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Yes, It has been a while since I posted any of my own material over here at Pragmatic Witness… I do have my own personal life, and I have been concentrating on much of my own material over at Northerntruthseeker (

Just earlier this evening, I made my usual phone call to Whitewraithe primarily to chat and to talk about events happening in our world today… She informed me that she has been suffering from another serious sinus infection and that this one has been a doozy… I made a promise to her that after our short talk, I would put her status up here for everyone, and so that everyone can wish her a speedy recovery…

One good note that Wraithe has not yet shared with everyone is the fact that she has landed a fabulous job which starts as of this Monday! She is so excited and ecstatic about the prospects of finally getting back into the work force and being able to get her feet back on the ground. She has truly had a difficult time over the last few years with being unemployed and constantly suffering from stress that most probably has done its worse in aggravating her bad sinuses…. Now I am crossing my own fingers that she is able to get better and the new job will help to get her self confidence back….

In the meantime, I will also be putting up some material here at her site over the next while… Again, it has been a while since I posted here at Pragmatic Witness, and I do hope that my own material is at least as great as Whitewraithe’s…..

I hope that everyone does wish Wraithe a speedy recovery and I hope that everyone is able to send a congratulations for her getting back into the workforce. The lady has had a real rough time over the last while and hopefully this is a turn for the better…

In the meantime, and as usual…

More to come


5 thoughts on “Status Of Whitewraithe

  1. Wraithe SINUS condition bothers me… I need to put my HEALTHUMB to work and see if I can come up with a preventive treatment that will free her from this crap. Sometimes I am magic with illnesses… I have cured myself of 3 nasty chronic conditions with everyone around me looking at me sideways as the village idiot… and still even after I have LIVING proof that I indeed found the solution, those whom I advise to trust the simple home-remedy fail to wake up out of their coma that Doctor knows best! Doctors failed me… and sold me snake oil to buy regularly at the JEWmarcy… that sent me to the hospital… where they poked holes in me that needed not be. My remedies are cheap, so cheap I don’t even track the cost… and I don’t even have to do anything except when I sense the problem is over-due(timewise) or I start feeling the beginning of symptoms… I do my trick and within 1/2 hour+… it’s all better and stays better!
    So, tell Wraithe indeed we wish her well.
    The original reason I came on this time though, was to let her know that I have an entry at sheoplenews dot com [Connect D.O.T.S.][GermanyBRICS] which prompted me to want to hear her opinion as to this bit being the drop over the bucket that will cause the KIKEs to trigger WW III somehow, via yet another falseflag [3-ISRAELI-kids being 1, Flight M17 another, …] being the most 2 recent ones, if you don’t include the LIE about the IDF soldier… GERMANY having made a request to accelerate their inclusion in BRICS! wow! Sieg Heil!

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