Why the Jews sacrifice babies and eat Gentile blood in the matzo

WW~Notes: Vile and revolting article from 2012, but I suggest all you jew lovers and Christian Zionist and C.I.’s read this for your own good. These monsters must be eradicated.

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  1. Aye in Merry olde England… the 1290 Edict of Expulsion…

    WHY You ask… here’s a few Reasons about Apostate Nation…

    In England in 1144 Jews of Norwich were accused of ritual murder after a boy, William of Norwich, was found dead with stab wounds in the woods. William’s hagiographer, Thomas of Monmouth, claimed that every year there is an international council of Jews at which they choose the country in which a child will be killed during Easter, because (he claimed) of a Jewish prophecy that states that the killing of a Christian child each year will ensure that the Jews will be restored to the Holy Land. In 1144 England was chosen, and the leaders of the Jewish community delegated the Jews of Norwich to perform the killing. They then abducted and crucified William.

    The case of Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln is mentioned by Chaucer, and thus has become well-known. A child of eight years, named Hugh, son of a woman named Beatrice, disappeared at Lincoln on 31 July 1255. His body was discovered on 29 August, covered with filth, in a pit or well belonging to a Jewish man named Copin or Koppin. On being promised by John of Lexington, a judge, who happened to be present, that his life should be spared, Copin is said to have confessed that the boy had been crucified by the Jews, who had assembled at Lincoln for that purpose. King Henry III, on reaching Lincoln at the beginning of October, refused to carry out the promise of John of Lexington, and had Copin executed and 91 of the Jews of Lincoln seized and sent up to London, where 18 of them were executed.

    Jews in England were extortionate moneylenders which made them extremely unpopular with both the church and the general public. While an anti-Jewish attitude was widespread in Europe, medieval England was particularly anti-Jewish for good reason.

    The image of the Jew as a diabolical figure who hated Christ started to become widespread, and antisemitic myths such as the tale of the Wandering Jew and allegations of ritual murders originated and spread throughout England, as well as Scotland and Wales.

    In frequent cases of blood libel, Jews were said to hunt for children to murder before Passover so they could use their blood to make matzah to eat ritually at Pesach=Passover for their blasphemy against Moses and the Law=Torah.

    After the failed experiments in legislation which Edward I made from 1269 onward, there was only one option left: If the Jews were not to have intercourse with their fellow citizens as artisans, merchants, or farmers, and were not to be allowed to take interest, the only alternative was for them to leave the country. He immediately expelled the Jews from Gascony, a province still held by England and in which he was travelling at the time; and on his return to England (July 18, 1290) he issued writs to the sheriffs of all the English counties ordering them to enforce a decree to the effect that all Jews should leave England before All Saints’ Day of that year.

    Between the expulsion of the Jews in 1290 and their formal return in 1655 there is no official trace of Jews as such on English soil.

    Aye, In 1290, good King Edward I issued an edict expelling all Jews from England. The expulsion edict remained in force for the rest of the Middle Ages. The edict was not an isolated incident, but the culmination of over 200 years of increased persecution.


    The Black Nobility House of Orange and their Jewish Usury Bankers financed SHILL Oliver Cromwell to power and he in turn and TREASON permitted filth apostate Jews to return to England in 1657, over 350 years since their banishment by Edward I, in exchange for finance.

    Aye Matey…

    Even today Vacation cruise ships globally fall under British Admiralty Regency = BAR Association Maritime Trade Law.

    This rules the seas in the west, and has for centuries.

    This guideline was policy of the Crown Corporation within the City of London and hidden law of the old British pirates with their skull and crossbones flag.

    That part wasn’t in old Hollywood pirate movies.




    The Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 was cunningly passed as the criminal Great London Fire raged that King Charles II with his Parliamentary cronies and House of Orange in the Netherlands and their Apostate Jewish Banker Viziers were complicit in.

    Charles II came back to England 1661 as ORDER out of the CHAOS of Black Nobility SHILL Oliver Cromwell who destroyed the old Monarchy and devastated England, Scotland, Ireland.

    Traitor Cromwell was financially supported by Jewish banking and Venetian Black Nobility in Europe.

    Cromwell let banished Jews migrate back to England who had been banned from 1290 for human sacrifice of Christian children for real.

    Cromwell was WHY my ancestors in Scotland like other Clans gave up lands and titles to leave and escape death by Cromwell in 1640 before the wars began in 1642.

    By the way the wife of Prince Edward the Duke of Kent, the Grandmaster of Freemasonry since 1967, his wifey Katherine Worsley is physical descendant of Oliver Cromwell.

    He was the 3rd Man in Red at the occult Royal wedding in 2011 on Walpurgis Beltane that I exposed.

    FUCK Cromwell and the Black Nobility.

    The Great London Fire 1666 was used to empty downtown London to set up the City of London city state within London that became global economy forces by 1689 when British Monarchy was supplanted by William III of House of Orange Netherlands when he married Queen Mary II to be King of England UK.

    Later 1714, German House Hanover took over UK who rule to this day as kraut fraud in UK who tied to House Saxe Coburg Gotha in 1800’s when German bitch Queen Victoria marriage to Prince Albert.

    They are Venetian Black Nobility who still enforce the 1666 Cestui Que Vie Act that says you’re dead person lost at sea strawman.

    So yes that’s WHY cruise ships are a racket for abduction and human slave trafficking.

    This was part of the hidden war against children and women being abducted to be sex slaves and human sacrifices murdered for organ trafficking too as well as being harvested for the extract taken from their pineal and adrenal glands to make a drug the elites get high off and are VERY addicted to.



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