Russia invades Ukraine? I doubt it.

01-the-russian-bear-01After being busted with CPR Foley, the warmongers in the White House need another false front so against all rational logic, Russia has now invaded Ukraine. I doubt it, but if it gets their war machine cranked up the ruse will have worked.

It is all about gold theft and BRICS

The U.S. dollar, which is still the world reserve currency, has been put under threat by the rash of busted lies that place strong question on America, and therefore America’s stability and validity upon which the life of the dollar’s reserve status rides. With Russia being the major player in the BRICS alliance, which is a proven viable bypass to dollar hegemony, the stability of the dollar is additionally threatened. So a nice little war with Russia right now would be . . . . convenient.

And it is not just Russia and BRICS that is giving the zio clan headaches with the dollar, Russia has also managed to double its gold reserves in a short time period via mining and other efforts, all the while Wall Street and other scammers cannot account for gold that is being asked for by various countries. This is yet again another reason for the war mongers to use war to crush Russia and ensure their status quo dollar remains in top position.

And THAT is a risky game, Russia may not have the same military machine America has, but Russia is at least capable and has very good submarines, which can remain hidden and deliver a nuclear strike if Russia deems it necessary. Nukes trump aircraft carriers any day, and even a small one set off properly would wipe the Navy out, it is my opinion that the war mongers have gone nuts with the lies and aggression the same way a cornered rat will freak out and attack something much larger than itself, which in this case would be the truth.

War with Russia will not be war with Iraq, if the war mongers are stupid enough to try it you can count on a near total loss of the U.S. navy in the opening days, with a subsequent loss of the Air Force shortly thereafter. There is a big difference with Russia, 25,000 plus nuclear warheads and capable delivery systems say so.

So what if Russia cannot fight a ground war on America’s terms? Russia can fight a nuclear war as well or better, and THAT is what really matters.


WW~Notes: My unofficial source in the intelligence community states since he’s met Putin and spoken extensively with him, I see that Putin is catching flack in the mass media propaganda again and they are idiots who do NOT know this man nor do they know Russia.  Most people in the west know not White Russia and the old ways there that still exist.

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