All TURBULENT TIMES shows have been disabled…….

turbulenttimesbannerThis is what happens when Brian and I trust someone to do the right thing.

As it now turns out all our shows, there were only 7 maybe 8 that are no longer available on the internet or at Outside Radio because of what Delcroix has done. 

His unprofessional betrayal and vicious nature goes without saying.

If anyone downloaded the mp3 files I would appreciate being contacted so that I can retrieve the programs or some of them.

Thanks for anyone’s help.


18 thoughts on “All TURBULENT TIMES shows have been disabled…….

  1. How can I listen to 8? – I take it this was the one Delcroix edited which was about shills – the link you gave on your website didn’t work last night.

    All the best

  2. I have the Gregg and CJ NASA show and Ep-5 9-15-14 tell me if you want them and i’ll give you link.Good Luck

  3. Pity.

    But to be expected.

    I made the word “Shillcraft” up to describe the actions of these fraudulent Truthers who are Contain & ID puppets to get names for their masters for future arrests like the shills did BEFORE the Communist Revolution in Russia a decade BEFORE 1917, and shills did in Germany and Austria BEFORE Hitler rose as Chancellor in 1933…

    In fact shills worked in Germany creating chaos and taking names of people who did not buy their games from the 1923 Putsch incident that put Hitler in Landsburg Prison where his ghost writers and Initiators Hess and Karl Haushofer=Vril Gesselschaft and Schwatrz Sonne=Geopolitik helped him write Mein Kampf with Jesuit priest named Father Staempfle. Curious oui?

    The danger of these Truthers is not so much as diss-information and half-truths they $ell but Contain & ID to get names and IP or home addresses of dissidents for future arrests.

    Unethical conduct is just that, Cowardly.

    Shillcraft IS like the $in of Witchcraft.

    Amazing how many white light occult New Agers permeate the Truthers in Alternative News also.

    Any time You expose the shills, expect them to do sicko tactics and their disciples to come stalking You and Your partner, Ms. Whitewraithe.

    Peace be with You, or dare I say… Pax VobiSCUM to shills?


  4. Well WW you and North obvious ruffled some feathers.

    Gotta say its very odd and suspicious on Delcroix’s part.

    I mean, the shills are the shills, the truthers are the truthers. Nothing wrong with pointing out who is who.

    Are we not on the same side Delcroix? Whats the agenda man?

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