Central American governments work in tandem with U.S. flooding America with Latino teenagers – WHY?

Last night Mexico did a huge newscast about the immigrant children coming to America, and that put in conjunction with what I have already been told by readers paints the entire picture, and it is UGLY.

First and foremost, there are NO immigrants crossing the border from the Mexican population. If they are Mexicans, they are drug lords, criminals, and adults. The child problem is being intentionally caused by white women working for NGO’s (non government organizations) in the countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. These women were planted months ago to integrate into the local populations to gain the trust of the children via “child only” venues that provide recreation, medical care and food.

These women inform the children they can come to America and no one will stop them. They pump their heads full of dreams about America, THEN, for many of the children, buses are provided directly from these four countries. The worse their physical condition and mental attitude – the better.  These women are seeking the “lowest of the low” – educationally, socially, and with specific health categories they can spot, putting these poor children on buses thus sending them to the United States.

Those who are not put on buses are also being brainwashed to hop trains and come to America explaining that “no one will stop them.” There are no such projects operating in Mexico, however, this is being performed exclusively in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. The children coming in are not Mexican, and for good reason.

Mexico is actually a high class country in a high wealth category with good law enforcement, which would provide a way for all the mothers to sue and shut down these non-government organizations.


Why are the governments of the aforementioned countries doing nothing to stop this ‘child theft’?


Certainly they could, so now we get into the behind the scenes extrapolation that no one is reporting nor mentioning, which HAS TO be: a global conspiracy against America, with a LOT of roots and branches in America (proper) with HUGE payoffs to ?????????

The Mexican government has been bought and paid for by someone – somewhere, and Mexico would NOT be cheap. This is in excess of a $100 billion dollar project to attract the worst young people Latin America has to offer to the United States to destroy the nation.  There is simply no other logical answer for this event being played out on the world stage.  All five of these Latin American countries HAVE TO be involved at the highest official levels, with enormous payoffs for the resources to operate this kind of illegal enterprise.

The target age appears to be between 13 to 16 years-old (pubescent to middle teens).  WHY would that be? The answer is obvious. This is the perfect age to cause a near immediate disaster in America. These children will be programmed from day one of their arrival to run amok causing utter chaos, and cast a totally ignorant vote that favors whatever the world elite Jews want to create America’s final downfall.  And I would also be willing to bet that these children will be told it is OK to attack, rob and pillage the white population – the real root of America, if they fail in stealing the “American Dream,” likely promised by their captors.

In concert with this, every effort is being made to obtain the absolute ‘bottom’ classes into the country, that has no education whatsoever, while possessing the ultimate entitlement mentality, which will enable whoever is directing this scam to place the most incapable, failure assured people, onto America’s streets, and cause a crime wave so huge it amounts to inviting an enemy army onto American soil to gut and wage war on the population finally ushering in jewry’s dream for the goyim – MARTIAL LAW.

The 13 to 16 year age class is deliciously perfect because they are highly impressionable and easily susceptible to manipulation, yet physically large enough to wield a great amount of damage now, and be absolutely devastating within a few years.


What we are witnessing is the result of vile anti-American enemies conducting the government in order to destroy it from within; enemies which are paying off Latin American countries for their cooperation while white women from, no doubt, the predominantly Jewish community travel these third-world countries to custom select their absolute worst inhabitants to wreck havoc in America. There is no other way this appalling event can be explained – white women are indeed funneling these children to America, and there is only ONE ANSWER, and it cannot be solved with a vote or a civilian army at the border.

The answer has to be extracted DIRECTLY FROM THE PEOPLE ORCHESTRATING THIS SHOW.  I suggest that these unfortunate, exploited children be taken into every Jewish neighborhood in a never ending cycle until our enemies have a serious “attitude adjustment” for the unforgivable harm they’ve waged against their host nation and the American people.

That is the ONE WAY mainstream America could finally get even with the Jewish community without breaking any laws, just pass these kids a few bucks for their cooperation and continue expanding their presence in Jewish neighborhoods. Make certain the children are released several hundred miles from their original departure point so that they stay together in one place.  It is actually more cost effective to charter a bus . . . . . . there should be a few patriotic millionaires out there that could do this for a hobby, temporarily.

There is a reason a certain “elite” tribe wanted to confiscate America’s guns; true, it only takes one Apache helicopter to burn down a city with tracer rounds when all the houses are made of wood, but it also only takes one SUV with four guys smart enough to leave their cell phones, then keep quiet while they distract their opponent.  God, the Jews call themselves smart, but they are really pushing their luck. How will they handle an event that is NOT a false flag? Can they really count on EVERYONE remaining stupid, indefinitely?

The immigration issue WILL NOT be solved at the border or with a vote!

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