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RB15_Justanote_Just_a_note_foil_greetingcardAs many of you know I took a job over two months ago, but sadly it has now ended.  It was a great job and I really loved it, the hours, and generally liked everyone I worked with.  However, as is usual for me someone decided they did not want me there and my daughter confirmed it with a short phone call.  Seems that in the state of Tennessee all an employee has to do is express to the boss that they want another employee terminated for whatever reason.  I was given no warning, no inkling that anything was wrong with my work, my performance, etc.  I had been at work everyday since being hired and actually started the job very ill.  But I attended anyway.  I was determined that I wanted this to work. 

The last day I worked was two weeks ago on Friday, then I received a call from the employment agency two hours later that my contract with the company had been discontinued.  I wasn’t even allowed to collect my personal possessions I’d taken to the office and it took two weeks to finally get them back, although, everything was not returned. I was not even allowed to go to this company and retrieve them myself, and warned not to even drive onto their parking lot.  What has happened to American companies that they fear people so much?

It’s not much of a stretch to deduce I’ve been in a deep state of depression when a virtual nobody has that much control over one’s life and livelihood.  I think I slept almost the first week and cried a river of tears and I never cry – about anything.  I’m slowly returning to normal and North and I did another Turbulent Times tonight that will be posted on Outside Radio tomorrow.  It was a great show, one that we’re really proud of.  We’re scheduled to do another show Monday night and it will on the “gatekeepers” in the truth movement and we will name names.  It’s about time people know who is lying on a daily basis. 

Right now, I’m in the process of securing another work assignment and will receive, hopefully, partial unemployment for the time being. 

I am mad, hurt and more than anything frustrated that people can interfere with my fragile ability to support myself.  We are living in a mad, mad, mad world where the wrong people have too much power and it’s not just the Jews, as I’ve discovered during this last experience.

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts.  I’m sorry but I just haven’t had the desire to do anything until I recovered from another loss in my life.  They never seem to end. 


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  1. One possibility is that someone discovered your on-line activity or learned of your political persuasions. I have suffered similar discrimination which I believe was due to this. Of course I would have to be familiar with the details. But I am certain of this. If there are people in charge of a work place who are of the Ashkenazim/Khazar extraction or who have relations to them, if they suspect that you are “anti-Semitic” they will find a way to have you canned. If they can’t do this, they will use any and every social means they have available to punish you. They can do this through utilizing their social networks. This retribution can take the form of social ostracism or some sort of financial penalty. You may not even realize that’s what your unexplained “misfortune” is. They will not announce what they are doing. It is like when someone who has a vendetta against someone else and sneaks around and cuts their car tires, scratches the paint, poisons their pets, or even sets fire to their house. There are far more of these “Jews” in Tennessee than natives realize. They do not  present themselves overtly as “Jews”, but rather choose to “blend in” by assuming the look and the manner of the indigenous population. They may even attend “Christian” churches and claim to be one. If one of your bosses or one of your coworkers was of this ilk, it is LIKELY that they would have you rooted out if they knew of your political persuasions. I KNOW this is true because I have had personal experience with it.

    I’m not saying that’s what happened. I’m only saying that I KNOW it COULD happen and it DOES happen. It happened to me.

    The Jews have been utilizing their networks to wage silent economic and social warfare on non-Jews for a long long time. The supposition that they operate this way as a matter of course is supported by the history they have of causing the kind of social turmoil which would lead to having them expelled from the communities where they have taken up residence.

    Don’t look at me like I’m crazy for saying this. I didn’t make up the history. THAT speaks for itself. White non-Jews don’t operate this way. They work mostly independently of one another. Their form of nepotism extends only to family and friends. Jewish nepotism is a global phenomenon because it is based on a SUPREMACIST RACIST RELIGION. Christianity, on the other hand doesn’t teach this sort of exclusion. In fact it teaches the kind of TOLERANCE which Jews profess to promote but who in fact do not practice. I’m not speaking of “Christians” who are Christian in label only.

    • That may very well be the case and I gave that a lot of thought, however, I’ve had numerous criminal background checks and always passed since I’m not a criminal. This particular incident I believe was racial in nature. There was one black woman in my unit who’d been there 10 years and I think she was responsible for my dismissal, although, I had no idea she had any grudge against me. Needless to say, I don’t work well with woman for the most part. They are afraid of me and intimidated by me for whatever reason, I don’t know. Yet, I’m one of the nicest people you will ever meet. But, my strong personality seems threatening to others. And I never betrayed my self on this job, never mentioned anything. I played along to get along hating every minute of it.

  2. WW: You have been in my thoughts a lot lately. I don’t know the specifics of your case, but something doesn’t sound right.

    No one can just make a claim against a fellow employee without arbitration unless the Temp world is different (I assume it was a Temp job via your explanation). My wife worked in the world 15 years ago, so much has surely changed since then. But she says that according to laws and rules when she worked, what they did was illegal.

    I wish you luck in this new venture and I am looking forward to hearing the latest show.

    I still want to do the lunch thing someday.

    • Yep, that was my thought too – totally illegal, but it’s the truth of what happened to me and as I said my daughter confirmed it from the temp agency, covertly I might add. She’s very good at getting people to tell her the truth. I was shocked! So, who do I report this too, what are my rights – if I even have any? You can’t believe the questions I still have about this fiasco.

  3. That is very sad, and very tragic. This is a fucked up situation we got going here and this is just the tip of the iceberg. You say you seldom cry… why? Cry a fucking river… cry an ocean if need be. There is something here that does respond to the pleas of the created… it is not limited to humans, and it responds to emotion… not mindless re-iterations.

    I looked up the definition of god recently. Both the latin etymology dictionary and the KJV bible dictionaries came up with two words… Zeus and Deus. I think Zeus speaks for itself… but consider Deus. The prefix “de” means set apart or down from… off or away. And what is us? Religion take us away from ourselves.

    Everyone fears Satan… and i wonder why they fail to see what has been right there in our face all this time. Satan is supposed to be the bad guy, but i’d like to know where is the biblical evidence that he is evil? He doesn’t lie, steal, deceive, torture, kill… he doesn’t do any of that. What does he do that makes him the great nemesis of Jehovah? He tempts… in other words, he makes people think. God doesn’t like that apparently.

    The “Satanists” in the world do appear to do evil… on a wide scale… and why is this? Are they trying to make Satan look bad? Because, biblically speaking, there is no evidence that Satan is or does evil. And i do know the bible, i studied it for years. It’s not in there… you won’t find it. So, what’s the deal with that?

    Jehovah is evil and no matter how many times his chosen ones break his commandments… they remain his preferred people… what does that tell us about God? How much more evil does it get than to invent a religion and write a book proclaiming yourself to be the chosen ones of a God you created? What the hell kind of spell has people blinded to what is right in front of their eyes??? They will believe and spout all sorts of nonsensical drivel, but miss the blatantly obvious..

    • Well, I’m stumped. Wanda, your brilliant knowledge of religious philosophy always amazes me, but I no longer believe in either. I’ve learned a few new things about “who is god” of late. He, it, whatever is not what anyone would even think of. We live in a cause and effect universe of action and reaction. What we experience are simply impulses, some of them, very nasty.

      But what does this have to do with my recent bad run of luck, once again?

    • Strange, but Jesus Himself said Satan was the Father of all liars. That he was a liar from the beginning, yet you say he doesn’t lie.

      Of course the adversary lies. All adversaries lie at some point.

      • Well… what’s even stranger is where’s the lie? What did he lie about? Who is lying? God can never tell a lie when everyone stretches the bounds of plausibility to explain away his discrepancies.

        Genesis 1:29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

        What part of EVERY herb bearing seed and fruit tree imparts the meaning EXCEPT ONE? Who is the goddam liar?

      • Sorry, WW. I am not arguing with Wanda. I am pointing out a mistake in her evaluation based upon the Bible (not if it is real or not).

        Certainly everyone who has read the Bible must know that Satan is a liar. Hell fire, all Jew wise generally use the Biblical references, unless there is an atheistic stance. I’m just pointing out literary facts.

        Who is the biggest liar? Satan or God? Maybe that is what Wanda meant to ask.

        And she knows that she and I are on the same page about the ONE herb bearing seed. But what does that have to do with God lying is beyond me.

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