You just never know when you’re going to piss off someone!

Outside_RadioOf all the fallacies of human behavior lies and subterfuge are the worst and the ones I most detest.

NTS and I did our last show on Outside Radio last night unbeknownst to us until sometime later when Delcroix owner of the Irish Network decided to drop us without any provocation and a lot of excuses that did not make any sense whatsoever.

This last show was on the GATEKEEPERS and CONTROLLED OPPOSITION  in the so-called truth movement.  We said we were going to name names and we most certainly did.

Well, come to find out because I began investigating why Delcroix dropped us, it now appears that he was not very happy with the negative comments and mistrust I espoused about his best bud, Ognir, of The Info Underground.  They are both Irish and have been friends for at least the past six years and maybe longer.  Yet, Delcroix never made mention that he and Ognir were very close friends.

However, the most unprofessional move made against our last program was that 10 to 15 minutes of my honest perspective on who Ognir is or isn’t was edited out of the program.  Then to top that off, Delcroix refused to post our last program on the Outside Radio network.

Delcroix always expressed his desire for uncensored truth, but apparently not when it came to one of his closest friends in the movement, that he failed to disclose.  His actions were extremely unprofessional and totally unacceptable.


Here’s the last show –


6 thoughts on “You just never know when you’re going to piss off someone!

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  2. Just finished listening. Even if Delcroix is friends with the guy (I don’t know of him), I didn’t hear much that should call for shutting down the show. Rebuttal would be the course of action. Maybe have the guy (and D3elcroix) on the show to discuss the points made). But if this is the way he does things, you are better off without the guy. Find another portal or do podcasts for a while.

    I do appreciate your kind words about my place.

    I basically agree with everyone you highlighted and have experienced the same from the same culprits (Glenn, et al).

    Coincidentally, this show touches along the same meme as this blog post I did a few days ago. I didn’t name the names as you did, but my assertions were basically the same people.

  3. I don’t know the connection Delcroix had/has with Mami’s Shit, but I found it a bit strange that all the sudden this radio hosting came along out of nowhere and started getting Friend, Guilliani, etc. Maybe they all just needed a place to go and Delcroix created something.

    I have a problem with some of mami’s admins and their utter hypocrisy (its why I will not comment there any more). This situation goes along the same lines as my interactions with them. In some ways, I feel like some of them are misleading the readers of the blog. But that may just be stupidity and not intentional.

    I will listen to this last show just to hear the names you list. But I must say that my gut instinct aversion was correct again regarding Delcroix’s outlet.

    You guys may want to do a podcast until you get your feet real wet and then pursue another radio avenue. Get your act together (meant in a true artist fashion), then the good stations will pursue you.

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