Teachers union convention opens, Common Core on table

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In response to teachers who are uneasy with the Common Core State Standards, a major teachers union is offering to underwrite projects crafted by teachers to improve the math and reading standards.Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, is expected to announce Friday that the union will give up to five grants worth as much as $30,000 to teachers for projects aimed at reforming the standards.

Weingarten plans to make the offer as part of her keynote address to the AFT’s annual convention, which begins Friday in Los Angeles and runs through Monday.

The Common Core standards, a set of expectations of what every student should know in math and reading from kindergarten through 12th grade, is expected to be a central focus of the AFT convention.

Forty five states and the District of Columbia originally adopted the standards, but in recent months, Indiana, South Carolina and Oklahoma reversed course and decided to drop the standards. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R), tried to pull his state out of the standards but is fighting with the state’s board of education about whether he has the legal authority to do so.

The AFT and the other main teachers union, the National Education Association, have both supported the standards but have been critical of the way they have been implemented.

The unions also are opposed to the use of new standardized tests based on the Common Core to evaluate teacher effectiveness. Most states are using these teacher evaluation systems at the Obama administration’s direction.

Weingarten has called for a two-year moratorium on using testing for job evaluations or academic progress, saying that teachers and students need more time to learn the standards and adjust to new tests before student scores are used for decisions about whether teachers keep their jobs or students get promoted or graduate.

Reached in Los Angeles on Thursday, Weingarten said she is offering the grants to give her members an outlet to improve the standards.

“This is about a union listening to its members, listening to educators who say ‘We have a better way’,” said Weingarten, who is expected to be easily re-elected to another two-year term at the convention.

Both AFT and NEA members were involved in the writing of the Common Core standards, but “teacher voices have not been strongly enough represented in their development or their rollout,” Weingarten said.

She said the grants could be used in any number of ways, including critiques of the standards, review of the research behind them, and analysis of the implementation, especially how they apply to students with disabilities and English language learners. Some union members might want to write their own standards for a particular grade level and subject, she said.

The AFT has about 1.6 million members, including teachers, paraprofessionals, higher education staff, health care workers and nurses. The NEA, the nation’s largest labor union, has about 3 million members, including teachers, paraprofessionals and higher education workers.

AFT activists from Chicago have said they intend to try to get the national convention to call for an end to Common Core.

Common-Core-world-cloud-overwhlemedThe AFT’s leadership is proposing a milder statement that applauds the ideals behind the Common Core but says the number and frequency of standardized tests should be reduced, and stakes should be lowered so that assessments aren’t used to “test and punish” but instead “support and improve.”

It is unclear whether AFT delegates will echo NEA members, who last week at their convention in Denver called for the resignation of U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan. NEA activists, led by a delegation from California, were enraged by Duncan’s support of a recent court ruling in that state, which found that tenure and other job protections for teachers violated the state constitution.

Three days after the NEA’s action, Duncan appeared at an event with Weingarten and went out of his way to say that he supports teachers unions and collective bargaining.

Weingarten said Thursday she understood the call by the NEA for Duncan’s resignation. “The comments he made about the (tenure) case showed a real disrespect for the every day teacher,” she said. If her union members want to follow suit, it’s up to them, she said. “That’s what conventions are for,” Weingarten said. “It is in their hands.”

Lyndsey Layton has been covering national education since 2011, writing about everything from parent trigger laws to poverty’s impact on education to the shifting politics of school reform.

Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/education/2014/07/10/4a6e70be-0870-11e4-bbf1-cc51275e7f8f_story.html?wprss=rss_national

One thought on “Teachers union convention opens, Common Core on table

  1. Since the bogus set up arrest of William Baer in New Hampshire, I did wonder IF it might be a controlled opposition tactic, but Common Core in Education in the United States and implemented now after 9-11, originated in the 90’s is a clear New World Order Satanic perversion in Education that’s really creepy to set up slaves and program filth into young children’s minds, which is WHY I wrote five members of Congress about this arrest and Common Core.

    There are 2 videos here made by wealthy little ZOG filth Phillip Davis Guggenheim lackey of genocide boy Bill Gates who made the 2 propaganda slime films for Common Core that Gates is behind in part.

    The other is a serious film on the dangerous agenda in over 40 states now with Common Core. There will be links at the films to see what it’s all about.

















    Common Core is a Gestapo operation like Homeland Security and Hitler Youth in schools in 46 states.

    The gentleman William Baer recently in New Hampshire was clearly set up being baited to react with a cop (???) there to arrest him so quickly.

    They set a 2 minute limit on speakers at that meeting ONLY and went out of their way to get him to snap so they could cuff and arrest the man.

    His daughter and other children in that school no doubt has suffered severe emotional trauma from it and I can only equate it to You doing something like that and being arrested with Your little disabled daughter there to see it with You there defending her.

    I saw it immediately for what it was/IS and wrote NH Senators and Wyoming Congress too. Because I wanted to know if Common Core in Wyoming is pushing rape porn in schools in Wyoming like New Hampshire.

    Even after the father was removed then his daughter spoke with that fat Common Core slime Susan Allen who was baiting her a teenage girl age 14 to react to dehumanize and discredit her.

    Filthy Jezebel.

    Seeing both clips and this Common Core info, I was taken aback because I have a grand-daughter in public school out in Wyoming.

    NO WAY would I want her being exposed to that kind of smut.

    And rape or abuse victims seeing it can really suffer trauma again with DID/PTSD/MPD disassociative issues.

    I contacted the Superintendants and when REAL activists like this suffer in innocense then I will defend them and wage war that they cannot do themselves.

    I do not regard the past as all bad.

    I also wrote other Common Core states’ Congress members I could reach concerning Common Core to let them know we as constituents are very aware of this criminal operation.

    These Common Core agents are part of the matrix of totalitarian rule…

    You have to scrap partial notions siding with NeoLiberals or NeCons.

    Communism vs. Fascism is a FRAUD because BOTH are TOTALITARIAN in Rule.

    I feel for the father who was arrested bogusly much.

    Things like this tell us what’s going to come down and it’s not pretty.

    This is so You know I was appraised of this incident like Aurora, the Judge Rotenberg Center, and many other abuse and false flag incidents I am NOT at liberty to discuss with You gentlemen.

    When abuse like this happens in schools tied to the NWO Common Core, then people suffer and this can lead to incidents like all the recent shootings from 1999 at Columbine to the DC shootings recently.

    This is what I wrote to the gentlemen in the New Hampshire School District below.

    They have been given a fair heads up and have been alerted this is in the public eye and warned.

    That a guy would write these men from Wyoming far away will cause concern to them which is intended.

    This can ruin their reputation and careers. Common Core filth Susan Allen should have come under close scrutiny and be seen as Common Core agent pushing rape porno on children in early puberty.

    I take this as extreme TREASON and regard her kind as Enemy of the State.

    The daughter of the man arrested is being traumatized by this abuse of her loving father.

    I take this as pure criminal sociopathy.




    Dear Mr. Laliberte and Mr. Hemingway;

    The links above were sent to me by my attorney in Wyoming, Gerry Spence.


    He expressed concern for what looks clearly tyrannical and prejudicial conduct by Board Member Susan Allen to get a concerned father arrested to dehumanize and discredit him, for what looks like a perversion of the Common Core agenda in manifestation of abuse of authority and trust.




    This was a sad turn of events and I personally have seen such unethical and very unprofessional conduct in the United States and Internationally for many years.

    I read the entire websites below and Your messages, Mr. Laliberte and Mr. Hemingway; and this far removed from what I saw in the news articles about the arrest of a concerned parent for an assigned pornographic book with rape in it.




    This conduct in the school there is like the criminal acts of Dr. Matthew Israel treatment of children at the Judge Rotenberg Center, frankly.


    Have You seen this book and its contents Mr. Laliberte and Mr. Hemingway?

    If so, would YOU as loving parents and fathers subject Your own children read such a book in their formative years as young impressionable teenagers, Mr. Laliberte and Mr. Hemingway?

    To any children who have suffered any kind of physical abuse then a book like this can and will cause trauma, and spur DID/MPD dissassociative behaviour.

    Are You aware of this Mr. Laliberte and Mr. Hemingway?

    I will be watching this unfold in its entirety, Mr. Laliberte and Mr. Hemingway.

    Also I contacted new Hampshire Senators Ms. Jeanne Shaheen (D), and Ms. Kelly Ayotte (R), because I do not think this matter should be taken lightly and dismissed.

    I wanted to inquire of You gentlemen and see where You both are on this matter and why this was let go into this kind of conduct in a public setting like this.

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