Latest TURBULENT TIMES show 10/17/14

Turbulent Times Radio Show Ep 7 October 17 2014

In this week’s show, White Wraithe and North covered current events, especially Ebola and many more topics ….

North’s Northerntruthseeker

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WW~Notes: The experimental Ebola treatment that I was trying to remember last night on the show is ZMAPP.  Below are related articles that should definitely be read.

Vaccine Inventor jokes about culling population

Ebola victim who received experimental ZMapp drug dies of Ebola

2 thoughts on “Latest TURBULENT TIMES show 10/17/14

  1. I’ve got 5 hours of windshield time today. Looking forward to listening to this.

    Did I miss a show where you named names of the shills?

    • Nope you did not miss it since it hasn’t been posted yet. Brian and I did the show last night.

      I hope Del has it up close to noontime at Outside Radio, then I will be posting it at PW.

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