Could EBOLA scare result in forced vaccinations?

One concerned American seems to think so.  Read his email to the site:


John wrote:

guidestonegroupHey Jim,

I find it interesting that the elite have chosen “cling to their guns & religion” TEXAS as the starting point of the Ebola epidemic. Texas has threatened to secede many times & is also the home of Alex Jones & his global news site Infowars. In the “jail” that is freedom loving America, TEXAS is the biggest baddest prisoner. Take him out & the rest of the states will crumble!

Remember, Rick Perry FORCED VACCINATED teenage girls with Gardasil because of fear of HPV. It would come out later that he was on the payroll of big pharma.

Now there is a 2nd EBOLA patient in Texas.

And they just confirmed that Texas SCHOOLS must now be screened for Ebola.

Whether this is a PSYOP or REAL, a case for NUKING Texas could easily be made if the MSM reports that Ebola is outta control.

Another scenario, could be that Rick Perry begins forced vaccinations, Ebola is squashed, Rick is hailed as a hero & forced vaccination becomes the STANDARD for all the States. “If even those crazy bible gun freedom loving patriots are giving up their rights to government, certainly the rest of the country will not resist.”

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    • Austin Texas is also where “Stratfore” is located. Stratfore is an intelligence gathering arm of Israeli Mossad (as I understand), and are in control of the “Moderation” of comments at InfoWars!

      I have pointed out that my wife had a ‘revelation’ or came to the conclusion that Vaccines probably contain a component that is able to be ‘triggered’ through an air born attack. I respect her intellectual abilities, and observations above most others. Not because I am married to her, but because she does not form her opinions out of fear, or a ‘group think’ mentality, but through diligent thought process’s that most do not posses. And when she told me that four years ago, I was stunned by the PROBABILITY that she is SPOT ON! We are moving into a Stephen King REALITY!

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