The Tyrannical State of Israel should be Vanquished from the pages of history

real_americans_donot_support_israel_by_sabbah_reportLike many Americans, I was indoctrinated from childhood through my religious faith to believe that Israel had the right to exist, and that any threat to the Jewish nation deserved the United States full protection from all existential harm.

After 40 years, I am no longer a slave to that illusion.

Over and above the valid, historical reasons why Israel never had the right to exist – period, which I will address later; I want to focus on this tyrannical state’s recent atrocities still ongoing in Gaza.

Since becoming aware of the true state of the world after 9/11 and Israel’s involvement with the complicity of the U.S. government that murdered nearly 3000 American Gentiles, I have dedicated hundreds of hours of my personal life to understanding the reasons behind the USI/Israeli Coalition that is causing major chaos around the world on a continual basis.

As with most tragic events that now occur worldwide inevitably we learn that the horrors produced are based on lies, subterfuge and obfuscation of the truth mostly from the mainstream media, that are irrevocably joined at the hip to AIPAC, which protects the interests of dual Jewish Americans and their Gentile lackeys, which also includes every politician in the District of Columbia.

But thanks to scores of websites based in the middle east the truth about Israel’s blatant, evil brutality against the indigenous Palestinian people was provided a massive spotlight, which has illuminated just how grotesque and psychotic the Israeli government acts towards their fellow countrymen.

It wasn’t until the 2006 Lebanon War with Israel that I began to comprehend in-depth how the Jewish Knesset and acting Prime Minister operate in the most egregious manner, that most civilized people would term “barbaric.”

Growing up during the Vietnam era in America I witnessed the ravages of war on that tiny nation, and watched nightly as our soldiers were being ripped to shreds in the jungles, but nothing I saw as a child prepared me for what was to come in Lebanon in 2006 at the hands of the Jewish Israeli Defense Forces, or for the images of burned, maimed and dead little children lying in the dirt, some of them beheaded.

The atrocities that Israel inflicts upon its perceived enemies is beyond comprehension.  It is evidently obvious that they desire nothing more than to dispense as much pain and suffering upon neighboring non-Jews as is humanly possible, and the more the better.

But what is far worse than the human casualties are the reasons that Israel commits these heinous acts to begin with.  From what I have gathered over the years these little wars lasting a few days or even a few months are predicated on nothing but lies and subterfuge out of the mouths of Israeli warmongers one of the biggest being the utterly wretched Benjamin Netanyahu.  He is a fawning narcissist and a raging sociopath who has no empathy or respect for non-Jewish life.

How can Israel be threatened by a civilian population that they cordoned off from the world as in Gaza?  That tiny piece of land on the Israeli coast houses or did house 1.8 million people.  For nearly a decade Israel has blockaded and sanctioned Gaza to the point of extinction that it’s a wonder there are any living people there at all.

Regarding Hamas, it is the only democratically elected government in Gaza at present, but according to Haaretz, ” Israel must on no account recognize the Hamas government because Hamas is a terror organization, which does not recognize the Jewish democratic state. This is complete – and fatal – nonsense. Hamas really is this and that, but it is the only government in Gaza. We tried to bring it down and as a result it grew stronger. Moreover, secret WikiLeaks documents recently published reveal that a senior Israeli defense official told an American diplomat Israel is interested in maintaining Hamas’ rule in Gaza in the short term, because any alternative reign would be worse.”  That was in 2011.

According to Ed Morrissey in another 2011 article;

Hamas developed from a network of Muslim Brotherhood charities in Gaza in the mid-1980s.  The Muslim Brotherhood was one of the most notorious of anti-Israeli organizations in the region, formed in the 1920s in opposition to the collapse of the Caliphate and the British Mandate that followed. At the founding of Hamas, it called for “jihad” to seize Israel and create an Islamist state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. They formed in direct opposition to the PLO (now called Fatah in the Palestinian Authority government), to some extent because Yasser Arafat was negotiating with Israel, albeit in bad faith while trying to drum up financial and political support in the West. Hamas gets its funding from Iran, hardly a disinterested third party in this conflict — and the main engine of radicalizing Muslims, eclipsing the Muslim Brotherhood ever since the Iranian revolution of 1979.

However, not all Palestinians living in Gaza are Muslim or even radical in nature.  Most are just people, like you or I, trying to live in a fragile state of peace within a tyrannical regime that desires their utter annihilation from the land Israelis believe is theirs based on yet more invented lies and deceit.

From the mouths of other Israeli Jews in the past few years we learned that Jews were an invented tribe/nation which hailed from the steppes of Russia in a land named Khazaria.  They were considered Indo-Turkic and this is where the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews came from.  They have no relation to the ancient Hebrew Israelites or the lost 10 tribes of Israel.  And now DNA tests performed in the past few years further confirm these facts, however, devout Jews have turned away from the science refusing to believe the results of the biological evidence flowing in thier veins.

The Palestinians have suffered under the yoke of a 66 year lie perpetrated upon them and their indigenous homeland by a greedy, ruthless, bloodthirsty tribe and their bribed allies that wanted the riches and resources for the taking, not to mention, a place where the Jews could murder, rape, and pillage with impunity all with the blessings from the United States and Great Britain that were part of the conspiracy.

I’m not going to discuss the holocaust myth in this article, but if any nation ever deserved reparations from an enemy within their borders – it is Palestine.  However, until the world accepts the truth about the apartheid, tyrannical state of Israel, the poor Palestinians have little hope of ever regaining a foothold over their homeland, which is why Israel needs to be vanquished from the pages of history.

I never thought I would witness or even know of a true tyrant in my own time, but they still walk among us and are still just as evil as any that walked the earth before them.  But instead of one, we walk with a horde of tyrants on this planet.

Israel has crossed one too many lines because they just could not leave the Palestinian people alone as it was their mission from before the formation of the Israeli state to ethnically cleanse the region no matter how long it took.

But tell me this; how can this little child be a threat?

Be forewarned – very graphic –

child-of-gaza-1To even look at these horribly graphic images takes a bit of one’s soul each time, but I had to endure images of this nature to understand and fully comprehend that any nation that perpetrates this type of human atrocity on a defenseless population, especially children, with no standing army and no weapons to defend themselves must be put down and ended at any cost. 

Whatever AIPAC and the paedophiles in the Israeli Knesset are paying the criminal paedophiles in the District of Columbia isn’t worth the life of this one poor disemboweled child.  And there are many, many more images of Palestinian children under the age of two-years old terminally wounded, suffering, and dying.

Northerntruthseeker and I believe the actual death toll in Gaza right now to be over 100,000 considering the places of the bombardment and the probable size of the population in these dense areas, yet, the true figures of loss of life will probably never be revealed to the media to save Israel’s little ass.

How would you feel Mr. or Mrs. America if this were your child?  Would your feelings about Israel be altered, or, would these non-Christian children provoke any empathy in your soul at all?

The only way I would ever alter my opinion about Israel at this point is if they decided to dispense with their hatred and inhumanity toward all non-Jews and their apartheid treatment of the Palestinians allowing for the right of return, and finally making the conscious decision to join the human family and be part of this extraordinary world.

But like the Israelis thought the Palestinians would finally give up and concede to their demands, my wish is but a pipe dream.

One way or another Israel is coming down, it will fall and be over, and I truly believe I will witness the event in my own lifetime.  It’s obvious – the world has had enough of Israel’s brutality and slaughter of the innocents.

Karma is coming to Israel and it will pay for its crimes against humanity, as will the United States for aiding and abetting that criminal piece of putrid real-estate.



5 thoughts on “The Tyrannical State of Israel should be Vanquished from the pages of history

  1. Excellent piece, White Wraithe! You have skills as a writer.

    The only way I would ever alter my opinion about Israel at this point is if they decided to dispense with their hatred and inhumanity toward all non-Jews and their apartheid treatment of the Palestinians allowing for the right of return, and finally making the conscious decision to join the human family and be part of this extraordinary world.

    You Dreamer. (Me, too)

    But, I think that the reality of the tribe’s historical atrocities and perversions (is it THOUSANDS of years now?), coupled with what we see from that stolen land now pretty much proves what we desire as impossible. Whatever culminates in the title’s goal is what needs to be done and no longer should we hope and pray that these soulless monsters become human.

    It is time to end that criminal state and its time to end the tribe. No matter what that takes.

    For the sake of humanity.

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