Personal Note from Whitewraithe: Upcoming Blog Upgrades, Donations & Current Status

just_a_note_cards-r8c70a32479514aa69903b36e13b3f943_xvuak_8byvr_512It’s been a few days since my last post, and I am painfully aware there is ongoing tragedy, lies and disinformation and most likely more false flags occurring around the world that require my dedicated attention, however, due to personal circumstances beyond my control my normal posting routine is being interrupted.

In the past two weeks I have interviewed with several companies and individuals seeking stable employment, not to mention the over 100 resumes and applications I’ve submitted since the first of 2014 alone.

One company, in particular, I have very high hopes that I made an endearing impression which will result in the offer of a permanent position.  But, I have very stiff competition from the younger college educated to the uncomfortable statistic that I live in an area mostly populated by minorities and immigrants that far outweigh my pale face.

Then yesterday afternoon, I began experiencing the first symptoms of, yet, another bacterial sinus infection, that I probably contracted five to six days ago during several interview appointments.  I live in such an insular and cloistered way of life that I have nearly zero immunity at this point to the slightest germ because I’m never around other people except family members.

Presently, the southeastern region of the U.S. is under the gun from another drug-resistant “superbug” called Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae.

CRE is a group of bacteria belonging to the Enterobacteriaceae family that are especially difficult to treat because of their resistance to certain antibiotics such as carbapenem. E. coli and Klebsiella are examples of Enterobacteriaceae, and this type of bacteria is present normally in the human intestine. Healthy people are typically not affected by CRE infections. Those who normally usually develop these infections are people being treated for other conditions or who are taking long courses of antibiotics. People on respiratory support (ventilators) or who have indwelling catheters like IV lines or urinary catheters are at increased risk for CRE infections. Examples of CRE include KPC (Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase) and NDM (New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase). Carbapenemase and beta-lactamase are enzymes that break down antibiotics.  CRE bacteria can cause infections in the urinary tract, lungs, blood and other areas. The death rate from CRE infections is nearly 50 percent.

Now, I don’t believe I have CRE, but I was at a local health facility the first week in July.  My last sinus infection which began in February lasted nearly four months through May because I kept becoming reinfected.  Eventually, I took a course of four different antibiotics before becoming well again.  My doctor, and all the local pharmacists said that this was the worst spring allergy and sinus season on record in West Tennessee due to the excessive amount of airborne tree pollen.

In an almost desperate attempt to obtain work and financial resources, I am now making plans to market two of my mother’s recipes at a local antique shop downtown, that also serves lunch during the upcoming holiday season.  I have very high hopes that they will be well liked potentially leading to revenue year round.  Right now, though, we’re planning a trial run to see if the local populace loves the food as much as our family and friends have for over 50 years.  But, I’ve been stopped in my tracks now with another sinus infection – the last thing I needed.

For awhile, there was a CONTRIBUTIONS & DONATIONS page on the blog.  Just last week I deleted the page for the obvious reason.  When it was initially put up I didn’t have a bank account at the time so making a contribution was cumbersome and time consuming – I understand that.  As for myself, it was a demeaning and embarrassing experience asking strangers for money to pay for personal expenses, monthly prescription medicine and other necessities to alleviate a portion of the financial burden being inadvertently placed on my aging mother.

I did not come from a lazy family of beggars, especially being the daughter of a proud Marine father (when being a Marine actually meant duty, honor, service and loyalty), and a mother who worked her way out of the cornfields to become an Executive Secretary after achieving an associate degree in business college.  Working and saving money from the age of 15, I have paid my own way throughout most of my life and never one time asked any person outside of family for help, until recently.

While other teenagers were dating and experiencing their drug of choice in the 1970s, I was baby-sitting almost daily and occasionally late into the night for my clients who were doctors, nurses and general party-goers during the summer months, then also sewed at night to make my clothes for the upcoming school year.  Years later, when unexpectedly, I became the single parent of an 11-month old baby; my parents moved to another state after my father’s retirement, and I was forced to take on two additional part-time jobs in addition to a full-time job as an Insurance Analyst to support myself and my daughter.

During this egregious ordeal my worst experience was when a well-known 9/11 truther whom I had petitioned for funds explained that my “reasons for financial assistance did not merit further contributions.”  That’s like telling someone to stop eating, quit bathing, or clothing themselves, all of which, in this cultural marxist inflated society, costs more to exist as a human being but not to live.  Needless to say, I was highly insulted and angered by this ‘person of means’.  I had waited more than a year before asking for the financial help because I hoped and prayed that somehow I would land a job – any job.  But, it wasn’t to be, at least not then.  My final words to this person; I hoped he would never be on the other side of the fence where I am now and be so harshly judged in the same manner.

I want to gratefully thank the readers that sent donations when I first asked for financial help.  There were approximately five readers that responded to my request; one gentleman in California sent donations over a period of several months and I want to thank him, again, for his financial generosity that helped me pay for medicine and gasoline during that time.

Thankfully, and while I still have a roof to live under the cosmos is putting me through more spiritual trials as a testament to the will of human endurance.  It is forcing me to reinvent myself and evolve into 21st century America with an updated skill set to support myself, re-establish my independence, and deliver my beloved mother from financial burden and despair.

The good news is Pragmatic Witness is preparing for a significant upgrade.  I still intend to regain my domain name if it hasn’t been taken by someone else.  I’m also planning to upgrade my WordPress account to have more control of the blog regarding certain content and where it comes from.  No longer would I be limited to just using YouTube videos, I could use LiveLeak, Vimeo or produce my own videos.  Months ago, Northerntruthseeker and I arranged a weekly internet radio program, which is ready to go, however, I was recovering from the nearly four-month long bout of sinusitis, then his personal life and career required more of his time, so we were forced to put the show on hold until a later date.  I’ve now decided to produce the show independently with NTS contributing when he is available.

And finally, I will be producing my own written articles instead of just re-publishing someone else’s work.  This will require more of my time to research the topic or subject and the content provided.  Operating an information blog especially the type of information Pragmatic Witness regularly provides requires massive amounts of time to investigate and cross reference, patience and the occasional retraction of an issue or matter that may be misconstrued as misinformation, which is exactly what I want to avoid like the plague.  I’m not perfect because I’m human, but I can promise you, the readers, that I will always do my utmost best to deliver the most relevant, pivotal and truthful information on events occurring around the world and in America.  That always was and still is my sincere goal for this blog.  I want my readers to feel secure and confidant that when they arrive at this site, they can be assured they are not being led down a primrose path of disinformation.

Yet, personal time and upgrades require donations.  Within a week you should be seeing a PayPal icon at the top of the site.  I realize that it is far easier to make a donation in this manner and with less hassle.  The difference now is that all donations regardless of amount will go toward site upgrades, re-establishing domain name and other costs involved to make Pragmatic Witness one of the best and truthful information blogs around.  Again, that will depend on you dear reader.  When enough donations are received you will begin seeing the upgrades and changes, i.e., such as radio Podcasts, etc.

Regardless of what happens with this blog, I will continue to seek full-time employment with a good company (?), marketing our families’ recipes locally, sell vintage items on Ebay, and there are even plans for creating and producing affordable design jewelry.  There has always been a creative instinct roaming around inside my brain; I just did not have the courage, commitment and self-esteem required to persevere and realize my own dreams.

Maybe Americans really did have it too easy, because it’s taken the crumbling, downfall of this nation to awaken my inner spirit and realize the truth and with that I began to see there was far more positive, creative goodness within myself to not just survive but really live life fully in the service of my fellow human beings.


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  1. Snorting warm saltwater [quality salt i.e. celtic sea salt] twice a day is a traditional preventative and cure for sinus problems, also eliminating milk and excess protein from diet will help, a slice of onion dipped in hot water and sipped also helps with runny nose symptoms, poor circulation is often involved so cycling or similar excercise will improve this…

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