”Then you will see this and rejoice, and your heart will be thrilled with joy, because the riches of the sea will be brought to you. The wealth of the nations will come to you.” – Isaiah 60:5

“This will be a PERPETUAL source of wealth for the NATION that CONTROLS the DEAD SEA.”

The Dead Sea from Earths Orbit. 25 miles east of Jerusalem; 53 miles long, 10 miles wide, and 13,000 feet deep at its greatest depth. Being 1310 feet below sea level, it's surrounded by hills and mountains, which make it an immense hole in the ground.   The Jordan River pours 7 million tons of water into the Dead Sea every DAY, 24 hours a day. There is NO ESCAPE of that water except through evaporation and the MINERALS contained in the water are ALL left behind IN the Dead Sea.  "This will be a PERPETUAL source of wealth for the NATION that CONTROLS the DEAD SEA."
The Dead Sea from Earths Orbit.
25 miles east of Jerusalem; 53 miles long, 10 miles wide, and 13,000 feet deep at its greatest depth. Being 1310 feet below sea level, it’s surrounded by hills and mountains, which make it an immense hole in the ground.
The Jordan River pours 7 million tons of water into the Dead Sea every DAY, 24 hours a day. There is NO ESCAPE of that water except through evaporation and the MINERALS contained in the water are ALL left behind IN the Dead Sea.
“This will be a PERPETUAL source of wealth for the NATION that CONTROLS the DEAD SEA.”

The intelligence joke for the past 60 years has been…
If the Jews are God’s chosen people, he gave them the one place in the Middle East that doesn’t have any oil, resources… or anything worth selling”


”Whomever controls the Dead Sea in the 21st century… controls the world”

”With the tremendous world-wide food shortage that threatens mankind, any would-be dictator would take high risks to capture a treasure like this which could furnish enough fertilizer for the whole world, and with its other chemicals provide the explosives needed to subdue all its enemies!”

”a motive for desiring Palestine. It may be the only motive: “And the Rothschilds? They have fed from behind and through fronts,’ as dictated to the family by patriarch Meyer Amschel Rothschild, nearly 250 years ago. The late Ben Freedman of the Speyer banking family, showed me a report on the estimated value of the mineral deposits of the Dead Sea prepared for the 1917 Lord Rothschild, at a time when Lord Mond controlled nickel, the Guggenheims controlled copper, Lord Swathling (Montague) controlled Anglo-Dutch oil, and Oppenheimer monopolized De Beers diamonds and South African gold. President Franklin Roosevelt’s son-in-law, Col. Curtis Dall, who had been with Wall Street’s Lehman bankers in the 1930s, refers to this geological report, made public in 1923, in his book which he gave me, Israel’s Five Trillion Dollar Secret, published privately in 1977. ‘The well-veiled objective of the Zionists backed by the Rothschild financial interests, was to acquire valid title to the Dead Sea, with its vast, inexhaustible deposits of potash and other minerals, estimated by experts to be worth several thousand billions of dollars’
Power Behind Globalism Exposed:Britain’s Balfour Declaration of 1917 – By Dr. Robert John in a Special reprint of The Barnes Review

ISRAEL… A ROTHSCHILD ‘RESOURCE AND FOSSIL FUEL’ THEFT! (plain and simple… ‘the facts are the facts’)

ISRAEL – ROTHSCHILDS’ FRANKENSTEINS MONSTER (loving the term use) – 9/11 and Israel

JUDAISM AND ZIONISM… ACCURATLEY PUT!… ‘the facts are the facts’

(this what people  I cared for deeply lost their lives over… trillions of dollars worth of minerals deposited in and around The Dead Sea)…
Control of the planets resources does NOT necessarily mean control of ‘oil’, ‘gas’ or any other fossil fuel.
The major resources for the 21st century are likely to be:-
-The multi trillion dollar (10’s of trillions? 100’s?) mineral wealth deposited in and around The Dead Sea,  Israel (estimated to be almost $5trillion in 1977)

libya man made

One of the objectives of the US/NATO invasion of Libya, was to seize control of ‘The Great Man Made River’, and areas of the Sahara desert that have the potential to mine Phosphates (crucial to control of the global food supply)

Libya’s “Water Wars” and Gaddafi`s Great Man-Made River Project


Afghanistan mineral deposits
Afghanistan mineral deposits

One of the main objectives for the invasion of Afghanistan, was to seize control of the Lithium (essential in computer and electronic industry), and other mineral ore deposits in the mountainous regions, and other regions of the country.
“The War is Worth Waging”: Afghanistan’s Vast Reserves of Minerals and Natural Gas – The War on Afghanistan is a Profit driven “Resource War”.

Afghanistan as Next Lithium Motherlode

A Pentagon Memo described Afghanistan as the ‘Saudi Arabia for Lithium’…
Summaries of Important Areas for Mineral Investment and Production Opportunities of Nonfuel Minerals in Afghanistan

In 2007, USGS scientists acquired airborne hyperspectral data for most of Afghanistan as part of an Oil and Natural Gas Resources Project assessment. Like they didn't get the 50 year old information from the Soviets!
In 2007, USGS scientists acquired airborne hyperspectral data for most of Afghanistan as part of an Oil and Natural Gas Resources Project assessment.
Like they didn’t get the 50 year old information from the Soviets!

It is believed that among other things (Natural Gas, strategically vital pipeline routes… the production of heroin), the country holds $3 trillion in untapped mineral deposits. In December 2013, President Karzai claimed the mineral deposits are actually worth $30 trillion.
Mining in Afghanistan – Wikipedia

-I’ve been told around $9 trillion (take it from me… $9 trillion as it stands)

The Dead Sea, what is now Israel. Some experts have stated the minerals and resources held in and around The Dead Sea will be VITAL to global food supply and agriculture industry in the 21st Century. ''whoever controls the Dead Sea, controls the world''
The Dead Sea, what is now Israel.
Some experts have stated the minerals and resources  deposited in and around The Dead Sea, will be VITAL to the  global food supply and agriculture industry in the 21st Century.
”whoever controls the Dead Sea, controls the world”


JUDAISM AND ZIONISM… ACCURATLEY PUT!… ‘the facts are the facts’

The Zionists plan for a 'Greater Israel'... is this based upon an ancient Biblical belief... or the knowledge of the vast and extraordinary mineral wealth in the area?
The Zionists plan for a ‘Greater Israel’… is this based upon an ancient Biblical belief… or the knowledge of the vast and extraordinary mineral and resource wealth in the area

“The Israeli Dream”: The Criminal Roadmap Towards “Greater Israel”?

In 2009, I ‘accidently’ stumbled upon a document in The London History Museum Archives, pertaining to the MASSIVE Mineral Wealth deposited in and around The Dead Sea, what is now Israel.

Production of minerals from the waters of the Dead Sea. Reports, etc., relating to preliminary investigations, 1923-1925. Author: Palestine.  Publisher: [London] Published on behalf of the Govt. of Palestine, by the Crown Agents for the Colonies [1925]  ... NOT the actual cover of the document! Only three in existence, those in the British Museum, Colonial office, and House of Commons.   (the rest have been destroyed).
Production of minerals from the waters of the Dead Sea. Reports, etc., relating to preliminary investigations, 1923-1925.
Author: Palestine.
Publisher: [London] Published on behalf of the Govt. of Palestine, by the Crown Agents for the Colonies [1925]

NOT the actual cover of the document! Only three in existence, those in the British Museum, Colonial office, and House of Commons. (the rest have been destroyed).

The British Government knew of it’s potential in 1927 (possibly before)… it was valued in the hundreds of billions, at the beginning of the 20th century…

1917 Balfour Declaration Dear Lord Rothschild
November 2 – 1917 – Balfour Declaration
‘Dear Lord Rothschild I have much pleasure in conveying to you on behalf of His Majesty’s Government the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations, which has been submitted to and approved by the Cabinet: ‘His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.’ I should be grateful if you would bring this Declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation. Yours sincerely, Arthur James Balfour”


palestine for jews


Mineral Wealth in Dead Sea is Worth $4,000,000,000, Says Sir Herbert Samuel

The mineral wealth of the Dead Sea, the reputed bed of Sodom and Gemorrah, is estimated to be eight hundred million pounds Sterling and equivalent of $4,000,000,000, a sum which would be sufficient to pay the expenses of all nations who participated in the World War, declared Sir Herbert Samuel, former High Commissioner of Palestine in a lecture he delivered last night at the Westbourne Park Baptist Church.

The difficulty, however, is, the former High Commissioner stated, that there must necessarily be great delay in obtaining and working the concession for the extraction of this wealth. Sir Herbert expressed the belief that Palestine when developed fully under the British Mandate would create an opportunity for three million Jews to settle and live there under the best conditions.

“There is in every respect cause for satisfaction with the British work in the Holy Land,” he said

The Jewish Transcript – March 1 1929 – MINERAL WEALTH IN DEAD SEA IS WORTH $4,000,000,000 SAYS SIR HERBERT SAMUEL

Israel's five trillion dollar secret – January 1, 1977  by Curtis B Dall
Israel’s five trillion dollar secret – January 1, 1977
by Curtis B Dall


dead sea4
Israel Science & Technology: Resource-Based Industries

Israel’s reputation as a country bereft of natural resources, surrounded by a sea of oil, is not entirely true. The Dead Sea contains rich deposits of minerals and there are major reserves of phosphates in the Negev desert. Together with local technological expertise and innovative industrial processes, these resources are the basis for a large and sophisticated chemicals industry.

Since the 1980s, this industry has rapidly developed its ability to extract minerals and create high-value end-user products such as fertilizers and pesticides, petrochemicals and plastics. With a small domestic market, most of the products are sold overseas; indeed, many of the companies in the chemicals and petrochemicals sectors are large corporations with an increasingly global reach. In the past five years, some $1.3 billion has been spent acquiring foreign companies, principally in Europe and Latin America, strengthening the industry’s marketing capacity.

In 1999, resource-based industrial exports reached nearly $3 billion. Sales of chemicals have tripled over the last decade, amounting to $8 billion – some 14% of the country’s total industrial production.

Herzl’s Vision

While the considerable income generated from Israel’s minerals could not possibly have been foreseen a century ago, Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern political Zionism, did envisage a flourishing industry based on the mineral riches of the Dead Sea. This vision was primarily based on the data collected by a U.S. Navy captain, W.F. Lynch, who carried out a geological survey of the Dead Sea region in 1848. Lynch reported that the basin – which at 400 meters below sea level is the lowest point on earth – was rich in phosphates, potash and bromine.

However, the region’s searing heat and isolation discouraged entrepreneurs from exploiting its resources until 1931, when Moses Novomeysky, a Russian-born industrial pioneer, persuaded the British Mandatory authorities to grant him a license to extract minerals from the Dead Sea. A year later, Novomeysky opened a factory at its northern end, and in 1934 a second plant was opened near the biblical site of Sodom. Prior to Israel’s independence in 1948, the factory was mining 8,000 tons of potash and bromine per year and employed 2,000 workers. However, the endeavor failed even to cover its costs, and after Israel lost control of the northern part of the Dead Sea during the War of Independence, the southern plant became even more isolated.

In 1948, Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, decided to nationalize the operation and to keep it running as a symbolic presence at the Dead Sea. In the early years, the Dead Sea Works failed to show a profit, but continued to operate until new technologies caused a remarkable turnaround in the company’s fortunes.

Dead Sea Treasures

Dead Sea Works Ltd. (DSW) is now a major subsidiary of Israel Chemical Industries Ltd. (ICL), a highly integrated and diversified multinational corporation with sales of close to two billion dollars annually, of which 75% is exported. ICL was privatized in 1994 (the government retains a 2% interest) and is part owned by the Israel Corporation (52%), with the rest of the shares traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange or owned by Canada’s Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan.

Situated on the site of the original plant near Sodom, DSW has an exclusive license to mine a range of minerals from the Dead Sea, and manufactures a broad selection of products for commercial use. The change in DSW’s fortunes began in the early 1980s when a new method of increasing the concentration of potash extracted from the Dead Sea was developed. Potash (potassium chloride – KCl), along with nitrogen and phosphorous, is essential for plant growth and is thus the basic ingredient in a range of fertilizers. By pouring extra brine into production basins containing the already highly salty water, the concentration of potash in the water was raised from 2% to 23%. In addition, the revolutionary cold crystallization process, developed and implemented in the 1980s, made it possible to extract potash at moderate instead of hot temperatures, thereby cutting energy costs. Further savings in DSW’s energy bills was achieved by the generation of electricity from the steam given off by a by-product of the potassium. At the same time, computerization of manufacturing functions, such as a conveyor belt that shifts the potash through the mountains to a railway line, have also reduced costs. Together, these innovations have enhanced the natural advantage that DSW has over its worldwide competitors, who extract potash from under the ground. In 1998, DSW produced a record 2.8 million tons of potash, as well as an additional 800,000 tons of granulated potash, compacted for subsequent bulk blending with other fertilizers. This is achieved by a workforce of 2,200, just 10% more than it took to produce 8,000 tons 50 years ago. About 7% of the potash is exported directly; most of the remaining amount is sold to local fertilizer manufacturers, who then export their products. In 1998, DSW enjoyed profits of $50 million, of which 71% were derived from potash. DSW’s investment program is geared to increase production capacity in the coming years to 3.2 million tons annually.

The Dead Sea also contains magnesium salts, which can be mined – using a unique technology introduced by immigrant scientists from Russia – and cast into metal (karnelite). This process is carried out by Dead Sea Magnesium (DSM), 65% of which is owned by DSW and 35% by the German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen. The DSM site near Sodom, established in 1996, is the largest industrial project in Israel. DSM produced about 25,000 tons of magnesium metal in 1998, the company’s first full year of operations. Magnesium is half the weight of aluminum, far more durable, and capable of resisting temperatures of up to 1,800°C. Global magnesium metal consumption reached 350,000 tons in 1998, and demand for the lightweight metal by the automobile and aerospace industry is expected to increase rapidly in the first decade of the 21st century.

DSW also manufactures magnesium chloride flakes and pellets, mainly for use in de-icing, and anhydrous aluminum chloride for use as a catalyst in organic production processes. In addition, DSW produces a range of cosmetic products through its subsidiary Dead Sea Laboratories, which is marketed under the name Ahava, as well as chlorine-based products for water purification. DSW also mines 100,000 tons of table salt each year. The Dead Sea is also rich in lithium, which could have future potential use in the nuclear energy industry. DSW’s total sales are about $500 million annually.

Dead Sea Periclase (DSP), an additional subsidiary of Israel Chemicals, extracts magnesium salts from the Dead Sea for the manufacture of magnesium oxide (magnesia or periclase), used by the refractory industry for manufacturing steel able to withstand the very high temperatures and harsh conditions in furnaces over long periods. The magnesia is extracted from the extremely saline water of the Dead Sea (120 times saltier than regular sea water), through a unique decomposition process developed by local scientists. By this method, DSP produces 100,000 tons of magnesia each year, resulting in company sales of $50 million, more than 80% of which is exported. The product is purer than the magnesia produced elsewhere in the world, because no external substances are used in its manufacture. Typical purity levels exceed 99.4% with very low contamination levels of boron and silica. Due to this unique chemical purity, low porosity, high mechanical strength, high density and large crystal size, DSP’s magnesia outperforms ordinary products, and is applied in the most severe wear zones of furnaces, as well as in slide-gates and tap-hole blocks.

Another major mineral extracted from the Dead Sea by ICL is bromine. Through its subsidiary Dead Sea Bromine Group Ltd. (DSBG), ICL produces over 200,000 tons of bromine compounds per year. The company’s production plants near the Dead Sea and in the Netherlands supply 33% of the world’s consumption of bromine compounds, which are used in plastics as a flame retardant, and as organic intermediates and monomers for specialty polymers. Bromine compounds are also used as chemicals in water treatment, oil drilling, the photo industry, cosmetics, air conditioners and pesticides. DSBG, whose annual sales exceed $500 million, is aware of the environmental damage that its products can cause. The company is therefore a signatory to the Montreal Protocol of the United Nations, conducts research to prevent possible damage of the ozone layer and allocates major resources to quality control.

Phosphates, Fertilizers and Agrochemicals

Phosphate rock is mined from three sites in the Negev, south and east of Be’er Sheva, by Rotem Amfert Negev Ltd., another company in the ICL Group. The company extracts minerals and manufactures them into end products. The phosphate is mined and washed making it suitable for the manufacture of phosphoric acid, super-phosphates and complex fertilizers. Upgraded mining equipment and new technologies introduced in recent years have resulted in finer materials and increased recovery rates for the raw phosphate. When combined with potash mined from the Dead Sea and added to other chemicals (mainly nitrogen), phosphates produce high-quality fertilizers. The company manufactures P, PK, NPK and MKP fertilizers as well as NPK fully soluble fertilizers. Rotem Amfert Negev’s annual sales of both raw materials and phosphate rock, as well as downstream derivatives including phosphoric acid, specialty chemicals, phosphate salts and fertilizers, amount to $720 million per year, of which 95% is exported.

Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd., a Haifa-based subsidiary of ICL, manufactures a range of single and compounded fertilizers, both as liquids and granules, earning the company $100 million per year. It has developed over 100 products and over 800 product formulations, which provide farmers with a comprehensive package of fertilizers. These fertilizers cover the full range of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium formulations and the company’s professionals advise farmers in their correct use. Innovative fertilizers include fully soluble, low-nitrate and chlorine-free formulations for use in drip irrigation systems, and a slow-release NPK fertilizer that is released into the ground over three months.

Other major players in the field of fertilizers include Haifa Chemicals Ltd. and Makhteshim-Agan (MA) Industries Ltd. Owned by the U.S.-based Trans Resources Inc., Haifa Chemicals is the world’s largest manufacturer of potassium nitrate (KNO3). KNO3 fertilizers are completely absorbed by plants, leaving no harmful residues like chloride or sodium. Haifa Chemicals also markets “fertigation” systems – irrigation networks into which fertilizers can be introduced. In addition, Haifa Chemicals manufactures technical-grade potassium nitrate for industry. These products are used in the manufacture of glass, TV tubes, ceramics, pyrotechnics and heat treatment salts, as well as sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP), used in the detergents industry. Food-grade products are used for retaining moisture in processed meat, preventing discoloration in processed potatoes and ensuring the “meltability” and “spreadibility” of cheese.

MA Industries is the world’s largest manufacturers of generic pesticides and herbicides. Created by a merger of Makhteshim Chemicals Works Ltd. and Agan Chemical Manufacturers Ltd. in 1997, both owned by Koor Industries, MA Industries has combined sales of over one billion dollars, over 90% of which is exported. Its shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The company is ranked 10th globally in agro-chemical sales, and exports a broad range of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and plant growth regulators to over 100 countries. In recent years, MA Industries has acquired companies in Latin America and has become a leading player in the Brazilian agro-chemicals market, one of the largest in the world.

Ready-to-use formulations in various concentrations and combinations are available to suit differing geographic and climatic conditions worldwide, and technical-grade materials are supplied for formulation by overseas manufacturers. Leading insecticides include azinphos, carbaryl, chlorpyrifos, endosulfan, monocrotophos and methidathion. Fungicides include captan, folpet and captafol. MA Industries is also a global leader in the production of synthetic aroma products for the detergent and cosmetics industries, and manufactures fine chemicals, printing and photography chemicals, polyester resins, various industrial chemicals and natural antioxidants for the fast growing nutraceuticals market.

Petroleum and Plastics

Although it has established substantial overseas sales, Israel’s oil refinery and petrochemicals industry is not first and foremost export-oriented. Oil Refineries Ltd. (ORL), a government-private sector joint venture, was established to supply the local energy market. ORL manufactures the full range of petroleum products used locally, including gasoline, diesel, naphtha, kerosene, residual fuel oil (for industry), lubrication oils and bitumen. These are produced at its refineries in the Haifa Bay and Ashdod, while subsidiaries produce the main raw materials for the plastics industry. As a result of the company’s sophisticated and efficient processes, ORL generates more than 25% of its $2 billion in revenues from exports. ORL’s refineries have an annual capacity of 13 million tons of crude oil. Emphasis is now being placed on refining more environmentally friendly products, improving the quality of gasoline and reducing the sulfur content of unleaded gasoline from 0.08% to 0.05%. ORL’s main export products include vacuum gas oil, which is produced from high- quality distillates at the company’s new hydrocracker unit.

ORL’s subsidiary Gadiv Petrochemicals manufactures a range of petrochemical products (90% of which is exported) including aromatics and aliphatic solvents. Another ORL subsidiary, Carmel Olefins Ltd., manufactures a range of monomers and polymers for both the local and overseas plastics raw materials markets. These include ethylene, low-density polyethylene, polypropylene and expandable polystyrene (EPS). Israel Petrochemical Industries, also owned by ORL, manufactures similar products including ethylene, polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene. These plastics are used in the full range of contemporary applications used in daily life, from greenhouses to films, packaging to pipes, and in household utensils, toys, furniture, fibers, threads and ropes. Other major manufacturers produce organic products such as PVC, EDC and VCM and inorganic products including chlorine, caustic soda, caustic potash, hydrochloric acid, raw materials and intermediates for the detergent industry, thermosetting, melamine and urea-molding compounds, resins and adhesives, and inorganic pigments, water-based and synthetic paints, polyurethane, epoxies, varnishes, textured coatings and primers.

Gift of the Nile

No oil, but it looks like there is a lot of natural gas under Israel’s Mediterranean waters. Israeli and multinational companies have been drilling and have come up with early indications of huge natural gas reserves that could power local electricity generating plants and industry. Natural gas may sound less exciting than oil, but as a fuel it is cleaner and certainly no more expensive. Conveniently, Israel discovered its first substantial reserves just as the country was gearing up for its first large-scale imports of gas.

While it is premature to say how much gas there is until more exploratory wells have been drilled, there is good reason to suspect that it is plentiful – because neighboring Egypt itself has huge reserves. The Nile River contains organic matter – the basis for gas – which is carried north through Egypt and deposited in the Mediterranean Sea in an area called the Nile Cone. The organic matter, which drifts further north to Israel’s coast, is trapped by sand and pebbles, creating gas reserves there as well.


Dead Sea alive with mining activity

Dead Sea alive with mining activity1

The Dead Sea is proving to be a rich source of minerals, including potash. The Dead Sea Works is using a method developed by the company to mine these minerals and export them to the world at large.

By its name, the Dead Sea hardly conjures up a sense of prosperity. In Biblical times the desert region, known in Hebrew as the Salt Sea, was largely isolated. The harsh climate, with summer temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celsius in the shade, has made the area largely uninhabitable. But in modern times the Dead Sea, the lowest point on the earth’s surface, has turned into something of a gold mine, its mineral-rich waters producing billions of dollars’ worth of chemicals.

Located at the southwestern corner of the Dead Sea, just 10 kilometres past the ancient fortress of Masada, is one of Israel’s largest industrial complexes. It is owned by Israel Chemicals (ICL), a leading international chemical firm. More than 3,000 industrial workers are bussed in daily over distances of up to 100 kilometres to work at the huge complex. Potash and magnesium chloride are produced at the site from the highly saline waters of the sea, which straddles the border between Israel and Jordan. The riches of the sea have turned Israel and ICL’s Dead Sea Works subsidiary into the world’s fourth largest producer of potash, a leading fertiliser.

Unique method
In most parts of the world, potash is mined. But Dead Sea Works (DSW) has developed a unique method of extracting the mineral from seawater. The technology is based on the use of evaporation ponds that take advantage of the region’s high temperatures and low humidity. The average annual temperature is 35 degrees Celsius, and rainfall amounts to only 50 millimetres a year. Even in the winter, daytime temperatures rarely fall below 20 degrees Celsius. “The climatic conditions at the Dead Sea enable us to harness the sun and make use of the high level of evaporation to produce potash,” says Oded Harel, manager of operations and process engineering at DSW.

The Dead Sea mining area is crisscrossed by 2-metre-deep evaporation ponds. Each pond is about 6 square kilometres in size, and the ponds are divided into two categories: salt ponds and carnallite ponds. The latter form the basis for the production of the potash.

The salt ponds hold the brine that is not needed in the industrial production process. The carnallite is removed from the harvester ponds by a raft-like harvester developed by DSW. Manned by two-member teams, the harvesters are connected to the shore by a network of cables that allow them to manoeuvre between the various ponds.

The process itself works by suctioning carnallite-rich slurry through an intake valve. The harvester then pumps the slurry into a series of floating pipes that run along the surface of the carnellite ponds to the shore. Two plants based on cold and hot leach-crystallisation processes decompose the carnallite and turn it into potash. The production process continues 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The entire cycle from the harvesting to the actual production takes only five hours.

Potash in grades
“We produce three different grades of potash, and each one is earmarked for a different segment of the market,” says Eyal Yaffe, DSW plant manager in charge of compacting and logistics. The standard potash, easily recognised by its large crystals, is used for direct agricultural applications. It is primarily used in developing countries where potash is distributed by hand. The thin-crystal potash is used for the production of downstream products. The third grade, called “granulated,” is used in the bulk-blending of potash and is produced using a compacting process.

Once production is completed, the potash is stored in huge piles that are clearly visible at the entrance to the extensive complex. “The climatic conditions allow us to store material outside and ship it as market conditions warrant,” says Eli Amon, DSW sales manager. He adds that the size of the potash piles is a clear indication of the state of the market. These days the piles are very low. With a very tight market, potash is shipped out through Israel’s southern Red Sea port of Eilat or the Mediterranean port of Ashdod within a matter of days following production.

“More than 90 percent of our Dead Sea production is exported to about 60 countries in all parts of the globe,” says Amon. The company’s biggest markets are Brazil, China, India and Western Europe. Demand for potash is growing at 2 to 3 percent a year. However growth in demand in Brazil and China is more than double that.

The annual world production of potash is around 45 million tonnes. Israel ranks fourth, after Canada, Russia and Germany. The DSW plant currently produces 3.3 million tonnes of potash annually. The Dead Sea plant is currently producing at full capacity, due to the strong demand worldwide for potash. Over the years the plant has been continuously expanded and is now in the process of increasing production to 3.6 million tonnes. In addition to its plant at the Dead Sea, Israel Chemicals produces 2 million tonnes at plants in Spain and Britain, where the potash is mined using traditional methods.

The Dead Sea has another major advantage. Unlike mines around the world it has an almost unlimited supply of potash. “There are enough minerals in the waters of the Dead Sea to last for more than a thousand years,” predicts DSW operations manager Harel. With those kind of reserves, the Dead Sea will continue to help feed the world’s growing population for centuries to come.

A family affair
Natan Besser’s day begins at the crack of dawn. By 6 a.m. he catches a company bus that picks up workers in Dimona, a town 45 kilometres from the Dead Sea Works. The ride down the winding road leading to the Dead Sea takes just under an hour.

By the time he gets there, the heat is already intense. After suiting up, Besser and his team of 14 workers hop into 4X4 vehicles that take them to the ponds. Two-man teams operate each of the five raft-like harvesters that collect the carnallite that serves as the basis for the production of potash. The other four provide services to the operators.

Besser says that despite the harsh conditions, things have gotten easier over the years. Nowadays everything, including the harvesters, is air-conditioned, he says. But the work schedule is tough. With round-the-clock operation, workers have 12 days on the job and four days off.

But “the company,” as he calls DSW, is sort of a family affair for Besser. His father worked there for 28 years and seven years ago his son joined him. Besser sees DSW as a great place to work and says the company takes care of its workers. “If this weren’t the case, you wouldn’t find so many second- and third-generation family members working here,“ he says.

Dead Sea alive with mining activity


dead sea
dead sea

Mineral Wealth of the Dead Sea

The Defender

Mineral Wealth of the Dead Sea
When divine providence opened the great fissure from northern Syria through the Jordan valley to the Dead Sea, there was prepared one of the most remarkable phenomena of the earth. This little inland lake is 140 square miles in area. Its distinctive features are that it lies 1300 feet below sea level, and it has no outlet. Every day the Jordan and lesser streams pour 6,000,000 tons of water into it, and although there is no outlet the level shows practically no variation. The hot and constant sun carries away in vapor as much water AS flows in – no more, no less. But this evaporation does not carry away the mineral atoms drawn from the soil of the surrounding countries by the trickling of water that finds its way into the sea. Thus, for centuries its bed has been a reservoir of mineral matter, which imparts its quality to the water. Though the water does not increase in volume, it has through the centuries been increasing in mineral qualities. It is five times as soft and buoyant as ocean water. No life can exist in it. Through all the centuries nature has been gathering this mineral wealth. The world is now astounded by its immensity. So long as it was held by the Turk no advantage could be taken of it, but now that it has passed into the hands of Great Britain it is to be developed and utilised. The British and Palestine governments have appointed experts to determine its approximate wealth, and their report is almost unbelievable. They value its mineral wealth at 1,190,000,000,000 dollars. The United States is richer than the next five nations of the world, but this sea is almost three times as valuable as the entire wealth of the United States.
A merger has been effected between the leading chemical companies of Great Britain for the exploiting of this wealth. The company is known as “The Imperial Chemicals Ltd.” Wealthy Jews in large number are interested in the merger. It has a content, according to the report of this committee of the leading chemists of the world, of 1,300,000,000 tons of potash, valued at 750,000,000,000 dollars; 853,000,000 tons of bromide, valued at 47.500,000 dollars;
11,900,000,000 tons of salt, valued at 47,500.000 dollars; 81,000,000 tons of gypsum, valued at 1,200,000 dollars: and 22,000,000,000 tons of magnesium chloride, valued at 825,000,000,000 dollars. There are other minerals in smaller quantities. The exploitation, which will commence as soon as arrangements can be made, will be the greatest commercial enterprise ever undertaken by man. It will bring wealth to Palestine and be of great blessing to the world. The soil around the sea is bituminous, and it is possible that vast quantities of oil lie under it. We wonder if this may not be the fulfilment of the Old Testament prophecies concerning the great wealth of Palestine and its people.
One of the provisions of the concession is that the farmers of Palestine are to be furnished nitrates for fertilizers at cost. It is believed that this will result in refertilizing the denuded and neglected soil of Palestine, and made it again a land “flowing with milk and honey.”
Some fear is entertained that this marvelous wealth will tempt the cupidity of Russia and lead to an alliance between that country and the Asiatic peoples, and bring on the great war that has been feared by many. German chemical concerns have tried to gain a partial control of these resources. It will not be easy for the surrounding nations to see Great Britain and Palestine alone reaping such unmeasured wealth. -“The Defender.”
Mineral Wealth of the Dead Sea


The Dead Sea...
The Dead Sea…


by George Armstrong

Chapter 6

Palestine and Theodor Herzl

In 1896 Austrian journalist and playwright Theodor Herzl (1860-1904) who founded the Zionist movement was the first person to write of “the Jewish Question” when he wrote, “The Jewish State. A modern attempt to solve the JEWISH QUESTION!” All these years the NSDAP has been unjustly blamed for talking about “A final solution to the Jewish Question” when the suggestion was Herzl’s.

His Majesty’s government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of the existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.” – Balfour Declaration.

Mineral Wealth of Dead Sea

The value of the minerals of the Dead Sea is estimated at five trillion dollars. This estimate appears to be optimistic but it is supported in part by the report of the Crown Agents of the British Colonies entitled “Production of Minerals From the Waters of the Dead Sea” (page 2). It is alleged that all copies of this booklet containing this report have been destroyed except those in the British Museum, Colonial office, and House of Commons. This official report estimates the minerals, except oil, in 1925 as follows: Magnesium Chloride, 22,000 tons, value 600 billion dollars; Potassium Chloride, 20,000 tons, value 75 billion dollars; other minerals valued at 1,200 billion dollars; or a total of about three trillion dollars, exclusive of oil (The Palestine Mystery, pages 12 and 13).

This enormous value staggers the imagination. I am unable to appraise the effect on the human race if the Zionists gain undisputed title to it, or if it should be devoted to public use.

This huge concession was first granted by the British Colonial Secretary to the Russian Zionist Moise Novemeysky in 1923 and finally granted on January 1, 1930, by the British House of Lords to “Palestine Potash Limited”, a joint stock company. This company, so far as known, is composed wholly of American, British, and Russian Zionist Jews. Mr. H.H. Klein, a patriotic Jew, states that there are 1500 American stockholders and that they organized themselves into a corporation known as “Palestine Associates Inc.,” with a capital of $400,000,000 and that this group owns 581,000 shares of the parent company. He states that Moise Novemeysky owns 30,000 shares; that Casenove Nominees Ltd., owns 221,075 shares; that Palestine Economic Corporation, dominated by the Warburgs, owns 45,111 shares, and that the Anglo Palestine Bank Nominees owns 42,935 shares. He says also that Palestine Potash Ltd. has three American directors, viz: Benjamin Brodie, Julius Simons, and Robert Szold, whose brother is a member of the banking firm of Lehman Bros.

Mr. H. H. Klein says of the British concession and the protocols:

“The aim of Zionist leaders was to establish a Jewish state in Palestine. Why?

‘Was it in order to fulfill the plan outlined in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, for world conquest; or was it to protect the concession from the exploitation of all the chemical wealth in the Dead Sea in Palestine, estimated at five thousand billion (five trillion) dollars?

“If it is for the purpose of world conquest, then Jews have been fatally deceived, because Zionist leaders and their financier backers maintain that the Protocols are a forgery. If it is for the purpose of extracting chemical wealth from the Dead Sea, then Jews have been shamefully imposed upon because that purpose has never been mentioned by Zionist leaders.

“If the Protocols are a ‘forgery’ whatever that may mean, it is the most remarkable ‘forgery’ ever perpetrated because every step outlined in that amazing document of over 30.000 words, is an accomplished fact. This so-called forgery was published fifty years ago. At that time, the value of the chemicals of the Dead Sea was known to the financial backers of Theodor Herzl who is known as the ‘father of Zionism’.”

The financial backers of Theodor Herzl were M. A. Rothschild & Son of Paris and N. M. Rothschild & Son of London. Mr. Klein confirms the opinion expressed by Henry Ford in The International Jew, viz: That the protocols explain current history. There can be no reasonable question about the authenticity of the protocols and the fact that they were adopted by World Zionist Jewry and that they represent the plan of the Zionist Jews for creating a World Empire. The first and second World Wars were for that purpose and so, likewise, was the Jewish invasion of Palestine. That was also the purpose of the League of Nations and is the purpose of the United Nations – all Zionist enterprises. Mr. Klein says further that the “American Group,” owners of 51,000 shares of Palestine Potash, Ltd., incorporated in 1930 under the name of “Palestine Associates, Inc.,” and that “at least seven of the directors of this corporation are members of the American Jewish Committee.” He says that ex-Governor of New York Herbert H. Lehman has been honorary head of Palestine Economic Corporation for many years and that this corporation “owns banks, water companies, land holding companies, hotels, and agricultural corporations in Palestine.” He says that these facts have been concealed from the Jews and that they have been used as tools by their Zionist leaders. Henry Morgenthau, Jr. is now at the head of this corporation.

The “Balfour Declaration” was made in a letter from Lord Balfour to Lord Rothschild. This same Lord Rothschild was a member of the Zionist International Conference at Bazle, Switzerland in 1897 that adopted the Protocols. This same Lord Rothschild was also a member of the British House of Lords that gave this huge wealth to Palestine Potash Ltd. The Rothschild interests are at the head of political Zionism and they promoted the invasion of Palestine. Their position in our government and financial system is such that they can bring about deflation and a third world war.

A Gigantic Steal

If Palestine has one fourth of its estimated mineral value it will enable the Zionists to control the destiny of the peoples of the world. The Zionist invasion of Palestine is a gigantic steal and an infamous outrage against Christian civilization. Under present circumstances it means a third world war and that the new state of Israeli will line up with the Bolsheviks. The only way to avoid it and to assure permanent peace is to destroy the Rothschild agencies, – alias Zionist Wall Street. It is indeed the best way to restore the solvency of our country and of the world, and to restore constitutional government.

The “Balfour Declaration” to Lord Rothschild and the gift of this fabulous wealth to him and his fellow Zionists is evidence that he and his fellow Zionists then controlled the British Empire. If the British Government were authorized to give it to the Zionists they had the power to keep it or to give it to us as security for our donations, or to give it to the United Nations for the preservation of world peace. They gave it to the war-promoting Zionists for the obvious purpose of promoting Zionism.

Theodor Herzl

Theodor Herzl, of Austria, was the founder of Political Zionism. It was established at a secret convention of Zionist leaders August 29th to 31st, 1897, in Bazle, Switzerland. It was at this convention that the “Bazle Programme” – the Protocols were adopted. Herzl presided at the conference and it was due to his untiring energy and zeal that the conference was called. The object of the Bazle Programme was to unite the scattered Jews of the world into a separate and independent nation and a World Empire. The “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” represent their method of accomplishing this end, and evidently Herzl was one of the authors.

The Zionists revere Herzl as their messiah. They transferred his remains from Austria by airplane and reburied them with pomp and ceremony in Jerusalem. They published a very laudatory “Memorial” of him under the auspices of “The New Palestine,” official organ of the Zionist Organization of America edited by Meyer W. Weisgal, and copyrighted in 1929 by “The New Palestine.” This Memorial contains many laudatory contributions by prominent Jews. It contains also Theodor Herzl’s diary, admitting that it was censored and expurgated by the editors. This diary is an interesting history of Herzl’s effort to arouse the Jews to the importance of nationalization, and of his financial difficulties and sacrifices in doing so.

Palestine was not the ancestral home of the Khazar and Ashkenazim Jews. That is only a pretense for obtaining its mineral wealth and the creation of a Zionist Empire. The Jews have always had good homes in America and all other countries in which they have lived. They are the usurers of the work and have always been. They were designated the aristocrats of Europe by the Zionist leader Samuel Untermeyer. They are not farmers. I have never known or heard of a Jew farmer an, I have lived a long time and farmed in three states, viz: Texas, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. Some of them OWN farms, but they do not work them. There may be some “displaced” Jews but we support them. If given the best farms in America or Palestine they would not work them. They don’t know how to farm and farming in Palestine or America is not their purpose. They farm the Christians, not the land.

The ancestors of the small Sephardic tribe once lived in Asia. but their descendants constitute only about 5% of the present Jewish population. The present day Jews, including the Rothschilds, are either of the Ashkenazi or Khazar tribes. These Jews are and always have been nomadic predatory people. It was a company of these Jews that bought and sold Joseph. They have always been traders and the dealers in slavery and narcotics and usury. The Roosevelt fortune was founded by a Jewish opium smuggler.

A few days after the adjournment of the first Bazle convention, to-wit, on September 3, 1897, Herzl said of it in his dairy

“If I were to subsume the Bazle Congress in one word which I shall not do openly – it would be this: at Bazle I founded the Jewish State” (Diaries of Theodor Herzl, page 149).

They appointed an “inner action committee” at this first Congress and founded the “Jewish Colonial Bank.” He says, (page 151):

“The Bazle Congress represents the creation of the Society of Jews for the Jewish State . . . The work of the next few years will be the creation of the Jewish Company, temporarily called the Jewish Colonial Bank.”

The protocols obviously represent the programme of their secret “Inner Action Committee.”

Kaiser Wilhelm Interested

Herzl first sought the aid of Kaiser Wilhelm. He says of the Kaiser in his diary, October 19, 1898:

“The Kaiser, in the dark uniform of a Hussar, came toward me. I stood still and made a deep bow. He came up to me, almost to the door, and offered me his hand. I believe he said that he was glad to see me, or something like that. I said: ‘Your Imperial Majesty, I am happy to be the recipient of this distinction.’ . . .

“He soon took over the lead and explained why he considered the Zionist movement of worth. Unfortunately I was an embarrassed listener, and I had to exert all my strength in preparing the replies, so that I have not been able to retain all the details. He never mentioned the Jews except as my ‘Landsleute’ – and not in an exactly friendly tone. He had no doubt that we had sufficient money and manpower at our disposal to carry out the colonization of Palestine. Here my attention failed a little, for I was observing my own impression that my three years of work have made of the world ‘Zionism,’ a terme recu, which the Kaiser used freely in speaking with me.

“‘There are,’ he said, ‘among your Landsleute certain elements which it would be well to have immigrate into Palestine. I am thinking, for instance, of those cases where there are a number of usurers among the country people. If these were to take their wealth and settle in the colonies, they would make themselves more useful.’ These were his words, more or less.

“The Kaiser observed that he believed the Jews would set about the colonization of Palestine if they knew that he would keep them under his protection, and that they really would not be leaving Germany.

“I said: ‘Your Excellency, that is purely a matter of money. As a writer I regret to have to say it.’

“I felt my arguments growing stronger and stronger under the encouragement of the Kaiser’s approval” (Pages 154-5).

Herzl later met the Kaiser in Palestine, to-wit, on October 28, 1898. He said of this meeting:

“He laughed, and flashed with his kingly eyes: “‘How are you?’

“‘I thank Your Majesty. I am seeing the country. How has your Majesty’s journey been so far?’”His eyes flashed.

“‘Very hot. But the land has a future.’

“‘At present it is still sick,’ I said . . .

“‘It needs water, much water,’ he said, speaking downward at me.

“‘Yes, Your Majesty. Colonization on a grand scale.’

“He repeated: ‘It is a land of the future.’

“The spectators of Mikveh Israel were utterly dazed. A few of them asked who that had been. The Rothschild administrators looked timid and irritated . . .

“‘The settlements which I have seen, the German as well as those of your Landsleute, may serve as a model of what can be done in this country. The land has room for all. Only provide water and shade. For the native population, too, the colonies can serve as models to be imitated. Your movement, with which I am well acquainted, contains a healthy idea.’. .

“‘Well, you certainly don’t lack the money,” exclaimed the Kaiser jovially, and slapped his whip against his boots. ‘You have more money than all the rest of us.’”

The Kaiser was willing to sponsor the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine as a colony of the German Empire, but that did not fit in with Herzl’s plans. It would have meant that the German government would acquire the mineral wealth of Palestine and Herzl wanted it for the Rothschilds and Zionists and their independent state.

Negotiates with Sultan of Turkey

Failing to make a satisfactory deal with the Kaiser, Herzl sought to acquire Palestine from the Sultan of Turkey, first with the Kaiser’s support and later by direct negotiation with the Sultan’s minister, N. Bey. He first offered Bey 1,000 francs to arrange for an interview with the Sultan. Seeing that was not enough, he offered 20,000 francs. He said of N. Bey in his diary, August 22, 1899:

“At first he was dry, unfriendly, as if he did not know why I had come. Soon I got the truth out – the twenty thousand francs were not enough. He said: ‘Considering your position in the Zionist movement, an audience means a great deal to you. Besides, any banker would offer me twice as much as you did for an audience with the Sultan.’

‘We won’t haggle about this,’ I said. ‘You will get forty thousand.’. .

‘You ought to give this man ten or fifteen thousand francs, to make Stimmung for you.’

“I saw where this was leading to. Money talks. I said to him, almost harshly: ‘I shall give you ten thousand francs in advance, and thirty thousand on the day of the audience. How you use that money is your business. I won’t ask you what you have done with it.’

“He became as soft as butter and said: ‘Done! I’ll have to add some money of my own to it, but the speculation is worth it. I believe I can earn a couple of million on this: and that’s worth a risk” (Pages 164-5; 158-9).

“Herzl said of his interview with the Sultan (page 170-1):

“But this is not enough for me. I told him (the Sultan) through Ibrahim that I was devoted to him because he was good to the Jews. The Jews all over the world were grateful to him. I in particular was ready to serve him in every way possible, naturally not on a small scale – I left that to others – but on a large scale . . .

“Then the Sultan said: ‘I always have been and still am a friend of the Jews. I rely chiefly on Mussulmans and Jews. I haven’t as much faith in my other subjects as in them’ . . .

‘The Public Debt I consider to be the thorn. If this could be removed then Turkey could once more blossom in her strength, in which I believe’. . .

‘Well then,’ I said, ‘I believe I can. But the first and principal condition, a condition of precedent, is absolute secrecy.’

“The ruler lifted his eyes to heaven, placed his hand on his bosom and murmured: ‘Secret, secret!’

“I said, – as from now on I kept the reins of the conversation in my hand – that I could carry through this operation through my friends on all the Exchanges of Europe, if I had the help of His Majesty. But this help had to consist, at the right time, of a mass measure in favor of the Jews, made public in the proper way.

“Ibrahim sucked in with astounded looks the words of his master and translated them with joy. ‘His Majesty has a court jeweler, who is a Jew. He could give anything of a friendly nature to him, to publish in the papers. He also has a Chief Rabbi for the Jews, the Chasham Bashi. He could also tell him.’

“My impression of the Sultan is that he is a weak, cowardly, but thoroughly well-meaning person. I think he is neither treacherous nor cruel, but a deeply unhappy prisoner, in whose name a thieving, infamous and dishonest camarillia commit the most shameful acts . . .

“The dishonesty and bribery which began at the door of the palace and wind up only at the foot of the throne are probably not the worst. Everything is business, and every official is a thief. At least, I hear this on every side, and from what I know of the way things are done, I do not believe this to be a calumny . . .

“I still see him before me, this Sultan of the dying robber kingdom. Small, shabby, with his badly dyed beard – which is probably dyed only once in a week, for the Selamlik. The hook-nose of a clown, the long yellow teeth and the big gap in the upper jaw to the right. The fez drawn down deep over his head, which is probably bald – the protruding ears. The strengthless hands in the big white gloves, and the ill-fitting, big, multicolored cuffs. The bleating voice, the limitation in every word. And that rules! As a matter of fact he rules only in appearance and in name.”

Herzl proposed to lend the Sultan 1,500,000 pounds (about five million dollars) if the Sultan would grant a charter giving the Zionists Palestine. The Sultan, Herzl says, did not know anything about its vast mineral wealth. It was only known to Herzl and the Rothschilds. The editor of the Memorial says in a footnote:

“Herzl will not budge before he has the charter. The Sultan apparently will not budge before he gets money – if then” (Diaries, page 173).

“However, the impasse was partially broken. The Sultan would open his empire to all Jews who wish to become Turkish subjects, but the regions to be settled were to be decided from instances to instances, and Palestine was not to be included. The Company could colonize in Mesopotamia, Syria, Anatolia, but not in Palestine. A Charter without Palestine I refused at once” (Diaries, page 174).

It was obviously the plan of Herzl to found a Zionist Empire; That probably was also the purpose of the Rothschilds and oil rich Jews, and it was the only basis on which Herzl could interest them in his Zionist Empire scheme. This plan was clearly revealed in his diary memo of September 4, 1899, as follows:

“Yesterday, after the opera, I had supper in the Hotel Bristol, with Martin Furth. He told me that the day before he had met N. Bey at the races. The latter had spoken to him very favorably of Zionism. It was not impossible, he said, to win the Sultan over to the idea, as the latter was a friend of the Jews. BUT THE NEWSPAPERS OUGHT NOT TO WRITE THAT WE WANT TO FOUND A JEWISH EMPIRE. N. Bey, said Furth, has been very serious about it. He asked me if I knew him. “Very faintly,” I said” (Diaries, page 165).


Herzl interviews Chamberlain and Rothschild

Herzl approached the British through Lord Rothschild and the British Prime Minister Chamberlain, to-wit: on October 23, 1902. He said in his diary of that date:

“I laid the entire Jewish question before the immobile mask which is Joe Chamberlain. My relations to Turkey,

‘I am in negotiation with the Sultan,’ I said in English.

‘But you know what Turkish negotiations are. If you want to buy a carpet, first you must drink a half dozen cups of coffee and smoke a hundred cigarettes. Then you discuss family stories, and from time to time you speak a few words again about the carpet. Now I have time to negotiate, but my people have not. They are starving in the Pale. I must bring them immediate help.’ And so on. The mask smiled at the carpet story. I then passed on to the subject of the territory which I wanted from England.”

Herzl also said:

“I set my hopes on Chamberlain, whom I shall see next week. He stands at a distance from the whole business, sees it from a higher point – AND DOES NOT KNOW THE VALUE OF THE BIG STRETCH OF LAND FOR WHICH I AM ASKING” (Diaries, page 178).

But the Rothschilds knew the value of the “big stretch of land” for which he was asking. When he and the Kaiser visited Palestine they found the Rothschild agents there (see supra). Lord Walter Rothschild to whom the Balfour Declaration was made, was not at first very friendly to his colonization scheme. Herzl (p. 176) says of his interview with him:

“In England, said Rothschild, there will never be any anti-Semitism, etc. In France, too, it was something else, etc. He does not believe in Zionism. We should never get Palestine, etc. He is an Englishman and wants to remain one. He ‘desires’ me to say this and that to the Alien Commission, and not to say this and the other.

At this point the business became too stupid for me. I had interrupted him a couple of times. But now I began to overshout him in such a way that he was dazed and kept his mouth shut. . .

‘I shall tell the Commission what I think proper and the truth as I see it. That is my habit, and I shall cling to it now, too.’

It was false, I said, that the powers were against our going to Palestine. I have influenced Germany and Russia in our favor. England, I thought, would have nothing against it. I was PERSONA GRATIA with the Sultan.

‘Yes,’ he threw in, ‘The Sultan is naturally friendly to you because you are Dr. Herzl of the Neue Freie Presse.’

‘It would be stupid and arrogant of me,’ I said, ‘to read the Commission a lecture on the characteristics of the real Englishman. I shall simply say what terrible misery there is in the East, and that these people must either get away or perish. The need in Rumania has been known to us since 1897; the Congress petition received no attention. In Galicia it is perhaps even worse. There are seven hundred thousand people there in misery. They also begin to move.

My Lord said: ‘I hope you are not going to say that to the Commission. Or else we shall have restrictions.’

At this point I became massive: ‘Certainly I shall say it. You can count on that.’

Whereupon his jaw dropped, he rang, and called his brother Leopold.

To him he repeated what had been said, and added that in my opinion Jewish charity had merely become a machine for the suppression of the cry of misery . . .

At the same time I shall make a semi-official attempt to get in touch with Lord R. He is in a furious rage against me – perhaps this is the psychological moment for the conclusion of peace. When he was asked in the Commission why he was opposed to calling me, he said that I was demagogue, a windbag.”

But he sold Rothschild on his plan as being the practical to obtain what both of them wanted. He said (Diaries, page 177):

“We went into the dining room, where I met Lord Roseberry’s son and later Alfred, the third Rothschild, a true spiritual child of his father.

“Later, in my Lord’s study, Alfred told me of his very high Austrian and Russian orders. ‘Great, what? Kronenoden, first class.’ The same Alfred asked me what I wanted to do for the Jews. Colonization? Good. But why in Palestine? It sounded so Jewish.

“After the coffee I went over to the writing desk and asked him:

‘Would you like to hear my scheme now?’


“I shoved my chair closer to his better ear and said:

‘I want to get a Charter for Colonization from the English Government.’

‘Don’t say Charter. The word doesn’t sound so good now.’

‘Call it what you like. I want to found a Jewish colony in British territory.’

‘Take Uganda.’

‘No, I can use only this.. .’ And as there were several others in the room I wrote on a piece of paper: Sinai Peninsula, Egyptian Palestine. Cyprus. And I added: ‘Are you for it?’

“He reflected, grinning, and answered: ‘Very much.’

That was victory; I then added on the piece of paper: STOP THE SULTAN FROM GETTING MONEY.

“He answered: ‘I prevented Rumania from getting money. But here I can do nothing, as the great powers want it. They want to have the railway built.’

“I said: ‘The Sultan offered me Mesopotamia.’

He, astounded: ‘And you refused?’


Baron Rothschild of Paris was Original Zionist Promoter

Baron Edmond Rothschild of Paris, the managing partner of the original M. A. Rothschild & Son banking firm was the main support of the Zionist political movement in the beginning. Herzl says in his diary (page 196):

“For three extraordinarily difficult years they struggled against overwhelming odds, and would surely have been defeated had not a miracle saved them. . .

“The miracle was this: When one of the colonists of Rishon le Zion went to Paris and there saw Baron Edmond Rothschild and told him of the work of the Jewish settlements, the Baron grew so enthusiastic about the colonists that he immediately sent his representative to Palestine to study conditions and to help the settlers with money and advice. From that day on Baron Rothschild’s interest in Jewish colonization has never waned; indeed, this work came to fill his entire life. He is known, and quite properly, as the father of Jewish colonization in Palestine. There is no doubt that it would have been impossible to preserve the early Jewish settlements and to establish new ones had not the Baron generously assisted the colonists at the beginning. He it was who, when the colonists did not know what branch of agriculture to choose, directed them toward wine-growing, by sending them expert instructors and good French vines, and by building large wine-vaults for them. In the first years, moreover, the Baron bought their grapes at a fixed price, thus assuring them of a definite income.”

There can be no doubt about the fact that the principal purpose of Herzl was to nationalize the Zionists and to create a Zionist Empire. The Rothschilds wanted the minerals of Palestine. They knew about the fabulous mineral wealth of the Dead Sea and they wanted it and had taken steps to acquire it before meeting Herzl. Herzl’s “Inner Action Committee” and Jewish Colonial Bank did not supply him with sufficient money for his campaign and he became very much discouraged in the early stages of it.

Herzl’s Difficulties

In April 1899 he says (Diaries, page 162-3):

“While these gentlemen direct affairs, the worries of getting money for the preliminary work devolve on me. The guarantee fund is exhausted; I believe the money is being badly managed. Now H. writes me that he needs another six hundred to one thousand pounds.”

“Never was a greater task undertaken with less adequate means.

“Tomorrow I must again ask pardon of my ‘chiefs’ for the leave of absence I have taken without their permission. Who knows how long they will let me carry on in this way?

“The movement demands my constant travel; and there is no doubt about it that the Neue Freie Presse can dismiss me for neglect of duty, ‘with all the respect in the world for difference of opinion’. This pitiful clash of duties wearies me, unnerves me and wears me out more than anything else.”

He says on August 23, 1899 (Diaries, page 163-4):

“Je La Connais Aussi. My work will look much more marvelous when people will get to know with what money worries I had to struggle as a result of my efforts of Zionism.

“I miss at every turn the fifty thousand kronen which I have sunk in the movement: the lack of the money makes me less free than ever in my relations to the Neue Freie Presse.”

He appears to have been disillusioned by November 9, 1899. He says (Diaries, page 166):

“This is a good lesson for me. I suppose it would be even worse if I were completely ruined.

‘Put not your trust in Princes –
They are an eternal delusion’

is something I might well say about the ‘help’ of the German Kaiser.

“But when I think of my followers, so easily prone to rebellion, I can add the end of the verse;

‘He that cries Hosannah for you today
Tomorrow will cry: Crucify!’

“And, indeed, I put my trust neither in Princes, nor in the people, but in myself.”

And on May 1, 1900, he says (Diaries, page 167):

“I have a first class epitaph for myself:

‘He had too high an opinion of the Jews.’”

Herzl’s Success

But after obtaining the support of the Rothschilds his spirits were revived. He records on June 13, 1901 (Diaries, page 172):

“Society is interested in me. I am a social curiosity, a dish; people come to meet Dr. Herzl.

“Yesterday Sir Francis Montefiore was here with several ladies and gentlemen. There were Princess Lowenstein, Lady Jane Taylor, and others whose names I have forgotten. Also Gilbert Farquhar, lord and actor.

“I shall use Princess Lowenstein, in order to reach the King. For they all invited me. Lady Jane was present as spectator at the last Congress and said her daughters envied her because she was lunching with me.”

It appears from Herzl’s diary that the Rothschilds had agents on the ground in Palestine when he met the Kaiser there on October 29, 1898 for he records the fact that “The Rothschild administrators looked taunt and irritated.” They no doubt had other plans for obtaining the mineral wealth of the Dead Sea and feared that the presence of Herzl and the Kaiser would interfere with them. It was necessary for Herzl to sell Lord Rothschild on his colonization scheme as being the surest and best method to reach their goal.

When Herzl sold his plan of conquest to Lord Walter Rothschild, managing partner of N. M. Rothschild & Son and managing director of their Bank of England, his financial troubles were over. There was no longer any need for his colonial bank. N. M. Rothschild & Son took over the financing and management of Herzl’s World Empire scheme and Herzl became their lieutenant. Herzl is now dead but the perpetual Rothschild partnership never dies. The two enormousy rich partnerships of M. A. Rothschild & Son of Paris and N. M. Rothschild & Son of London then and now control the gold and press of the world with minor exceptions, and the economy of the people of the world. It was to Lord Rothschild that Lord Balfour wrote his note promising Palestine. It was the agents of the Rothschilds that wrote our Federal Reserve Act. It was the agents of the Rothschilds that inveigled us into two wars and established the Zionist United Nations. The Rothschilds control the economy of the people of the world and seek to enslave them.

The Protocols represent the program of the Zionist “Inner Action Committee” then and now. They are the program of the Rothschilds. As bigoted and cruel and satanic as they are, they are not any more so than the Talmud and the Zionist Politburos of Moscow and Wall Street. They are rounded upon the Talmud and breathe its spirit. They were obviously written, at least in part, by Theodor Herzl himself. He was a very adroit and cunning man, a facile writer and a master of intrigue and deception as revealed by his diaries and other writings. But there is no mention of them in his dairy. The Zionists have sought to suppress them. If Herzl had actually referred to them, his Zionist editors would have omitted the reference.

The rich Zionists do not want Palestine as a “home” but for it mineral wealth, estimated at five trillion dollars. It is reported that they have a few collective farms patterned after the Soviet system and that they live in the cities and employ the Arabs to do the work. Their ancestral home propaganda is only camouflage, a smoke screen, to hide their real purpose. The majority of the are contented to live in the countries in which they reside, as their refugees to remain in idleness at our expense in German homes (given them by President Truman’s order) until they can migrate to America.

Wealth of Palestine does not belong to Zionists

This enormous mineral wealth belongs to the Allies of World War I by right of conquest. It did not belong to the British – who were only its custodians by virtue of a mandate. The Zionists stole these minerals by the newly created and recognized state of Israeli. Theft is an ugly word but it forcibly expresses the truth. Lord Balfour knew nothing about these minerals when made his conditional promise. He did not promise a state and the minerals of Palestine, but, based on his restricted promise, the Zionists have created a state which includes the minerals within its boundaries. But Herzl and the Rothschilds knew about these minerals when they sought the “home,” and as early as 1897.

We need these minerals for our national defense and we must repudiate this concession and recover them for the use and benefit of ourselves and our Allies of World War I. Moreover, their enormous wealth is sufficient to restore the solvency of the British and ourselves and our other Allies. The recovery of these minerals together with the destruction of Zionist Wall Street will establish the peace of the world and it will probably be a permanent peace. There is no other way. The Rothschilds must be banished and their ill-gotten wealth confiscated and devoted to the public good. herzl.htm
“This will be a PERPETUAL source of wealth for the NATION that CONTROLS the DEAD SEA.”

The Dead Sea from Earths Orbit. 25 miles east of Jerusalem; 53 miles long, 10 miles wide, and 13,000 feet deep at its greatest depth. Being 1310 feet below sea level, it's surrounded by hills and mountains, which make it an immense hole in the ground.   The Jordan River pours 7 million tons of water into the Dead Sea every DAY, 24 hours a day. There is NO ESCAPE of that water except through evaporation and the MINERALS contained in the water are ALL left behind IN the Dead Sea.  "This will be a PERPETUAL source of wealth for the NATION that CONTROLS the DEAD SEA."
The Dead Sea from Earths Orbit.
25 miles east of Jerusalem; 53 miles long, 10 miles wide, and 13,000 feet deep at its greatest depth. Being 1310 feet below sea level, it’s surrounded by hills and mountains, which make it an immense hole in the ground.
The Jordan River pours 7 million tons of water into the Dead Sea every DAY, 24 hours a day. There is NO ESCAPE of that water except through evaporation and the MINERALS contained in the water are ALL left behind IN the Dead Sea.
“This will be a PERPETUAL source of wealth for the NATION that CONTROLS the DEAD SEA.”

The Dark History Of Modern Day Zionism

The modern day movement of Zionism is most visibly traced back to a man by the name of Theodor Herzl.

Theodor Herzl in Basel, 1897.

Known as “the father of Zionism” Herzl was a Jewish Austro-Hungarian journalist who wrote “Der Judenstaat” (The Jewish State) in 1896 which proposed the establishment of a Jewish homeland in  Palestine (modern day Israel) to avoid growing prejudice toward Jews in Europe.

The pamphlet (later published as a book) gained widespread attention, which included the support of a Christian reverend named William Hechler (known as the first “Christian Zionist) who believed “the second coming of Christ” depended on the Jews return to “their” homeland.

Hechler was well connected and managed to introduce Herzl  to German royalty, which although did not gain him access or promise to a future homeland for the Jews, it did serve its purpose in gaining more support amongst the public for the cause of Zionism, which is to say the movement for the establishment of a Jewish homeland. Although this cause seems noble enough on the surface, as you continue to read you will find it is much more questionable than what we have been led to believe to say the least.

Herzl and his affiliates were offered Uganda by the British [1] and even Mesopotamia by the sultan [2] of the Ottoman empire (Middle East Turkish empire) but turned them down. Of course, we could argue these options were turned down by Herzl because Palestine is the “Holy land” from which he and his supporters feel entitled based on an ancient “promise” in the Bible. This argument, however popular it may be, is simply not accurate. According to Herzls own words written in his diary whilst seeking financial support from the powerhouse banking family of the Rothschilds, “I can only use this… Sinai peninsula, Egyptian Palestine. Cyprus.” Herzl then asked  Lord Rothschild “Are you for it?” who in turn grinned and answered “very much.” [3] From this we quickly learn that it is not the “promised land” Herzl and his affiliates are after but an area,  presumably one of geostrategic importance and judging by the money minded Lord Rothschilds response, rich in natural resources.

But what could this of been about then if it is not the “promised land”? According to Colonel Curtis Dall, author of “Israel’s Five Trillion Dollar Secret” as well former employee of Wall streets Lehman Bros. banking firm and son in law of former president Franklin D. Roosevelt;

“The well veiled objective of the Zionists backed by the Rothschilds financial interests was to acquire valid title to the Dead sea and its vast, inexhaustible deposits of potash and other valuable minerals, estimated by experts to be worth several thousand billion dollars.”[4]

While there is no way to confirm if this really was their true objective, it was reported back in August 27, 1927  by “the Evening tribune” under the title “Dead sea to yield trillion in riches” that a

“technical report of the Dead sea minerals gives the following estimate of contents and values. Potash: $70, 000,000,000; Bromide: $260,000,000,000; Salt $17,000,000,000; Gypsum: $120,000,000,000; Magnesium chloride: $523,000,000,000.” [5]

Actual News Article which can be viewed here Dead Sea to Yield Trillions in Riches – Concessions soon to be Granted to Exploit it’s Mineral Resources

This assessment, according to the Evening tribune was made by “skilled geologists” after General Edmund Allenby captured Jerusalem in December 1917. In addition to these findings it was reported by “Popular Science” in Septemeber of 1929 that Dr. Georges Claude discovered $50,000,000,000 worth of gold contained in the dead sea.[6] It is also worth mentioning that the Rothschilds had their agents on the ground long before any of those assessments were conducted [7] and when one considers the banking families legendary “know how” of staying 2 steps ahead of everyone, it is not so far fetched to imagine they were well aware of this in advance. It is also interesting that Herzl at first was met with resistance by the House of Rothschild, this as we know now changed, perhaps due to Herzls persistence and gain in public support, thus proving himself a useful instrument.

Irrespective of the information presented here advocates of Zionism often claim that Israel or “the promised land” historically belong to the Jewish people. This belief, however popular, is once again inaccurate. According to the Bible, the document from which these claims emanate, Abram/Abraham, the reputed father of Issac (Israel), was born in Ur Kasdim in Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq), not Canaan (today Israel). [8]

According to the author of Genesis (a topic of dispute amongst historians as there is compelling evidence that suggests Moses was not the actual author) Abram was told by his god that the land of Canaan was to be given to his descendants. What is mentioned later, however, is by “given” the authors god actually meant taking through the use of brute force and terrorism.

However, in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes.  Completely destroy them—the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites—as the Lord your God has commanded you.”[Deuteronomy 20:16-17 ]

The writers claims, if viewed objectively and free of religious conviction, amount to the work of a propaganda specialist justifying imperialism. This is especially true if the author really is Moses, who was Jewish.To believe in a god that calls for the genocide of a people and the murder of innocent children and babies [1 Samuel 15:2-3] sounds much more like the product of the mind of a warmonger of those times than that of a divine Being with everlasting mercy. [Psalm 100:5] Yet despite simple logic, morality and reason this tale has been repeatedly used by those less informed to justify the illegal takeover of Palestine which continues to this day. Because I pride myself, however, in having an open mind and talking to people in “their language”, I say to those of religious conviction to consider the words written in Revelations 2:9  which are reportedly Jesus’

 “I know your afflictions and your poverty–yet you are rich! I know the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.”

Whatever you may believe, please consider what has been presented before you from an objective and detached perspective. Imagine there are no flags involved, skin colors, religions, etc. just ethics and morality guided by that moral compass we all presumably have deep within.

This, however, is not where the troubles between Israelis and Palestinians began but instead can be traced to the shady dealings of the British imperialists who, in pursuit of victory through different alliances in WW1, both promised the Arabs the land of Palestine (through “Lawrence of Arabia” who was so ashamed of these deliberate lies became suicidal according to his own diary  and the McMahon – Hussein agreement) and the Zionists through the Balfour declaration (which is another story in its own right, one that will have enormous ramifications on propagated history).

The Balfour declaration addressed to Lord Rothschild.

This is where the roots of the conflict today can be traced. This, however, does not even begin to scratch the surface on the terrorism that has been used on the Palestinian population to remove them from their homeland. I leave you with a documentary made by a former Israeli soldier that documents the history of the crimes against the Palestinian people and will also demonstrate that the terrorism, which is so often reported by mainstream media on the Palestinian side is simply blowback and the result of a much more sinister root cause.

In conclusion I would like to add that the average Israeli citizen is not necessarily a party to these crimes nor is the average Jew, they have simply been manipulated through propaganda to believe they are the “good guys” and the outside world don’t understand (which is partly true). Throughout history it has always been the actions of the elite and to blame an entire people only serves to reinforce the divides which allow us to be so easily manipulated and ruled over. Awareness is the key, along with understanding and cooperation because as cliche as it may sound. united we stand, divided we fall. The average  person is a moral human being and Israelis are no exception here. But, just as it was so in South Africa during apartheid, the elites propagate an entirely different world view and dehumanize the opposition, as the saying goes, “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.”

Make no mistake about it my friends mankind is on the verge of the greatest conflict of all time and that conflict is not between races nor religions but between the elite and the rest of us. The question is what are you doing in the present to help change the future? If not you then who, if not now then when?

By Gavin Nascimento

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Dark History Of Modern Day Zionism




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