Israel’s “Hannibal Directive”

Did Israeli army deliberately kill its own captured soldier and destroy Gaza ceasefire?

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  1. Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. Clearly, proof is there to show Israel broke the ceasefire but lied and made Obama swallow the lies- amazingly white house never checked if Israel was telling the truth our not.

    Not only the Zionists have taken Palestinians land but now they are trying to cleanse Palestinians out of Gaza.

    Why on earth USA supplying all the weapons esp free. Human rights groups asked for arms embargo on Israel but non implemented.

    “The U.S. government must accept that by repeatedly shipping and paying for such arms on this scale they are exacerbating and further enabling grave abuses to be committed against civilians during the conflict in Gaza,” said Brian Wood, head of arms control and human rights for the advocacy group Amnesty International.

    In the debris scattered across much of Gaza, the American origin of many of the weapons fired by Israel has been evident.

    In the city of Deir al Balah on a recent day, Gazans found a large, unexploded bomb lying on the side of the road, steps away from an UNRWA field office. After seeing a photo of the bomb, experts said the weapon was a 2,000-pound U.S.-made Mark 84, one of the largest bombs in the U.S. arsenal.

    On a road in Rafah that has been shattered by the tracks of battle tanks and bulldozers, 120mm artillery shell casings lie in the rubble of houses. Some are marked “Made in USA.” A weapon fragment etched with “US” followed by a serial number is labeled: “GUIDED MISSILE, SURFACE ATTACK.” Residents said that tanks had blasted the area and that people were killed and injured.

    “What have I ever done to America?” asked Saadi al-Amessi, 48, staring at the fragments of a 155mm artillery shell lying in the remains of his obliterated house in the nearby town of Al Berej.

  2. I do not think anyone knows enough to be sure what happened, even the IDF, but the soldier is now officially dead and his remains identified by a DNA test. That could be small arms fire, but it could be high explosive, and one bomb or artillery shell could be enough.

    More than that is guesswork. Military forces need time to react. If a high-risk rescue attempt was tried by his unit, would they want to take that time to call in bombs or artillery? Or have the Israelis lied about times, and ended up with a story that doesn’t make sense?

    I cannot exclude the IDF being in a panic at the time. There have already been occasions when IDF artillery fired on their own positions to drive off attackers. It’s a desperate last resort that now seems commonplace in Gaza.

    Was Hadar Goldin ever captured, or was he the unlucky soldier who didn’t duck?

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