Exposing Shills: from my un-official source in the Intelligence Community

WW~Notes:  I’ve spoken with this gentleman on many occasions and we still correspond when possible.  He re-connected with me after rediscovering my blog again and at that point revealed that he was associated with U.S. Intelligence, MI6, Interpol and the FSB although on what levels I am not aware of as it is “need to know.”  I believe him to be the real deal and a freedom fighter for the truth.  Of course, this is not his actual name as stated in the article.  He has given permission for me to post this recent comment as an essay.


Good morning Ms. WhiteyWRATH oops Whitewraithe;

My we’re an angry little redhead today, oui? LOL

As You and a LOT of American and UK Truthers know, I did over 14 articles on my old site from 2010-2012 exposing shill infiltration into the Post 9-11 & 7/7 Truther Movement in the USA/UK that got me a lot of unwelcome cyber stalking and slander/defamation by a ton of shills and their disciples who worship their fake A$$.

I named names and invited any of them to take it to District Court and Civil Tort action in Civil Court because I KNOW that they would have to LIE UNDER OATH COMMITTING FELONY PERJURY to hide the TRUTH about them so no Courts but tons of illicit stalking and a number odd Gov’t. agencies tied to the infiltration and manufactured shills BEFORE 9-11 and 7/7 in the UK.

The 924 Collective posted a number of my articles when they got shilled out at Vigilant Citizen so I exposed that whack job in Canada tied to Big Labels production in the occult Music Industry.

So these sleaze monkeys did injustice to You and Your long distance researcher partner eh?

Well look at it this way as some more A$$holes to BOYCOTT and EXPOSE.

Where I was after IntheHo7 oops Intheknow7 and his fake occult skank shill partner on YouTube, EsotericKitten, then I offered to ALL the shills to give them a personal visitation face-to-face on my dime and to go where they are and we could settle it one-on-one. I meant it then and mean it now.

Let’s NOT forget that a number of American shills I exposed have IP addresses that went to Plano, in north Dallas, TX, that were powered by Layered Technologies Inc. that supply Cloud service to the Pentagon, whose Host was none other than Fort Huachuca, in Arizona the US Army Intelligence base there. And some are flat FBI Cointelpro.

I showed You photo proof of this also in attachments via email, remember?

Some of the UK Shills are tied to UK Intel who have IP addresses that go to Isle of Manx in the UK then to MI6 and Covent Garden in London to the United Grand Lodge of England to Field Marshall HRH Prince Edward the Duke of Kent who IS Grandmaster of ALL Global Freemasonry since 1967, who is cousin of Lizzie II and 7th in line of Succession.

Look at it as GOOD because this exposes one more SHILLCRAFT GAME PLAYER in the highly infiltrated Truther bowel Movement of “Alternative News” that imitates Mass Media News right out of the 1980’s when real news turned into pontificating idiots and a form of perverse entertainment in the Reaganomics era of puppetmaster CIA George HW Bush Sr. and his little mouthpiece Bohemian Grove sodomite Ronny Ray-Gun Reagan.

The opinion game IS PROPAGANDA exactly like the Ministry of Propaganda played under Joseph Goebbels in the 30’s in German mass media and television to program a nation and people then who were ripe for exploitation out of the sicko Wiemar Republic games.

I just want to say to Ognir and Delcroix… FUCK YOU LITTLE PUNK A$$ BITCHES.

Next time I’m in the UK, I’ll post it public and You can see me face-to-face and talk shit to me and see what happens, cocksuckers.



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  1. Non-Jew shills are the worst type of traitor. The damage they have done to us is immeasurable.

    Death to em all and it can’t come soon enough.

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