Washington’s Blog: Jew Protection Racket

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I held out hope that the ownership of Washington’s Blog (a blog I have linked to here many times over the years) would see that Eric (Sweetie) Zuesse was a hack protecting his tribe. I would question his motive or point out the idiocy of his “Jewish Nazi” mind-numbing stupidity in the comment sections. I didn’t cuss the man, but would call him a tribe member (ouch). The last comment I made was saying Eric was either lying or is an idiot if he didn’t think Jews were instrumental in what was happening in the Ukraine. His comment was that Obama and McCain were Christians (heh).

I recently asked him about the “ethnic cleansing” in Ukraine that he keeps writing about (without ever explaining exactly what ethnicity is being cleansed). I asked if it was the Jews killing the white, Christian Russians. You see, eric is so stupid that he…

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3 thoughts on “Washington’s Blog: Jew Protection Racket

    • The article was written by Beulah Man, not me.

      Not that I have to explain what I do to anyone, but I rarely post articles with an overabundance of foul language, but this was important information that could not be ignored of, yet, another shill for the jews in the truth movement.

  1. I saw a report on msm right after the boons first inarguration retaking the oath because a koran that belonged to jefferson that was used in his swearing in

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