Why Syria?

President Assad and his Wife

President Assad and his Wife

As we witness a great deal of miss information and wartime propaganda being thrown at the public by the official press and media, I am encouraged to shed some light on this subject and help those truth seekers to have better understating of the realities associated with this question and restore their attention away from the smoke screen of digital world to the lights of factual realities.

Unfortunately and with no surprise, the visual media and press ignore the fundamental facts and continue to express the wishes, aspirations and the policies of their bosses or respective political establishments and represent them as news, current events, realities and by doing so keep their audience grossly misinformed if not utterly deceived.

Henceforth, this is a humble attempt to identify the key players and elements involved in the Syrian conflict without diving into insignificant and secondary facts or scenarios. Unlike what is being played on the screens by the controlled media, the Syrian conflict is neither organic nor self-inspired; it is no way near a civil or a sectarian war. There is no civil war in Syria. There is a war on Syria.

The key to understating any international crisis, war, conflict etc lies not in reading newspapers or following up with BBC, SBS or CNN but rather in a clear comprehension of the role each political entity plays on regional and international arena as well as the impacts and effects on the global and regional balance of power that each entity projects by following certain policies and directions or by its affiliations and self-expression. This rule applies to the Syrian conflict without discrimination.

Usually, the Geographic location of Syria and its implications get very little light when the Syrian question is discussed. Historical/Natural Syria is located on one of the most strategic junction of the world. Natural Syria is a term used to refer to the Syrian territory without the Imperialist imposed boundaries which followed the Anglo-French occupation of the region after WWI. Natural Syria consists of the followings:

  1. Contemporary Syrian boundaries
  2. Occupied Palestine (from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean sea known as Israel)
  • Contemporary Lebanon Republic (The District of Mount Lebanon)
  1. Contemporary Kingdom of Jordan ( the outback or backyard of Syria)
  2. The District of Alexandretta (within the boundaries of modern Republic of Turkey)

From the south Syria is adjacent to the Sinai Peninsula which is the gateway between Asian and Africa. The Suez Canal also functions as the Mediterranean gateway to the Indian ocean.

From the West it is located at the end of the Mediterranean see which separates between Europe and Africa.

The significance of Syrian geostrategic location has always attracted the attention of all the world powers and empires. Throughout history almost all the empire attempted to either dominate or influence this region from the ancient Romans, Egyptians, Persians, Byzantine, Mongols, Turks, to the French, British and currently the US. All these forces tried to have the greatest representation in this region and worked also to prevent the arrival of any other competitive to this point.

Since time immemorial military strategists recognised that in order to acquire and maintain the status of the world super power one must directly control all the crucial junctions and gateways. Middle East suffers because it is located at such a highly contested piece of real estate. No matter how powerful an empire might be, or how vast and resourceful it might be, it cannot assert itself on the whole world as a super power if it does not control the key to Africa, Asia and Europe. See the Map


Historical/Natural Syria and its geo-strategic significance

The best example I find to explain my point is the boxing ring or the soccer ground. The force which maintains the middle ground will dominate the game and is more likely to win. Once you push back your enemy to the corners of the boxing ring he/she will have lesser mobility and cannot maneuver and combat effectively. When you bring your enemy to the edge of the ropes you have him/her more vulnerable. Those who play boxing can relate to this example very well. I still hear the voice of my coach when played boxing, I hear him yelling: “hold the middle ground! hold the middle ground!”

After the WWI the American and the USSR tried their best to dominate this region. For example, the USSR supported Syria and Egypt and the US and the West supported the artificial State of Israel which was originally invented to function as the British stronghold in the region.

By the collapse of the USSR, the American military strategists realised that for the first time they do not have any competitive force in the world and should do whatever necessary to maintain America as the world only superpower by expanding their sphere of influence and dominate the whole world.

It was at this time that the US warmongers find the opportunity to push forward their Ideas of full-spectrum dominance, American primacy and Wolfowitz’s Doctrine etc.

But the Americans were well aware of the complexity of this endeavour while having tier eyes on all the contesting forces in the world:

“…it is on the globe’s most important playing field—Eurasia—that a potential rival to America might at some point arise. Thus, focusing on the key players and properly assessing the terrain has to be the point of departure for the formulation of American geostrategy for the long-term management of America’s Eurasian geopolitical interests”. Page 39. The Grand Chessboard, Zbigniew Brzezinsky.


Zbigniew Brzezinsky, Champion of American Primacy

Today, the rivals namely China and Russia are awake and very active in the world trades and affairs. This is a difficult reality that he US and all of its peripheries and vassals have difficulty to accept and all sort of contingency plans are prepared to maintain and expand the American rule as the world number one bully.

In brief, for the United States, Eurasian geostrategy involves the purposeful management of geostrategically dynamic states and the careful handling of geopolitically catalytic states, in keeping with the twin interests of America in the short-term preservation of its unique global power and in the long-run transformation of it into increasingly institutionalized global cooperation. To put it in a terminology that hearkens back to the more brutal age of ancient empires, the three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together. Page 40 Ibid.

As far as human collective memory recalls, all the empires and aggressive nations described those who lived free from their domination and occupation and those who refused to bow down to their tyranny as barbarians, uncivilised and so on.

What America did not want to see is happening before our eyes; the emergence of alliance of ‘barbaric’ forces in the world and the ever growing sense of resentment towards the American aggression and hegemony on the world and the threat that the US poses to world peace, tranquillity and prosperity. The free nations of the world especially the nations of the global south are looking towards the end of American unilateral world.

Russia confronting the US

The Russians feel that they are getting more and more surrounded by NATO/US military bases in Eastern Europe and central Asia. In order to do away and to confront the US expansion they need regional and international allies. Syria and Iran are their primary allies in Middle East.

Iran has costal border with Russia through the Khazar sea and is their gateway to the International waters (Indian ocean).

Syria hosts the crucial Russian Naval base at the port of Tartus. The Russian military representation in the Mediterranean sea is a challenge to the American hegemon and is a great cause of distress and hysteria in the US administration. By being present in the Mediterranean see, Russia is no more an Asian power but rather a world power. A pro-American regime in Damascus which is run by Washington DC can bring the end of the Russian presence in the Mediterranean see and push Russia back to its Eurasian boundaries.

Russia is the major supplier of arm to Syria and has prevented the US/NATO military assault against her.

The plan to destroy such a challenging alliance is already prepared;

“…the priority must be to manage the rise of other regional powers in ways that do not threaten America’s global primacy”. Page 198.Ibid

When the Russian support of Syria became an unbearable reality, the Ukrainian pawn was mobilised to chock Russia and push it back into its own boundaries.

“Ukraine, a new and important space on the Eurasian chess board, is a geopolitical pivot because its very existence as an independent country helps to transform Russia. Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire. Russia without Ukraine can still strive for imperial status, but it would then become a predominantly Asian imperial state, more likely to be drawn into drawn into debilitating conflicts with aroused Central Asians…..”, Page 46 Ibid. 

However, the US did not expect any Russian counter attack. The annexation of Crimea which was orchestrated well in advance, allows Russia to maintain its strong presence in the Black sea and assert itself as a Eurasian power. The American nightmare continues.

Syria proved to be a formidable rock and _regardless of the losses and sufferings_ so long as Syria is alive and part of this alliance, the American global primacy will remain a mere wish. The Russian-Iranian-Syrian alliance has ever increasing supporters and is inspiring the formation of more international anti-American alliances across the globe. The strength and expansion of such alliances will bring the end of the unilateral world sooner or later.

Syria, a Regional Player

The Syrians have maintained their social cohesion and identity for thousands of years regardless of who ruled or occupied the country at different times. They rejected the Anglo-French occupations of the region and the dissection of their father land. Their independence and liberation from the French imperial rule did not come into reality by peaceful demonstrations or non-violence methods and great deal of blood was sacrificed for this achievement.

Apart from being the last castle of Arab defiance to the Zionist hegemony in the region and the advocate of Arab unity, The Syrians are the number one supporter of the Palestinian cause and view the occupation of Palestine as the Occupation of Syria. The elimination of the usurping Jewish entity (Israel) is the natural desire of every living soul in Syria unless it is corrupted or perverted. The Syrians fought the Israelis in several wars and refused to give up their stolen territory (Golan Heights). Their brethren in Lebanon and Egypt also experienced the bitterness of Amerian-Israeli as well as Anglo-French aggression and occupation.

Every school boy and girl in Syria is aware of the expansionist nature of the usurping Jewish entity. This national consciousness provides the motivation behind their support of the Lebanese and Palestinian resistants.

The usurping Jewish entity cannot pursue its lust for territorial expansion and bloodshed so long as Syria maintains strong regular armed forces and continue to be part of an anti-Zionist/Anti-American alliance.

The Syrian-Iranian supported Palestinian resistance movements have caused a great deal of insecurity, distress and concern for the occupiers of Palestine. On the Lebanese front Hizbullah was able to force the Jewish occupiers out of Lebanon and ended their 18 years of brutal occupation.

Syrian regional alliance

Syria and its alliance
R: Russian presence and power projection.
GS: Gaza Strip
GH: Golan Heights
OG: Oil and Gaz fileds


Judea Declares war

“It is not important to have a nuclear bomb or even 200 nuclear heads because they will not do us any good. It is better to neutralize Egypt, Syria and Iraq to guarantee our existence and power in the land of our ancestors”. David Ben Gurion 1963 at the inauguration of Dimona nuclear reactor.

Syria was a target even long before the presidency of Assad Jr. The war on Syria was declared by the neo-cons in early 1990 and way beyond in the 1980. The reason for this war is simply Syria’s insubordination to US/Zionist hegemony and its desire to live free, independent and to maintain its unique expression of life. Syria is one of the very few countries that don’t float within the American Zionist galaxy.

One must remember that war is not an events but a process. Syria was next in line sooner or later and regardless of who happened to be the president.

The Wolfowitz Doctrine


Paul Wolfowitz

The Wolfowitz Doctrine was a reflection of the Israeli policies in Middle East which was set up by Oded Yinon and other Israeli war strategists many years ago.

After the invasion of Iraq in April 2003, the Zionist Jews through their think tank organizations and their lackeys in the US administration and media intensified their campaign against Syria. The bloodthirsty Jews saw the invasion of Iraq as their victory and while intoxicated by the bloodshed, they were encouraged to push their agenda forward with more eagerness and persistence. Here are some examples; a few drops from the ocean:

The Israeli Lobby and US Foreign Policy. John Mearsheimer & Stephen Walt

“Paul Wolfowitz declared that “there has to be a regime change in Syria,” and Richard Perle told a journalist that “we could deliver a short message, a tow-worded message to other hostile regimes in the Middle East: You’re next”. The hawkish Defense Policy Board, which was headed by Perle and whose members included Kenneth Adelman, Eliot Cohen and James Woolsey, was also advocating a hardline against Syria”. Page 274.

“In early April (2003), Washington Institute of Near East Policy released a bipartisan report stating that Syria “should not miss that massage that countries that pursue Saddam’s reckless, irresponsible and defiant behavior could end up sharing his life”.

On April 15 the Israeli American journalist Yossi Klein Halevi wrote a piece in the Los Angeles Times titled “Next, Turn the Screws on Syria”, while that same day neoconservative Frank Gaffiney, the head of the Centre for Security Policy, wrote in the Washington Times that the Bush administration should use “whatever techniques necessary_ including military force_ to effect behavior modification and/or regime change in Damascus. The next day Zev Chafets, an Israeli American journalist and former head of the Israeli Government Press Office, wrote an article for New York Daily News titled “Terror-Friendly Syria Needs a Change, Too”. Not to be out done, Lawrence Kaplan wrote in the New Republic on April 21 that Syrian leader Assad was a serious threat to America”. Page 275 Ibid


Richard Perle. The Prince of Darkness

David Ben GurionDavid Ben Gurion

 “the Arabs can be defeated a hundred times and if they win the hundred and first time, that is the end of us! This is the truth our people do not realise sufficiently. I am speaking of the Jews all over the world”. Page 172 David Ben Gurion Memoirs. World Publishing Company 1970 edition

The year 2006 witnessed a considerable change in the nature of Arab-Israeli conflict. For the first time in history the military might of Israel was paralysed and could not function as a decisive force. For the first time in history the Israeli interior front was targeted by Hizbullah’s rockets. Although the Israeli public and their Western worshippers won’t admit their defeat, the whole world saw the shameful defeat on the faces of the Zionist settlers and their ‘brave’ soldiers. Hizbullah which is a small yet well organised and equipped group of guerrillas proved in practice that the invincibility of the Israeli army is only a Jewish lie

invincible army

The Invincible Army!!!

The Zionist circles in the US had nothing in their hand to offer to their Israeli brethren but to intensify their campaign of warmongering and demonization of Syria, Hizbullah and Iran, Hamas and Islamic Jihad and other Palestinian resistance organisations. Therefore Syria remained on the hit list of international Jewry and the Jewish occupied US administration.

Meyrav Wurmser, who runs the Centre for the Middle East Policy at Hudson Institute, commented after the war that there was much anger toward Israel among her neoconservative colleagues “over the fact that Israel did not fight against the Syrians, Instead of Israel fighting against Hizbullah, many parts of the American administration believe that Israel should have fought against the real enemy, which is Syria and not Hizbullah.” Page 278 Ibid 

Since the Jews and their American servants realised that they can’t change the regime in Syria by ground invasion, an alternative method was to be devised: Forth Generation Warfare. This method proved its effectiveness in former Yugoslavia, and also proved its merits once again in the destruction of Libya. The so called Syrian Revolution was played as a camouflage for the US Zionist proxy war against Syria. But after more than three years their campaign could not achieve its objectives.

The disappointed and frustrated Americans and their Zionist warlords will not give up anytime soon. The survival of a unified Syria and the consolidation of Iran-Syria- Russia alliance mean the beginning of the end of the usurping Jewish entity and the decrease of American influence in the region.

The Syria I am aware of will not surrender, will not recognise the usurping Jewish entity, will not cease to support the Palestinian cause, will not cease to support Hizbullah and is very unlikely to break away from Russia and Iran. As a result, the bloodshed in Syria will continue.

Source: http://justiceequalspeace.blogspot.com.au/