSE FLAG ALERT: Craigslist Ad Asking for CRISIS ACTORS in Houston For JULY 4th

false flagIn a Craigslist ad posted about 17 days ago, our Federal Government is looking for crisis actors for July 4th through July 6th.

“We are looking for crisis actors for a government emergency drill between July 4-6th. Actors will be responsible for portraying different emergency scenarios in a simulated government terror drill. No experience is needed. Confidentiality agreements are required. Pay is $200. Please message for details.” ~Houston Craigslist

This isn’t the first time that they have advertised on Craigslist for “crisis actors” though. It seems to be a major deal, paying decent money if you can catch it before the post is removed from Craigslist. One such post even made the news on Infowars shortly before the LAX Shooting.

These ads are nothing new it seems. Amazingly enough, it always seems to proceed some type of disaster that involves real lives being lost and sometimes just actors, of course, to make it look real. Will this administration stoop to anything to try and enact Martial Law?

I’m sure this won’t be the last one they try to fly under the radar without the American public’s knowledge. Only time will tell how many more of these will come to light.

UPDATE: Craigslist has removed this post since publishing as this story has gotten national attention.

Maybe I’m paranoid these days, but this has the makings of huge inside job like 9/11.

You do a great job! Stay safe.

 Jim’s response:

Thanks for the heads up. It does indeed make little sense to ship it all back to the U.S., and the convergence of events is spooky. There is only one thing – the arrival of these WMD’s has been announced, with them in American custody. But any time crisis actors are hired, especially during a holiday when all Gov types are supposed to be off it is a serious red flag. A note to people out there, pay attention as much as possible while you enjoy the 4th, and if anything happens immediately start doing screen captures and video saves (use for that) so we can catch them in conflicting reports and lies. The sooner a false flag gets bagged, the worse it is for them. I do not want another two day Boston Marathon pursuit just to figure out Nick had no legs to begin with.

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5 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Another possible FALSE FLAG event scheduled for July 4th 2014

    • My apologies for the late reply – I just now received your comment.

      I just read the SKY News article.

      Whatever the U.S. and most obviously Israel are planning you can bet it will be a staged false flag with the blame placed squarely on Syria.

      I’m checking with other contacts to see if they know anything then follow-up with a report.

      Thanks for the alert.

      Stay safe……peace and blessings


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