Devastating Earthquake Made in Israel, With US Explosives

WW~Notes: This is devastation beyond American comprehension.  How can we live in world where these war crimes continue against innocent civilians who could very well be US?


My dear readers, may I ask you write to your governments and representatives in parliament about the scenes of devastation and destruction from the Gaza Strip by the merchants of war, genocide and ethnic cleansing, the occupation soldiers of the so-called “state” of israel, which your American and European governments support with tons of explosives and weapon of mass destruction so that israel can commit more war crimes and genocide and demolish more houses over the heads of Palestinian civilians while sleeping in their homes?

Under the rubble of the scenes of destruction, or the earthquake made by the zionist israeli war criminal forces (ZIWCF), the Shujaiyya and khan Younes, central Gaza Strip and Rafah, N (6)Palestinian rescue crews and paramedics pulled today, Saturday the bodies of 130 people under the rubble of homes completely leveled by Israeli shelling across Gaza Strip, bringing the death toll to 1000.

Among the bodies found twenty people from the Najjar family, one whole family extinguished. There are still hundreds missing, fallen, while the stench of decomposing bodies wafts from under the yet unexplored mounts of rubble.

Most of the bodies were recovered from under the rubble of civilian houses leveled as a result of the heavy Israeli air strikes and artillery shelling in As-Shaja‘iya and Al-Zeitoun neighborhoods, to the east of Gaza city, Beit Hanoun and Beir Lahia, in northern Gaza Strip, and Khuza‘a to the east of Khan Younes.

My dear readers: your governments are involved in genocide and war crimes committed by the jewish state against us, in our homeland Palestine, for more than 66 years. It is your moral duty to stop the crimes in which your governments partake. To ask cause your governments to stop aiding and abetting the crimes of Israel is also in your own best interest, because the weapons and ammunitions which your government provides to the jewish criminals are more often than not provided for free while they are being paid for with your tax money: instead of using the taxes which you pay to improve the conditions of your life in your countries, your governments send that.

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5 thoughts on “Devastating Earthquake Made in Israel, With US Explosives

  1. WW.
    I am doing what I can!

    On a side note, in my efforts, I think it is very important to recommend a well researched book that ALL Americans should be required to read! It is called “Against Our Better Judgment, The hidden history of how the US was used to create israel” by Allison Weir, and is available at Amazon for less than $10 in paperback (as of a few minutes ago).
    I would appreciate it if you could promote this book, after reading it yourself! Thanks!

    US Army Vet
    Marc C. Daniele

      • WW.
        Because I feel this is very important, I have no problem buying this book, and having it sent directly to you! If you will accept it? If this is not acceptable, I can also send you a “donation” so you can purchase it yourself?
        If you do not have my email from signing in here, let me know and I will give it to you, so we can make arrangements, but it can not be shown here (I think you know why, lol).

        US Army Vet
        Marc C. Daniele

      • WW.
        I could not respond directly to your last reply, so…
        Your welcome! Have a nice one.

        US Army Vet
        Marc C. Daniele.

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