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Jews have rather strange sounding surnames, in general, no doubt attached to them when they immigrated to the United States centuries ago, which was the primary reason a large majority changed their last names. 

I think it’s high time that Gentiles become more familiar with Jewish surnames.  Today’s Jews have no fear of their given surname and that fact is definitely in our favor in order to identify them.

Lets face it, in today’s America non-Jews need to know who they are dealing with sometimes in extraordinary situations.  Not every Jew looks Jewish, but the tell-tale sign will always be their last name.  Of course, that is – if you really want to know.

To assist in this matter this blog will begin compiling a database of Jewish surnames.  The first one is from Poland.  

I also located a map from 2013 that provides the statistics on where Jews are located in the United States and their percentage of the population in each county/parish.  With 5.8 million Jews in America nearly the exact same amount as in Israel, Gentiles should be aware of their neighborly status.



jews-america1382725979819.cachedJewish Americans, Get On Board the Immigration Reform Train

From a 2013 article at The Daily Beast, seems that Jewish Americans are not so happy with the high rise of other immigrants flooding American shores.  Quoting a statement from the article clearly identifies their concerns.

” So successful has the American Jewish experiment been, that today the Jewish community fears for its survival due not to anti-Semitism, but to the assimilating arms of American society. Against this backdrop, it is tempting to let the door drift closed.

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